Marvel Super Heroes thread


Boy this game is bomb dizzly, and I didn’t see a thread so here I am. I guess I’ll get the ball rolling with some Shuma pseudo combos-

j. mp, j. mk, /, s. mp, s. mk xx CD, /, j. grab, OTG j. mp, /, s. mk, sj. lk, sj. mk, Kick throw, Mystic Smash (RH) - %100 to Cap

s. mp ,s. mk, sj. lk, sj. mk, Kick throw, Mystic Smash (RH)- ~%65 to Cap

There are variations of each that I dont feel like posting, and the only real note is these are escapable of course, but if its done right the throw CAN combo, but its not easy(for me at least). The first one has a couple fast parts, like the CD grab comboing, if you do it right it will combo, you don’t however have a HUGE window in which to grab, but its pretty easy after getting it down.

Discuss away!

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This is my second favorite fighter ever. I play on final burn when ever I can. I aminly play psylocke and wolvie. This indeed was one of the greatest fighters ever.



Could Wolvie’s infinite be done on Iron Man??


The divekick one? LOL. It CAN be done, but for some reason Iron Man is just really slippery and it has a really high tendency to miss him. The corner one works just fine on him IIRC.

Derek Daniels


Yeah, I was talking about the divekick one.
I would always miss that part on IM. Weird.

What was the corner one??
That crouch cancel shit??


This game’s alright. But, all I ever do is play as Wolverine and Spiderman, doing useless basic combos over and over again. But I still enjoy it, so I don’t think it matters.



Is this game pretty balanced, it seems like it to me. Then again I’ve only heard about the tiers in this game. I remember hearing the tiers be some thing like this.

Captain America (can someone explain to me why he’s so good in this game)
Shuma Gorath
I’m sure those were the top tier characters,now for the rest. (in no particularr order.)
Iron Man

I do remember hearing hulk was the worst. Could someone explain the good strats about some characters that I don’t have too much knowledge about.
I don’t know too much about BH, Juggernaut, magneto and iron man. I do know that BH had that launch, inferno, launch, etc… infinite, and that his jumping strong had really sick range. Any strats you guys could post up would be cool.


I have to admit that although I played this game a lot, I’m none the wiser as to the tiers, except that Doc Doom (boss) was the best by miles. Were there ever even any tournaments for this game?? The tourney scene between ST and A2 is a so hazy in my memory…

Could Mag do sick shit in this? He could in XSF I recall. Hulk was bad cos he was slow yet had no mega armour, which jug did. Spidey and wolvie had easy-cheesy infinites. iron man was a bit slow, and the game was all about rush down.

Thats about all I know off hand, so if som MSH master could enlighten us??


you think IM was slow!! his tri jump is fucking fast and you can rush the opponent down with his knee attack then combo it with a j. hp, land combo into launcher then AC away.


Since Dan didn’t post, i’ll do it for him, this is 1999, but i don’t think anything major has happened since then.

     BH  CA   H  IM   J   M   P  SG  SM   W  Total
BH | - |5.5|5.5|4.0|5.0|4.0|5.5|5.5|6.5|4.0|  45.5
CA |4.5| - |5.5|5.5|6.0|5.0|6.0|5.0|5.0|5.5|  48.0
H  |4.5|4.5| - |4.5|5.0|5.5|5.0|5.5|3.0|3.5|  41.0
IM |6.0|4.5|5.5| - |5.5|5.0|5.5|5.0|3.5|4.0|  44.5
J  |5.0|4.0|5.0|4.5| - |4.5|5.5|4.0|6.0|6.5|  45.0
M  |6.0|5.0|4.5|5.0|5.5| - |5.0|4.5|4.0|4.0|  43.5
P  |4.5|4.0|5.0|4.5|4.5|5.0| - |4.5|4.0|4.0|  40.0
SG |4.5|5.0|4.5|5.0|6.0|5.5|5.5| - |5.0|5.5|  46.5
SM |3.5|5.0|7.0|6.5|4.0|6.0|6.0|5.0| - |6.0|  49.0
W  |6.0|4.5|6.5|6.0|3.5|6.0|6.0|4.5|4.0| - |  47.0


I’m not sure, I have MSH on Final Burn, but I can’t do rushdown with flying characters. Is it real that flying characters first got air dash on the original MSH as wells as air combos?


Iron man can air dash while in flight mode and can still do it while in normal jump and SJ mode.

Magneto can only air dash in flight mode.

As far as I can tell, Doom cannot air dash, not even in flight mode (someone correct me if I’m wrong on this).


I didn’t think Magneto had an airdash in MSH? I might be wrong, though.

Anyway, lots of reasons why CapAm is good - speed, damage, range, priority. Also has a glitch on his low forward that makes it unblockable at certain points.


Magneto, as I said before, can dash while in flight mode, but I’m pretty sure he can only dash directly forward or backwards (like on the ground), and it’s not very consistent, at least, I can’t consistently dash while in flight mode.


Captain America in MSH is like Captain America in the other games except twice as fast.

The damage he does is huge considering the speed at which he moves at. He also has a very easy throw into anything.

Compared to Spider-Man though SM has a the super-fast high priority standing strong, which is good against people on the ground and against jumpers, infinites and his jumping air mixups.

I think if people were to play MSH today, Spider-Man would drop a bit in rankings because over time people have gotten uses to blocking the air mixups better.


Can anyone tell me if there were any big(ish) tournaments for games released between ST and A2? Like MSH, COTA. A1 etc? I cant remember hearing about any, certainly not featuring old skool or current big name players… I’d LOVE to see cota and msh touranment footage…


Cool, starting to get some info here. So from the matchup chart, some things I noticed are BH is a counter to SM, Juggs is a counter to Wolvie, Shuma Gorath and Captain America don’t lose many matches. I wanna know how these fights were conducted though, like how you obtain a .5 and who was playing to determine these scores. Also does anyone have knowledge on say why BH beats SM or other specific matchups?


BH beats Spidey based on runaway. Jump back fierce, stand short on ground to prevent rushing in.

Shuma has 100% (TOD) within a screen of corner. Combo to launch (or kick throw, then d.s.fwd), sj.short-strong-fwd-up+fierce, sj.strong-dn+fierce, land, OTG c.jab-s.fwd, sj.short-strong-fwd-up+fierce, sj.short-strong-up+fierce, land, c.fierce-c.rh. (dizzy) jumpin rh, s.jab-s.fwd-CD, jump and grab. KO. (omit 2nd sj.strong against psy/spid/wolv; you can get away with s.strong-c.rh, which is much easier to time, if you’ve already hit them a bit or if they are not hulk/thanos/doom/shuma)

I don’t think Spidey wouuld drop in the rankings… s.strong is simply too good. Many characters have a problem mounting an offense using moves safe vs. s.strong (that is, if s.strong is used in retaliation when the move is blocked).

BH (2-way) and IM (8-way) can airdash on normal and super jumps, Magneto can 8-way airdash only while flying, and I don’t think Doom has an airdash at all. However, on the home versions, you cannot airdash while flying, so Magneto has no airdash in home versions. Super tight.

To do divekick infinite on IM, do launch, sj.jab-short-strong-divekick-fierce-RH (do the jab-short-strong as slowly as you can while still comboing). When you get it down it is 100% reliable.

If you include bosses:

#1 Thanos (pretty easy wins over everyone except Anita, which is probably 5.5-4.5 or 6-4 in Anita’s favor)

#2 Anita (only Doom, Thanos, and maybe Cap can even fight her)

#3-12 Everyone else

#13 Doom (he beats Anita about 8-2 but loses to everyone else, except MAYBE Jug)


All those matchups are my estimation… 5.5-4.5, for example, means it would be 11-9 out of 20. (just emphasizing that it’s closer than 6-4 but not quite dead even)

Spidey and Wolvie, in general, lose to turtling from Jug/BH/Shuma (Shuma has best advantage against both IMO) because they can’t do anything off of their throws, where Jug and Shuma can (Shuma kills off of one corner throw), and BH can keep away/ground poke well enough to run out the clock (against Spidey).

That chart is still pretty accurate but there are some minor changes… for example, IM beats Jug by more, but loses to Wolvie pretty hard. (That chart was before we figured out how to make divekick inf work on IM, which is key in that matchup, because it protected him from infinite)


Shit, forgot about BH air dash.

Can Mag’s actually 8-way dash? I though for sure it was only 2 -way. Hmm… will have to go test this out.

edit: Yes, Mag’s can 8-way dash in flight. It’s just that because he has to stay onscreen with his opponent in flight, that I never really noticed the vertical movement.