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How I feel about them releasing the Far from Home trailer before End Game

Like I get needing to push your upcoming content but you shouldn’t do it at the cost of spoiling your current content. That’s just stupid to me



I’m not going to bulletpoint, but Spiderman isn’t an Avenger, in fact back in the day he was always adamant about not joining the Avengers. He’s always been a solo act balancing his social life and superhero life…alone. I know they started his Avengers affiliation thread in previous movies but I was hoping they would place a lot less emphasis on it. What I’m thinking is that with most if not all of the original Avengers leaving (Downey Jr., Evans, etc.) they’re trying to create a new Avengers to replace the previous one, but every character doesn’t have to be a part of an ensemble cast, especially characters who are known to run solo.

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Except the fact spider-man has been an Avenger, New Avenger and Astonishing Avenger. And though they haven’t been introduced yet he was part of Fantastoc Four amd Future Foundation.

So he’s clearly been in teams before.

Also, this whole infinity war arc of movies has been extremely loose when it comes to following the source material. They’ve changed literally hundreds of things about it.

Edit: Also this version of Spider-Man has been influenced A LOT by Miles Morales who worked with Shield on the regular.



Hell, his new suit is even red and black.

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Just got this handsome boy In the mail.



But it is inevitable, Marvel has committed to the two to three films a year schedule long before they decided the snap would occur on film. Also while Marvel and Disney have creative control, they are essentially working with Sony who is working on this as well and gets little profit from Avengers films besides hyping Spider-Man.



@Wellman Yeah. I know and I get it. Doesn’t make it any less stupid though. Especially with the reaction The Snap got from fans only to show them a few months later that everything is going to be fine? Just seems like they squandered something genuinely captivating.



I think it’s a generational thing and I doubt I’ll change anyone’s minds but I’m a little older and I remember the Spiderman of the 60’s-90’s as the underdog with a chip on his shoulder who would scoff at joining the Avengers. Back then there was a line drawn between solo heroes and those in a team. Not only that teams were generally pretty rigid and stayed within their own books. Xmen had their thing going on Fantastic Four Avengers so on and so forth. This made it so when people did team up for a big event like Secret Wars you knew something big was going down. Nowadays everyone is constantly in everyone else’s books and Wolverine is an Avenger(!).

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From what I remember, the reason Spiderman didn’t want to join teams as the Avengers is because he thought the missions the Avengers took on were just too big for him. He saw himself more of a stop-the-bank-robber kinda guy.



originally he didnt wanna join the team because he thought he wasnt on their level. i think it was cap who made him realize how big of a hero he was and he was def an important piece they was like new avengers.



I’ll be sure to stay off your yard, grandpa.

And then he goes and sides with Iron-man in civil war.



Of course he would side with Iron Man. Tony took him under his wing once he joined the New Avengers. Had him move into Stark Tower, give him access to a lab, gave Jarvis the opportunity to hook up with Aunt May.



most importantly…tony paid him.



And got my favorite Spidey suit out of the deal.

Iron-Spider is top shelf. :ok_hand:

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It was pretty obvious that Spidey and these other characters were coming back since the films were announced before Infinity War came out.



@d3v While you’re right there is an astonishing amount of people that don’t know this. Give you an example: I was having a conversation about IW with a coworker and she was in tears because Spider-Man, Groot and BlackPanther got taken out by the snap.

I was just like “uh, they come back?” And she asked me how did I know that and I explained to her that the sequels for all those characters being green lit and then explained to her how the follow up avengers movie will bring them and everyone else effected by the snap back.

She was legit relieved and gave me a hug thanking me for explaining things to her.



The avenge person doesn’t follow movie news. Most of what they know of any given film is what’s on the trailer.




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Interesting thought I had after seeing the spiderman trailer. Seems like marvel has adopted and slightly adapted the spidermantheme song from one of the animated tv cartoons.

What if as part of the ultimate hype they use the xmen 90s theme. Imagine wolverine shows up end of A4 and the theme just goes off. Omg!!

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One question i had doesn’t Peter already have a passport to go over seas anyway from Civil War? :thinking:

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