Marvel Studios | The Infinity Saga ends

Disney+ TV series I’d like.

nope. If that was the only thing, you would be right… but sadly it’s not.

There is no need to shove down this political shit in comic book movies. The MCU made people come together to enjoy watching a movie/universe but now the whole SJW bullshit about the “bad/racist/sexist white man” has to come and ruin this as well. Fuck off with that shit.

Well, just have fun watching something else. It’ll be a much better on your wallet for sure.


IIRC She wasn’t their first choice. Emily Blunt was but she didn’t want to sign a multipicture deal.


i dont see Emily as a physical actress tho

Did you skip Edge of Tomorrow?


Neither is brie

Neither was gal gadot


Yeah she was… Fast and furious series Def had her be physical

Lotta people were complaining she was too skinny for wonder women

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That was more due to her frame than her physical ability. She’s fucking military, absolutely no one questions her physicality.

Called her the Full Metal Bitch for a reason.


Lol being military isn’t that special. After marrying an Israeli I learned a lot. Plus it’s a requirement, so unless you are mentally handicapped or physically unable… Everyone does it. If you don’t, you are ostracized in Israel. You will also have a hard time getting jobs if you don’t do the full thing

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In Israel, sure. Compared to 99% of her fellow actresses even if she’s military in name only that’s a hell of a lot more than most can provide.

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It was better than I feared. It felt like a Phase 1 movie Marvel Studios forgot about. I think this Carol Danvers fares better compared to early Tony/Thor/Steve. The movie gave me one or two excuses for Brie Larson’s moments of wooden acting. Hopefully after two decades she got better at quipping.

Liked it more than Wonder Woman. MCU-wise I liked it more than Ant-man 2.

She should have went with the black and gold.

Imagine being afraid of and triggered by the word “progressive”.

Yes. God forbid we progress as a society and have equality among genders and nationalities. Spooky scary!



Movie was good. Not great. But good. I don’t understand the complaints about Brie’s acting. I’d say the bits about the character having no memory of who she is as well as the needing to keep her emotions in check justifies the “wooden performance” as people are calling it. She had plenty of scenes where she showed personality and character as well as emotion. The humor was on point as usual for the MCU these days. The de-aging special effects continue to amaze. Seeing a young Sam Jackson for the entire moving was just great in itself. I could tell sitting there watching that it’s not a movie made for me, but plenty of girls can watch this movie and feel the same way about captain marvel as I do about Spider-Man. So I found it good in that aspect.

Also. How come no one here is talking about the totally inaccurate looking SF2 cab with the wonky control layout and widescreen LCD monitor in 1995? Haha


Nobody here cares for fighting games.


FTFY. I’ll clutch my MvC2, CvS2 and 3S pearls until the day I die.



Interesting thought. Deathbird was originally a Captain Marvell villain before focusing more on the X-Men. With the Fox buyout, I wonder if this could open the door to bringing the Shiar into the MCU.