Marvel Studios | The Infinity Saga ends

I dont get what the big deal over the 90s shit is. Its set in the 90s and so the sets gotta be historically accurate. Whoop dee doo, thanks for proper film making i guess?

The hell did I just read…


What you are reading is me explaining how I am against Brie Larson using her progressive ideals and bringing it in comic book movies. Talking about how white males can’t critique her films and how she wants to see less white people on her press tours.

And Hayden saying i am ignorant because the X-men, Captain America and other comics had political activism and messages in their story.

We’re not. THE END. Move on.

Some of the movie’s humor is dependent on the some of the audience living through the decade.



I don’t plan on seeing this. At least not at full price. Like the first two Thor movies I’ll wait it out. I’m not a fan of Carol and probably never will be.

For the record people who like the MCU don’t have to like every character or movie.

The only one that really stands out is the black box loading scene. And even then, anyone would get a laugh even if they didn’t live through the 90s.

I don’t mind seeing the social problems portrayed in the comics. Not interested in these actors, who know nothing of the source material and have the IQ of an amoeba, rant off. Did she really say she wishes there were less white people on press meetings? lol.

The audience in my theater got a good laugh at all the 90s visuals that appeared on screen. The blockbuster, radio shack, making a communicator out of a payphone and Gameboy and even when she was at the internet cafe using ancient internet


Just remember. If you dislike this movie or don’t think it’s super awesome, then it’s because you are an angry white man who is racist and sexist.

Yup. Yet being against this socialist bullshit invading comic book movies makes you a retard and ignorant about comics.

Seriously the hell with this thread.

I don’t get what’s wrong with advocating for more diversity in the entertainment industry. Motherfuckers get triggered over the dumbest shit. :joy:


I wonder if they would ever make a Kamala Khan film.

If they can’t make Spider-Man films again they will need a character to fill the teenage drama niche. She will be great for that.


I’m all for finally getting to the point where, some day, people look back on this and go, “Diversity? What the fuck is diversity? GOOGLES Ohhhhh. People gave a hot take shit about accidental features upon a time? Dang. Aristole wept.”

Perhaps a little more diversity, unto inclusivity (sic), unto a populace known only as humanity.

Gotta lay that groundwork first, though.

Because we aren’t there yet.

Largely because there’s money to be had by the few, in not being there.

So yeah.

But what do I know?

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If you got triggered because of anything she said in that video, you practically need your man-card revoked. It was a poor sensationalized justification that there need to be more diversity in the review space.


Insulting a group isn’t a way to convince me that what you say is right. Similar to the media who insulted those who didn’t like Ghostbusters 2016.

If she cared she could drop herself as an actress to make room for someone else more diverse than her white self. But she won’t because she doesn’t care.

I don’t recall Gal Gadot doing this as Wonder Woman was coming out.


I don’t disagree with you there. You can make a point and not be a dick.


On the other hand, if this was a problem then Disney/Marvel would have stopped her but they didn’t so I guess they’re okay with it Kanye shrug

Again I’ll still watch it eventually…

Was Marvel courting her solely bc of the Oscar win?

If not,was there some other reason that they wanted her above other actresses?

I’m not familiar with her work outside CM.