Marvel Studios shows support for terminal prostate cancer pt


This is a pretty cool story…sorry if it was posted elsewhere…




really damn?


He should have requested a patch for Marvel…


If only Patrick Stewart came as Picard instead.


Nothing from “Miss Activist” Scarlet Johansson? I’m guessing Strat’s not Jewish.


Damn it i was gonna say he should have requested a marvel patch but i got beat to the punch… twice. Were not to late!!!

Anyone in here have cancer/aids?


Getting an American woman to support something that affects men? lol yeah right. Men support women’s issues, but it never works the other way around. Personally I don’t mind, if half the male population died tomorrow it would be a positive for the rest of us.


shouldve asked them to make marvel vs capcom 3 to NEVER EXIST


This reminds me

You all everybody

Get your prostate checked

Infrequet urination combined with difficulty urinating is a sign of prostate problems

Get your ass checked out. Change your diets.


Now that Obama is forcing everyone to get health insurance, I suppose they can get it checked.

Me? I’d rather keep my money, and just die when it’s my time. Too many people cling desperately to life nowadays when they are pathetic shells of themselves, sucking up resources so they can just live another crappy day.


If its to the point I can’t do anything but be a vegetable or have to rely on some overpriced medicine then I’d rather die.


As a Canadian, hearing this makes me sad for my brothers and sisters down south. I hope your country gets its shit together and not make the cost of medicine ruin the rest of your life just to be able to afford it.


Well… that escalated quickly…