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That Far from home trailer looks super weak. Everyone knows Peter’s identity and the movie looks to be more of an ensemble cast than anything. Aunt May is the finest woman in the movie (let that sink in), plus Marvel pulled a fast one on us with the MJ option select: “she’s MJ but she’s not really MJ”. Also more IM2-esque shoehorned in MCU world building with the Fury cameo. As bad as Sony’s ASM franchise was, at least the movie mostly focused on Peter and not Aunt May’s sex life.



I hope the Mysterio twist isn’t as obvious as I think it is. Granted we haven’t gotten a “fake hero” plot in the MCU yet, but I hope there’s more to it than that.

Edit: Aunt May is the only woman in the movie.



Fury seems to be the driving force of the plot. I wouldn’t call that a cameo or forced.



Should have saved gyllenhall for a bigger role in the mcu. Put him on a 10yr deal like evans as a major character. Now hell just be a one shot wonder villian which is a major shame as hes a good actor imo.

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Some actors don’t want the multi film contract, especially the bigger names that can choose their roles almost at will.



Jake aight that big. Everyone wants a marvel contract



Even though we literally barely see him I’m not sold on Gyllenhaal being Mysterio. Like Michael Keaton was perfect for Vulture but Jake? Eeeeh

Also when are they going to stop using b and c tier villains from spiders rouge gallery?



When Marvel got Spider-Man back they were adamant about not using villains that were featured in previous movies. I welcome it as Spider-Man has other great villains that can use the spotlight like Mysterio. I honestly want to see Mr. Negative in the next one.



Spidey has arguably the best rogues gallery aside from Batman. Can’t really go wrong with any unless u got a shitty director/writing



Fair enough.

Too bad the “Amazing” Spider-man reboot fucking tanked. I really wanted to see the sinister six on the big screen.



That was a teaser trailer.

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Only key characters do and mostly because they had to know to explain this spider-mans origin. Stark, Fury, Happy, Aunt May, Fat Asian kid (can’t remember his name). While that may be “a lot” it really isn’t. His identity is still withheld from most of the avengers, gotg and the general populous

How? Cause of Happy and Aunt May? Who will likely be barely featured in the film because they’re in New York and far from home takes place in Italy. Or Fury who tracks him down due to his involvement with the avengers during Civil War, Infinity War and End Game? I’m curious on your rational

Uh, considering the only other female is supposed to be 16 that’s probably a good thing. Not sure why you need eye candy In a comic book movie, but okay.

Not sure how they “pulled” a fast one when they never once claimed Zendaya was Mary Jane Watson.

Whether Peter likes it or not due to his involvement in civil war, infinity war and end game he is apart of the avengers and with that comes tons of new responsibilities and tasks. Nick Fury was the one who originally assembled the avengers. He is going to go after Peter. Why wouldn’t he? It’s not shoe horned in at all. Also, what’s wrong with world building? They use 10 years and 18 movies building the world around the infinity stones. After end game they’re going to expand that universe even more with the next threat.

It is focusing on Peter though? It’s focusing on his growth as a person, as spider man and as a hero. Also happy flirting with May isn’t focusing on Aunt Mays sex life. You’re just bitching just to bitch.



Retards in Youtube were arguing if this was before or after Endgame.

Are people really that stupid? lol



That’s hilarious. LOL, obviously it takes place BEFORE Endgame. Spider-Man died in Infinity War, duh!



You are trolling? Right?



It takes place before Homecoming. Thanos did memory erase on May afterwards that’s why no one remembers Peter’s identity.



It’s not really a dumb question to ask since the two Marvel movies that were released after Infinity War happened before it. When you think about it, Peter was in a school bus at the start of Infinity War. He could be coming back from his trip.



It’s a dumb question because you aren’t pushing the story if every movie you make AFTER Endgame is happening before it.

He’s trolling.