Marvel Studios | The Infinity Saga ends


I like how that final scene shows the strongest Avenger standing there in front of Captain Marvel.

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I like how Thor has Mjolnir 2.0, apparently.

That’s the most interesting part of that clip.


The angle was bad - it’s just the fuckin’ Beta Axe.


Did he get the axe back after he buried it in Thanos’ chest? I can’t recall.

Edit: Ah, just saw your edit.


“I channeled the power of an entire star, and all I got for it was this crummy THAN0 +1 Axe.”


It’s called the Storm Breaker. It’s actually a weapon used by Beta Ray Bill. Odin orders the dwarves to make it for BRB after losing a battle against Thor for the right to wield Mjölnir.

I was super confused when they gave it to Thor in Infinity War


I haven’t watched Captain Marvel yet but that scene as cool as it is, kinda shows you that either the character of Captain Marvel is bland af or Brie Larson acting sucks for these films


Notice I called it “The BETA Axe.”


My wordplay game is Hela strong, but that ought to have been obvious.


I did not notice.


At first I thought Thor was going to give Carol the axe and she would be able to lift it.

Imagine the salt of Zatalcon1 XDD


Carol is gonna turn against Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, Hawkeye, Ant-Man, and Banner because they are all white males and she hates them.

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I mean Thor is technically an alien.

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Yeah, I guess he is. He still looks like a honky.


Carol will follow whoever has the biggest loads according to white girl law.


That’s not white girl law… Biggest dicks not biggest loads. No white girl cares about cleaning up.


So meta. :+1::+1:


Doubt they’re gonna time travel, unless they leave Tony out there in the vacuum of space to die.


Tony is coming home, same as old alien android 18. Tony and banner are gonna figure out pym particles will help manipulate time.


Correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t those suits look like the ones the Avengers used as space suits in Earth’s Mightiest Heroes?


It’s likely the MCU version of those suits.


So Marvel had to redo the Endgame poster after people pointed out Danai Gurira wasn’t credited, despite Okoye being featured in the poster.