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Guys, all religions have gotten bashed at one point or another. While I dont want weird derailments into religious topics, dont flag comments thst woulsnt make people bat an eye if they were directed at Christianity.

If Jesus gotta hold that, so does Mohammed. Dont flag over weird minor shit.

Thank you.


Especially not if you yourself, as the whiner for the Sky Fairy lil’ g to JHVH’s huge Judaic schlong, whose prophet was a child rapist, are known to diss Christianity like it is breathing to you.

Not siding with those nutters, nor naming other gods’ names…

Norse gods are the most badasses js



Except if apologist. :coffee:

Wodin > ______.

Odin is Wodin without even a single “W”.

Heads up to anyone who buys digital. iTunes (not sure about other digital platforms) is having a sale on almost every MCU movie. 50% off. So $8-10 each depending on the movie. The rest that isn’t 50% off are 25% off so around $15

I already own all of them. They did this when infinity war was announced so I’m not surprised they’re doing it again with end game.


Watching Thor Ragnarok. Man it was only made a few years ago but some of the cgi in this movie is really bad. Like laughably and cringe worthy bad.

Jeff Goldblum is easily the best part of this movie though. His quirkiness is just perfect for the tone of the movie.

Pretty much everything about that movie is great.

The CGI is easily overlooked in light of the other great qualities (epic cast, humor, etc).

If we’re going to talk quibbles, then I would posit Hemsworth’s inconsistent muscle mass.

You can clearly tell that the scenes were not shot sequentially, due to it.

A fair bit of it was because of some last minute shit they redid (like the godawful green screen for the Odin scenes). I forget the exact reason why they went through all the changes, I think it was because it didn’t test very well?

Endgame will be shit compared to the MK11 story mode cut scenes (Just seen the whole 3+ hours on YouTube tonight!!!

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Not sure if trolling or actually just that delusional.


He plays competitive Akuma unironically in ST.

Randomly got emailed by fandango. Apparently I had a $5 off coupon for any upcoming release. I had already bought my ticket to end game a few weeks ago buuuut. I got a refund on that one and repurchased a ticket using the coupon. Got the same showtime too so I can still see it with my friend and her husband.

Paid less that $4.50.

NOW I’m excited.

And that’s how you do marketing boys. I bet the amount that ties to end of phase 3 is like less than 5% but that will get people an extra reason to watch it

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that’s pretty godlike, but she is lowkey giving the White Power sign.


New thread since this one is at 9993 post:

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