Marvel Studios | The Infinity Saga ends

Quite a few X-Men villains were originally going to be foes for Ms. Marvel. Mystique was suppose to be her archenemy. Chris Claremont wrote her book and brought his characters with him when it got cancelled.

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not exactly triggered but the word progressive has been now associated with Marxists ideas. The whole notion of “equality”, not that I am against, but often times when you hear the arguments towards it, you can get the Marxist influence. Especially when you consider that most people think of equality as a result rather than a condition. Example: assuming you had equal opportunities for say congress or a job, would you really expect a perfect distribution among races, religions, sexual orientation, legal status, etc? Like 15% christian, 15% jewish, 15% muslim, etc and at the same time 20% men, 20% women, 20% transgender, 20% gay/lesbian, 20% non cis whatever, etc + 10% white, 10% asian, 10% latino, 10% black, etc etc etc?


As if you have to be a progressive in order to “want progress”. As if they hold the right to determine what’s progress and how we go about it.

Would be cool to see Death bird in the movies. Looking like she does in the comics, no movie invention.


Progressives today are the modern day Baptists; shoving their ideologies down everyones throats. They bitch and moan about civil rights problems that were solved years ago. There is no need to cry about racism and misogyny or the whole “evil white man” card in every single damn thing, much more a comic book movie.

The movie was enjoyable and I’d bang the shit out Brie Larson but the SJWism is retarded.

How lol, she got no ass. Gimme pre boob reduction ScarJo or even the other Olsen sister any day


It’s like the only part of a woman you losers see is her butt. Old joke is fucking old, god damn.


Hey it’s not just booty. This loser likes thighs, eyes, hips, tits, and lips too. :wink:


It’s like you don’t even pay attention to what’s going on in our country. Holy shit.


I felt like the movie got plot-twisty mostly for the sake of going plot-twisty and changing things from the comics in the hopes of being “unexpectable” (which it really wasn’t). And I doubt that made it better than the original material. But whatever.

I also think most of the bad guys decision didn’t make a lot of sense.

What country do you live in? Can I move there? Things are better than they were few decades ago. Solved? You clearly don’t live in the South. I can’t speak for parts of the country I don’t live in, but it isn’t solved here.


The huge amount of people mistreating an actress because “she has no ass” or “I’d prefer better boobs”, and the same dudes say sexism and mysogyny are no longer a problem in our society and are enraged some men are portrayed as jerkass pigs in this film. LOL.

so it’s a stalemate then? name calling from both sides? “let them be”?

Nope. People see what they want to see. White men complaining white men are not the protagonists of the movie is pretty much your “boys will be boys” stuff, but them calling for an “agenda boycott” against the movie is pretty ridiculous.

BTW, aside from Thor: Ragnarok, white male have always been the villains of every MCU movie up to this point.

You forgot 1 robot, 1 black man and 1 purple man

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Robot and Purple men were played by white dudes. Also, Black Panther had Klaw (secondary villain) along with Killmonger.

BTW, in this movie you got Coulson and

Ben Mendehlson, who is played by and takes the main human appearance of a white male

as good guys.

I think it’s fair to say that we’re talking about big bads.

Also, given the end of Dr. Strange, we’ll at least be likely to get another black man cast as a villain.

Thing is, you can’t say the MCU hasn’t been consistently showing white men as bad people in the past movies. This is no different.

Oh, and I forgot Ant-Man & The Wasp (forgettable movie! XD), where a white man, a white woman and a black man are the villains… only, the latter two kind of were, kind of were not, villains in the end…

You can be an antagonist without being a villain. Ghost and Bill Foster fit that bill nicely.


The only ones who are making racism and sexism bigger than it should be are the left by making it an issue on every single damn thing. If a movie like a Wrinkle in time bombed, it’s not because it was a poorly written movie - it’s because of the White man.

Leave that out of comic fandom please. She even requests for only black women to interview her in carpets because of “diversity”. Stupid shit like that is an issue enforced in fucking comicbook fandom.

Lmfao so I’m reading this movie has the second biggest superhero opening