Marvel Super Heroes GGPO Tourney #1


It’s time for another tourney just post that you wish to join or let me know if you see me on GGPO and I’ll add you. I hope people have fun, practice, and stay competitive! Suspected laggers that cause lag on purpose will be disqualified. Further info is found in the flyer, I also encourage people to pm me if they have any questions about this event. Finals will be recorded and posted on my YouTube account.

People in tourney:

  1. DooM_
  2. AkitaZero
  3. -JuNo-
  4. Corrosive
  5. eD-hOnTeR
  6. Mr. Diablo
  7. The Sono
  8. DirtyFinger
  9. Omegaboost
  10. Blackjugger
  11. Kizer
  12. QuiGonZel
  13. Anti
  14. Souless
  15. Charmin
  16. MadHatter

Replacement List

  1. Sawnik
  2. komarage
  3. Brandon
  4. Strydar
  5. gokugdl

A big thanks to everyone that showed up, Results :

  • Charmin

  • Juno

  • Strydar

Finals will be up on my youtube in around a week or two
Brackets - Click Here

Joker ruinned it for us somewhat, he really needs help maybe someone should recommend a psychiatrist for this kid or something :shake:


Ironman/Wolvie all the way… Sign me up dude…


sign me up doom : D


I’ll play!


I’m in =^)


I’m in bro. :stuck_out_tongue:


sign up my friend omegaboost


I guess I’ll make a color edit for the winner’s main character. As a prize for the tournament. If they want it.


I’m in!


I’ll sign up.


what a joke ass tournament. doom is a horrible tournament hoster… guy bans people who are too good at the game.


I’ll join if I am free.


Lol @ kimura all ass fucked, dude I told you already you’d just lag everyone you’d play against and also If you apologize here in this thread by saying you’re sorry for being such an asshole I might reconsider you joining, until then have fun being all lonely as fuck like always and don’t be posting in here just to post your octapolar bullshit…


Someone call the whaambulance.


Dooms a good tourney hoster… and he only banned you because of your reputation for lagging people if they get the upper hand. I’ve seen you do it dude and you have admitted to it a lot of times. Plus your not the only good player there are ton of good players in MSH so don’t need that bullshit talk…


illbe sure to show up and lag the hell out of evrybody during the tournament :slight_smile:

thanks for banning me doom i know ur scared of spiderman


First of all that is not the real Joker that plays xmvsf it’s some idiot posting in the thread who loves to spam on GGPO 24/7 this guy literally must have thousands of accounts made on GGPO since whenever you Ignore him he just joins with a different name. Well to prevent this idiot from really lagging us (if indeed he has the actual commitment to show up LMAO…) people that are playing will be required to close the GGPO chat window and re-open it after the game window opens, all the spectators join and I confirm I’m in. By doing so It will prevent idiots like this guy from spectating by joining and leaving numerous times causing lag. What this basically does for those that don’t know is it removes people playing from spectator mode, well there you guys go problem solved. :]


ur a idiot if u think thats gonna work


Sign me in domm


drama over a ggpo tourny? You gotta be kidding me.