Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter: Sequel to my X-Men vs. SF Fan Fic!


Progress Report: I’ve been working on the next entry for a while now whenever I’ve had free time.

Since all of the heroes will gather there’s a bunch of stuff I don’t recall from 6 years ago when I started this thing. So rereading, making small corrections and fixing up gramatical errors when I see them.

Nothing too major so no reason for anyone to reread if you don’t want to as far as corrections go.

A lot of my older links placed here are broken and no longer work. Some of that is due to all of SRK’s old links not working thanks to one upgrade or another.

I’ve fixed the X-Men vs. Street Fightet Fan Fic link in the first post since that is the most important link. As for the rest, I’ll have to look into either fixing or removing at another time.

Of course any questions and stuff on older links you can always ask here or toss me a PM.

Ah, I will say that long ago I said I wouldn’t go into which members comprised the Avengers at this time in this story. For quite a few years I’ve been thinking about touching upon it. Roughly it will probably be close to the same Avengers team featured during Infinity Gauntlet/Crusade, give or take. Not 100% sure I’ll go into that and that’s still a ways off.

Boy, having to write a SHIELD debriefing scene after the great ones Joss Whedon did in the Avengers movie. I’m in awe lol! Amazing flick.

New Spider-Man movie coming soon! I hope it doesn’t suck lol! Happy Fourth of July and not sure when the next chapter will be up. Definitely working on it whenever time allows.


Still cleaning up and fixing things. A quick note about a few of the chapters. Sometimes, most of my edits wouldn’t go through at first because it exceeded SRK’s current letter limit. So I chucked ‘Info Bytes’ stuff. Mostly me rambling here and there, nothing too important.

Hopefully I’ll be able to continue soon! I’m in the final stages of editing at least!


Wow edits to chapters finally done.

A quick note that the edits still aren’t perfect. I had printed the entire faq out and made really detailed edits on paper. Then like a slob I left the notes on the floor. Later I had a small pipe leak during a flood in my basement where I tend to work. It 's all good, no damage done to my property. Except I lost some of the notes but not all. D’OH! So I mostly reread and fixed what I could when I didn’t have notes on hand.

I will do another detailed edit at some point but I have roughly five to six chapters to get through first so I’ll touch back on that at another time.

A couple of notes on the end of the Blackheart fight. Chapter 25 to be exact.

I always wanted the red streams that drag him down the satanic circle to have little fingers on their ends but at the time I thought I was copying Bayonetta, the scene that plays out when she dies and these black streams with hands drag her to hell.

Later on I remembered that Jedah in Darkstalkers 3 has a move like that where blood hands drag you down to a big blood pool.

So I added the little fingers back on the streams because now I can say it’s inspired by a Capcom property and not from a game made by Kamiya who used to work for Capcom? Man I dunno. :rofl:

Lol well the little hands thing is kind of a common anime / video game thing I guess. Hard to rember every instance I’ve seen them, but the recent Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood anime seemed to be fond of the black streams with little hands.

Also originally Cyclops was the one to say ‘Bamf’ to get himself, Polaris and Ryu out of that temple. I forgot that you have to touch your neck when you say that to teleport. With Cyclops carrying Polaris and touching Ryu’s shoulder his hands seemed busy, so now Ryu says bamf. And since Cyke is touching Ryu all three safely travel away.

Other than those two things not much point in re-reading the story for those that have since the edits were mostly about grammar. Again, it’s still not perfect but I will revisit and for now I have to move on.

It will either be one or two chapters coming soon and I plan to put them up in a couple of weeks.

Can’t wait for MvC Origins this Tuesday! The more Capcom Marvel games I can access on my PS3 instead of hooking up ooold systems for reference the better. Of course they really need XvSF and MSHvSF up there so I can finally retire my Sega Saturn that has been rigged to play Japanese games lol! Hopefully next year or so!

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CHAPTER 33: “Not So Brief Mission Debrief!”

On the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier our heroes enter from the two opposing sides of the war room, with doors sliding before them and closing once everyone was inside. On the left side the Super-Heroes Captain America, Cyclops, Spider-Man, Wolverine and Hulk enter while on the right the Street Fighters Ryu, Ken and Chun-Li were present. Lying against the wall that was in between both groups was Nick Fury with his arms folded.

“Chun-Li! Looks like you’re all better,” pointed out Captain America. “Yeah, all patched up!”

“S.H.I.E.L.D.'s docs took care of you guys good,” interjected Nick Fury. “Through the use of cold silicone compounds to heal bones, flesh tone silicones to cover injuries and microscopic nano machines that will dissolve into nutrients for your body the healing process has been speed up for you guys. You’re all as good as new. And of course the Costume Changer fixed up any rips and tears in your clothing easy peasy.”

“Nice! I guess the Costume Changer ran out of batteries when it came to the Karate Kid parts 1 and 2 along with the golly green giant. Should’ve used Duracell! It keeps going and going and going…” “Just like you’re mouth,” said Hulk in an effort to shut Spider-Man up. “Strictly by choice,” added Ken. “Haven’t you heard the torn look is in! You know Spider-Man, your outfit might look better with less webbing and a blue shirt with the sleeves torn off, I can totally see it!” “Yeah, gonna pass on that one thanks… Say, how’s Sakura doing?”

“She’s recovering fine,” answered Fury. “So is Dan, Zangief and U.S. Agent. Polaris is resting. We didn’t use the same advanced medical procedures we used on you guys since none of them are imperative to the next phase of the mission. Rest assured, all of them will return home injury free.”

“I think a few proper introductions are in order,” noticed Captain America. “Spider-Man and Hulk, these are the Street Fighters Ryu, Ken and Chun-Li.” Hulk greated with a simple wave and said, “Yo!” Spider-Man on the other hand quickly Web-Swung across the room and held out his hand in front of Ryu. “Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man at your service. Pleased to meetchya!” “Um… Yes… Hi…” Ryu put one hand behind his head and shook Spider-Man’s with the other. He looked extremely uncomfortable.

Spidey crossed both his arms to shake Ken and Chun-Li’s hands at the same time. “What’s his problem? Let me guess, a Daily News subscriber…” “Don’t mind him. He’s not a big fan of spiders.” “KEN!” “When he went camping as a kid a spider crawled into his mouth while he was sleeping!” “YIKES! I can relate. I went camping as a kid with my uncle once and I woke up with an action figure in my mouth with the Kung-Fu grip!” “Tee hee!” Chun-Li chuckled at Spider-Man’s joke and Ryu’s embarassment, Ryu turned red and looked off to the side. “AWKWAAAARD…” Spider-Man pointed out.

“With intros out of the way it’s time to get down to business.” “Couldn’t agree more Cyclops,” said Nick Fury. “Yeah, better listen to the two one eyes and compare notes on our recent adventures,” declared Wolverine.

Sometime later, everyone was sitting at the long table of the War Room with the Street Fighters on one side and the Super-Heroes on the other. Nick Fury was naturally at the head of the table.

Everyone had finished telling their tales of the battles and everything they had witnessed during this fight against Apocalypse’s minions and machinations. So now they reflected on everything they’ve just heard.

“While I am glad that I didn’t end his life (during X-Men vs. Street Fighter), it is a shame that Magneto is still up to misfortune,” said Ryu. “I feel the same exact way about Vega,” added Cyclops. “But I guess he’s out of the picture for good now.” “If he’s anythin’ like one of our villains you can never be too sure Cyke.” “True Wolverine, but his defeat came at a high price,” stated Captain America. After Chun-Li said “Nash…” everyone remained quiet, as if they were giving Nash a moment of silence for his heroic sacrifice.

Soon Ryu interrupted the silence and spoke. “Spider-Man, thanks for looking out for Sakura. And you held your own against Gouki! You’re alright. Sorry about when we first met back there…” “No problem Ryu, she’s one strong kid. That Gouki’s no joke either. He’s really the brother of your master? Small world.” “Gouki’s a tough one alright,” agreed Wolverine. “You fought him before too Canuckle Head? A Wolverine vs. a Lion. I think I saw that one on the Discovery Channel!”

“Hey Hulk thanks for bringing back Zangief, and for not killing Dan,” quipped Ken. “Ah Dan’s not so bad. Spider-Man’s WAY more annoying.” “Couldn’t agree more,” said Wolverine. “Ah my adoring public and fellow Substitute Fantastic Four members. It’s cool, Ghost Rider still digs me. You gotta see him root for me in his cheerleading outfit!”

“So to bring us to our current dillemma, Magneto has captured four nukes and taken them up to Asteroid M,” said Nick Fury. “Any idea where that is?” Ken wanted to know.

“Thank to our mole in Apocalypse’s organization we just received exact coordinates. We’ll be able to teleport all eight of you there safely.”

“I hate to be the one to state the obvious here but this could be a trap.” “True Cyclops, but our source hasn’t let us down yet. Our program, D.T.N.Y. also confirms the information for what it’s worth.”

“So this is some asteroid that crash landed on Earth right?” “Not exactly, Chun-Li. It’s in outer space.”

“OUTER SPACE? Wait a second! I just got through seeing dinosaurs and a demon from hell and now I’m going into outer space! This is fantastic!” “You said it Ryu! I just fought some zombie ninjas! I think the only thing we haven’t done on this adventure is traveled to the future to stop a robot army from taking over the world!”

“Yeah maybe we can arrange that, eh Slim?” “Now’s not the time for levity Logan, onto matters at hand.”

“Right. We’ll be able to send four of you at a time with the Teleporter. Your mission, get the nukes away from Apocalypse somehow and defeat him. Rescue all of the captured Super-Heroes and Martial Artists on board. Even with the destination coordinates, you should expect to be attacked by the eight remaining Dark Riders, Magneto and the remaining Horseman of Death. The base itself is most likely covered with a giant magnetic force field surrounding it, but we’ll send a space shuttle to retrieve you if your mission is successful. Even though we are only sending a small force, our computer program D.T.N.Y. says you guys are our best chance of defeating Apocalypse.”

“Oh that’s all we have to do. And I thought this was going to be difficult,” chimed in Hulk. Ryu added, “Like Cyclops said to me earlier, never a dull moment!”

Meanwhile on Asteroid M, we find Birdy and Doctor Senoh once again sitting before a large computer control panel. The door to enter the room slid open and Apocalypse enters with a cloaked Dark Rider. With them was also his trusted aid Ozymandais.

“Birdy, did you think The Apocalypse was not aware of your betrayal? Even your leaks to S.H.I.E.L.D. were all foreseen by the great Aubuextl. When our guests arrive it will be our finest hour, destroying the greatest Super-Heroes and Martial Artist the world has to offer. Still, you’re betrayal cannot be forgiven,” he stated while walking forward menacingly.

“Mistah Apocalypse! You’ve flipped you’re gourd! They’ll nevah turn the Earth over to you! You’ll just wind up killin’ millions! No, billions! I’ve killed in my day as a hired gun but you’re talkin’ genocide!” “If they do not let The Apocalypse rule the Earth as it is I shall wash it away in a hail of nuclear fire! Dark Rider, this betrayer requires thirteen pieces of silver, but red will suffice!”

The Dark Rider held out his arm and from the sleeve thirteen red triangle shaped spikes fired from it! Birdy tried to get out of her chair and run away but all thirteen shards stabbed her in the stomach! She fell down while clutching abdomen and bleeding on the floor.

“Ozymandais, get her to one of the capsules. I can still siphon her remaining power.” “Yes, my lord.”

NEXT UP: Half of the next chapter is written up, but since it’s a short one and this is a big one I figure this is a good time to break. Next time the heroes meet the remaining Dark Riders and all of their identities will be revealed! Just a few Radioactive Bytes this time so those should come really soon!


RADIOACTIVE BYTES: The stuff about the silicone compounds being used to speed up the healing process for our heroes is taken from Amazing Spider-Man #529, I added the bit about the nano machines. To put this in perspective, JMS the writer of Amazing Spider-Man at the time wanted to do a really long story about Spider-Man called ‘The Other.’ The story would’ve lasted a year or two and would’ve taken Spider-Man out of circulation, so Marvel decided to split the story up between multiple writers, have it run through all of Spider-Man’s current books so it could finish up quickly.

When all was said and done there was a mistake. In one book Spider-Man, mutated into a big monster broke Mary Jane’s forearm backwards. In the next issue written by another writer, her arm was fine!

So to clean up the mistake, JMS had Iron Man go through a long explanation to Spider-Man telling him how he was able to heal her up relatively quickly. So hey I figured I could just use the same explanation and all, make some use out of that storyline bit heh heh!

Well hey if you do want to check out ASM #529 it also debuts the Iron Spidey Armor suit which you can use as an alternate costume in UMvC3 so if this is another incentive for you to track down that issue hey go for it!

Speaking of alternate costumes, the new look for Spider-Man that Ken is talking about is a nod to the Scarlet Spider outfit, which you can purchase in UMvC3. It’s from the Clone Saga which hasn’t happened in this world just yet, even though Spider-Man references it a lot in his Capcom appearances, mostly after he wins a mirror match lol! I’m not a fan of that storyline but hey if you want it to happen at some point after this story in this world more power to you I guess. I prefer the recent retelling of the Clone Saga by Mackie and DeFalco personally so I’d go with that version, just get Lady Octopus in there somehow lol!

Ryu dislikes spiders and he did wake up with one in his mouth during a camping trip, that much is true. It’s funny that if you think about spiders in Capcom games they usually turn out to be villains or not-so-good people! Phantom in Devil May Cry, the Spider Demon in Okami, SSF4 Juri’s whole spider motif, there’s several examples.

There’s an old story about a young Peter Parker camping with his Uncle Ben. Marvel ran a series of stories that featured adventures Marvel characters had before they became Super-Heroes. For the life of me I can’t remember the name of the series or the issue number but that’s where the notion of Uncle Ben and Peter camping comes from. He didn’t wake up with an action figure in his mouth though lol!

His Kung Fu Grip joke is from the movie Trading Places, Eddie Murphy used that line to describe a G.I. Joe figure lol! Most likely in reference to the G.I. Joe Quick Kick.There’s a few G.I. Joe connections to the Marvel world. J. Jonah Jameson has actually shown up in the G.I. Joe Marvel comic before! There was also another story where Spider-Man was fighting in a store and he crashed into some G.I. Joe figures! So I figure both G.I. Joes and their figures exist in this world. Not to mention that Capcom produced a G.I. Joe video game before! I just naturally assume that they went ignored by Apocalypse and he didn’t capture them because they are soldiers and stuff. Well hey if you want Cobra to be one of the organizations that funded Apocalypse don’t let me stop you!

Oh hey speaking of other worlds and stuff recently I re-read Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1, the original series. IDW has recently been rereleasing those issues under Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Color Classics. TOTALLY forgot that the vile of Mutagen that mutated the turtles was the same as the one that blinded Matt Murdock AKA Daredevil when he was a kid! So yeah, I guess the turtles start their adventures 13 years after all of that and I don’t know how long it would take Matt to get out of law school and stuff but if you want to shove the turtles in this world since I had Ken mention them earlier sure! Whatever incarnation you use DO NOT GO WITH THE UPCOMING MICHAEL BAY HOLLYWOOD TAKE WHERE THEY ARE ALIENS OR ELSE!!! Or else nothing I guess but still ROFL!

Back on topic, there is a substitute Fantastic Four team that consisted of Spider-Man, Hulk, Ghost Rider and Wolverine occurred in Fantastic Four #348. Pretty awesome that all four characters are in UMvC3 now!

The back and forth about the robot army takeover is twofold. My personal perception is that just about every game franchise featured in the versus games, at least on Capcom’s end is part of a shared Capcom Universe. Not that all of the games are related, but just in the versus games they are. So the robot army apocalypse, that kind of does happen after the Rockman AKA Mega Man X series so that’s my nod towards that. Also, with the Sentinels taking over it also happens in X-Men’s world with Days of Future Past. Which there is a background for in UMvC3! Almost all of the Marvel future stuff I chalk up in this world as alternate realities that do not occur and take place on different Earths while all of the Capcom ones happen. Of course I’m totally down with Marvel futures that don’t interfere with a lot like Spider-Man 2099 and the MC2 Universe. So anyway yeah a double reference there.

I talked about this before but since Birdy appears in like 5 comics total (one X-Men issue, the Sabretooth limited series) and dies off camera whoa… I’m a little sympathetic towards her. Her speech pattern is based on Harlequin’s from the Batman Animated series, comics and Arkham video games. Namely the way Arleen Sorkin portrays her. She doesn’t talk like that in the comics but that’s just the vibe I got from the ‘Yeah boss’ she gives to Sabretooth in the Capcom games. Well while she did kill lots of ninjas and stuff in the Sabretooth limited series you do feel kind of bad for her since she was trying to get away from Sabretooth. So I painted her as not being all that bad. Kill people bad but not kill everybody on planet Earth bad…

Guess that’s it for this time so I’ll be back to update in December. We finally get to learn the identities of the remaining 8 Dark Riders! Then come next year I’ll start the next round of fights! Check out Wreck-It Ralph if you haven’t, it rules! I’ve used like every Street Fighter in the movie in either this fic or the X-Men vs. SF fic so hooray I feel relevant. Lol take care and my heart goes out to those suffering through Hurricane Sandy. Be easy.


CHAPTER 34: “One Small Step For Marvel, One Giant Leap For Street Fighters!”

Captain America, Ryu, Spider-Man, Ken, Cyclops, Chun-Li, Wolverine and Hulk teleported inside Asteroid M as planned. Inside of this white futuristic looking space station Ryu looked outside of a giant window. He could see the Earth from quite a distance.

“Wow this is an amazing view! I’m sure there are few that will ever get to witness something like this!” Everyone else took a gander. Ken and Chun-Li were a bit more impressed at the sight than the rest of the heroes since all of them have traveled to space before.

“That might be the case Ryu, but our primary concern is those nukes down there,” pointed out Captain America. From the same window, everyone looked down and could see four gigantic missiles floating in space and pointed at the Earth.

“I guess there’s no time to waste star gazing,” agreed Ken. Suddenly he looked over to his extreme right and saw something that scared the life out of him.


What he saw was a giant man that had a huge bald head that was almost the size of his body. Wearing a blue and white toga and strange alien footwear, his eyes held no pupils and he stood there silently watching.

“No that’s Uatu, The Watcher. A cosmic being. He pops in to watch the major battles we have and records them, especially the ones that will decide the fate of the World. This must be one of the big ones. Everyone give it your all. If he’s here the chances of us winning are pretty slim, but we’ve been able to keep the Earth safe, so far.” Spider-Man’s response to Ken was a bit more serious than usual for him.

“Yeah he watches, but doesn’t interfere. Baldy won’t help either side. He’s like the peeping tom of the Super-Hero community. Try to ignore,” added Hulk.

With a bit of levity, Chun-Li said “I guess you can cross seeing aliens off your must-see list Ryu and Ken! All that’s left for you guys is robots.” “Covered once we rescue Vision. Now let’s get a move on…”

Captain America’s words were cut short when eight Dark Riders teleported before them! Instantly all of them removed their cloaks to reveal their identities. There stood Psylocke, Guile, Sabretooth, Killer Bee, Juggernaut, Venom, Carnage and Doctor Doom! All assumed their fighting stances and were ready to assault our heroes who remained shocked at this assembly of friends, villains and deadly rivals they were about to square off against! Uatu, The Watcher was about to witness an incredible battle indeed!

NEXT UP: Short chapter after a long hiatus so just wanted to end on the big reveal of the remaining Dark Riders. Writing up the next chapter now so hopefully it will be up soon!


CHAPTER 35: “The New Sinister Six, Plus Two!”

To those that know him it should come as no shock that the talkative Spider-Man was the first to break the silence between the eight heroes and eight followers of Apocalypse.

“Hey Venom, so not surprised you went back to being a villain. I knew your hero stint in San Francisco wouldn’t stick. Mad props though, you were one of the good guys for a full five minutes!”

As usual Venom would refer to himself, Eddie Brock and his alien symbiote as ‘we.’ “We were fighting on the side of angels, spider. But Apocalypse has shown us the light.”

“I get it. You were brainwashed. Wow that must’ve been the most difficult brainwashing session of all time. I bet Apocalypse had to work all night coming up with the question, ‘Excuse me Mr. Venom. Would like coffee, tea or being evil again?’ Decisions deciiiiiisiooooons…”

"Ooooh daddy! Let me shut grandpa up before he starts talking about the silver age of Super-Heroes again. ‘When I was your age all my villains wore green and we didn’t have no alien symbiotes,’ " chimed in Carnage. He referred to Venom as his father often since his symbiote gave birth to the red and black one Cletus Kassidy wears.

“No Carnage, the spider belongs to us. Go play with that Ken doll over there.” “Yippee! Can I rip his arms and legs off and pull down his pants to see if he’s anatomically correct down there like I used to do to Barbie’s boyfriend? I CAN HAS TEH BLOOD?”

“Ken, be careful with Carnage. He’s weak against fire, loud noise and electricity if it helps,” encouraged Spider-Man to the Street Fighter. “Right.” Ken assumed his stance and was ready to take on the homicidal maniac.

Chun-Li stared at her friend who had his fists raised in the air with a rather serious expression on his face. “Guile! Don’t tell me you were brainwashed too!” Guile remained motionless.

“So that’s Nash’s friend, Guile? Chun-Li, let me fight him. I feel I owe it to Nash for saving our lives. Let me try to wake him up from Apocalypse’s spell.”

“Right Captain America… I’ll fight against Killer Bee. I’ve seen her in combat before (during X-Men vs. Street Fighter) so I know what I’m up against.” “Is she one of Shadowloo’s Dolls, like the other ones we fought in Madripoor?” "Yes, the most powerful. She nearly defeated Rogue all by herself (also during X-Men vs. Street Fighter).

Killer Bee, who Juggernaut recently renamed Cammy shifted from left to right during her stance as was typical of the Dolls. With her ice blue eyes she glared at the Chinese Martial Artist. “Target confirmed. Interpol Agent, Chun-Li. Psycho Limiter, release twenty percent of Psycho Power. That is all that is required to defeat my opponent.” After she spoke her body began to radiate slightly with light blue energy.

“I take it I can add Psylocke to the list of brainwashed candidates. I’ll do my best to save my fellow teammate,” added Cyclops.

A loud thud was caused when Juggernaut slammed his right fist against the palm of his left. “What d’ya say Hulk? Time we figured out who’s really the strongest one there is!” “Okay Jugghead. LET’S ROCK!”

“Hey runt! We’ve fought long enough. How 'bout I put you out of your misery once and for all! And after I finish with you your pretty blonde girlfriend who took me down with a lucky shot (during X-Men vs. Street Fighter) is next. If Carnage here leaves me a few table scraps,” threatened Sabretooth. “Let’s go bub! Too much is ridin’ on this one. I’m gonna bury the hatchets, six of them in your ugly face!” As expected, Wolverine unsheathed all six of his deadly Adamantium claws. “HAHAHAHAHA BRING IT ON PIPSQUEAK!”

“So I guess that leaves the tin man in the green hood for me to face off against,” pointed out the Street Fighter in the white gi. “Ryu, watch yourself. That’s Doctor Doom, arguably the most dangerous villain in the room. He’s taken on the entire Fantastic Four by himself and has even won a few times. Just hold out for as long as you can and I’ll help you once I defeat Guile.”

“Right, but don’t underestimate Guile either. He trained with Nash who managed to defeat Apocalypse before and ultimately, Vega.” Captain America gave a nod to show he understood his predicament.

“It is too laugh. Is the mighty Victor Von Doom, ruler of Latveria supposed to face off against a mere child? So be it. Once I am done with him I will turn my attention to any remaining heroes until all are under the heel of Doom!”

And with that, eight Dark Rigers and eight heroes ran towards each other (similar to the intro of the 90s X-Men animated series) to commence this deadly battle!

NEXT UP: I’ll do Radioactive Bytes in about a week or so to explain why I’m having all of these bonus fights in the first place. The short answer is I just want to play with as many Marvel characters as I can because at this slow rate it will take me 1,000 years to get up to Marvel vs. Capcom 2 lol! Anyway the first few fights, Cyclops vs. Psylocke and Captain America vs. Guile should come in May if all goes. Thanks for reading and catch you on the internets!


Radioactice Bytes: It’s really typical for The Watcher to show up for all of the big Marvel battles so why not? Fun fact, for the story of Marvel vs. Capcom 1, the Onslaught Saga in comics The Watcher actually was there to witness the final battle. For me, I think in this world it’s best if he shows up to all of the second acts. MSH vs. SF and MvC2 and not 1. For MvC3 / UMvC3, well, the final battle happens on a floating asteroid that he can probably see right outside of his window from the Blue Side Of The Moon so he doesn’t have to go anywhere lol!

More on The Watcher -

So from here on out will be a bunch of reasons why I’m doing all of these bonus fights. They’ve all been planned right from the beginning of the story when I mentioned all of the extra Dark Riders.

MSH vs. SF is one of the few Capcom fighting games that I personally didn’t care for the roster (and I’m a pretty hardcore Capcom fanboy, chances are if there’s a game where you didn’t like the roster I did, but not this time). It’s fine on the Street Fighter side, but not really a good representation of Marvel as a whole. So I wanted to add a few more Marvel villains to make the story work a little better for me.

Ideally I would love to keep fan fic writing this world until I got up to UMvC3 and beyond but it’s taking me this freaking long to get up to this point! So this will be a chance for me to play with some fan favorites.

Why no Thor or Iron Man? Well, here’s the thing. Neither of the two were popular in the 90s when this game was in circulation. It’s really the movies that have made them household names, especially Iron Man. And Thor doesn’t even become a full fledged playable character until UMvC3 so I feel it’s way too early to use him here. Besides, I’d have to brainwash them… Ah well, they are among the captured heroes.

Using Venom a little early since he doesn’t show up until MvC1, but I’m a HUGE Spider-Man fan and I HAVE to play with like the only real Spider-Man villain in the games heh!

Why Carnage? He is kind of in MvC1 as a Venom swap so this is my way of using him here to just avoid a Carnage MvC1 appearance (if I ever get around to fan fic writing MvC1, ugh…). Besides the 90’s Marvel comics for me were all about the Symbiotes so here’s me reliving my childhood.

Ken vs. Carnage is almost possible to accomplish in MvC1 if you do a swapped Venom vs. a Ryu-turned-red that uses Kens moves. So their battle will be based on that fight as much as possible.

Killer Bee AKA Cammy and Juggernaut, along with Guile show up since they all have unresolved issues from either this story or going way back to the X-Men vs. Street Fighter fic. Regarding Juggernaut, I had no Capcom character that could really take the guy on during the X-Men vs. SF story so here I can go all out with Hulk. That’s not a problem with later games when Darkstalkers and the like show up.

Venom vs. Spider-Man, Wolverine vs. Sabretooth, Juggernaut vs. Hulk MAAAAANG these fights have been done before, some even on the big screen! Well so what, I never wrote them and no one’s ever written these fights with people shouting out video game moves except for other fan fic writers so nya nya nya nya nya! :stuck_out_tongue: Lol well since this is being written on mainly a Street Fighter website I feel it would be good to get some of the Marvel vs. Marvel character rivalries in here. These are all like ‘bonus’ battles anyway.

All of the battles, except for Ken vs. Carnage will be largely based on MvC2 fights since that is the game almost everyone is the most familiar with.

Lastly, I always loved the fact that in a lot of Capcom games, whenever you thought you were about to finish a game you were wrong and they made you fight a lot old bosses again. It happened in Strider, every Mega Man game and so many other games you can list. So it’s my way of getting that flavor into this story. Of course only Sabretooth, Killer Bee and Juggernaut are actually returning foes, from the previous story so a little of old and new here.

There’s also a storyline reason why this is happening but just bear with me and all will be revealed in time!

Next Up: That’s enough pointless rambling from me. Catch you in May hopefully for Captain America vs. Guile and Cyclops vs. Psylocke! Iron Man 3 drops this week WORD! Thanks for reading and take care!



Working on the next chapter now, boy it’s been a while. Hopefully I’ll have something up in a few weeks.

Anyway reason I’m posting is that I’m really surprised that they are dropping a TPB for the X-Men Soul Skinner storyline. And it includes the two Psylockes story as well. I keep these single issues handy for reference but it will be great to have it as a TPB!

So far I referenced it way back during the X-Men vs. SF fic, you can see the team that came to Zangief’s aid in this book. Also I plan to reference it again with Omega Red and possibly the Psylocke stuff in the next installment. So yeah for anyone that missed out!

Finished my video game reviewing references for the next few fights, now I have to reread a few comics and things then get to writing the first few drafts before submitting. So creeping up on the next entry. Slowly but surely! Hopefully around Thanksgiving or so.


CHAPTER 36: “Brainwash, Rinse and Defeat!” Part 1

Due to Captain America underestimating Guile’s speed just a tad, the First Lieutenant in the Air Force managed to jab his chin with a left punch pushing him back. Quickly the Street Fighter hopped in the air for two left and right punches to his opponent’s face! Upon landing Guile’s body turned completely upside down for a kick to the Super-Hero’s face (his Forward High Kick maneuver)!

This last kick was blocked by Captain’s shield and from here he easily transitioned into his “CHARGING STAR” forcing the upside down Guile away! The strike caused his foot to snap back with his knee absorbing most of the impact of the thrusted attack.

Grabbing the floor with his hands Nash’s best friend positioned himself back on his feet in an instant almost like a break dancer performing a windmill. His “SONIC BOOM” was completely dodged by the Avenger’s Forward Cartwheel move and he passed right by it! With his Crouching Roundhouse kick Steve Rogers knocked Guile right off his feet! Next he jumped in the air to angle his “SHIELD SLASH” a bit better so his armament could strike the Martial Artist in the stomach!

While this attack hurt immensely and caused the Military Officer to spit out blood immediately, there’s just no slowing down a brainwashed minion apparently! “SOMERSAULT!” Before the World War II vet’s feet could even touch the ground Guile nabbed him with his famous maneuver taught to him by Nash himself! Captain America went soaring through the air and Guile followed him to perform his Crossfire Assault Super Art! Caught unawares the Super Soldier was struck with every punch and kick of this Aerial Combo that finished up with an Aerial Somersault attack!

Captain America landed on his back but rose quickly. The Lieutenant was on him like white on rice and caught him with his Aerial Launcher, his Crouching Uppercut! Guile leapt up to follow him but was smacked down by Captain America’s shield! Not that it mattered. The blow to the head didn’t seem to faze the brainwashed victim even though a trickle of blood poured down the side of his face. So he hastily performed yet another Super Art, his “SONIC HURRICANE!” Cap was only moments away from falling into this small tornado of sonic energy!

“Come on,” Psylocke and Cyclops stated simultaneously. Psylocke with a hand on her hip and motioning with her index finger on the left while Cyclops ran two fingers across his visor. The two words used for their taunts weren’t the only things the two currently had in common. Both were panting a bit since they’ve already traded a few blows.

“HEEYAH!” Elisabeth Braddock, Betsy for short performed a front flip and kicked the X-Men leader in the head. The beautiful ninja continued the attack with a hand stand and a kick to the face! Finishing up with a throw that involved lifting Cyclops in the air, flipping him around a few times and tossing him. Even so, Scott was skilled enough to land on his feet.

“OPTIC BLAST!” “PSY-BLAST!” Cyclops’ blast of red energy collided with Psylocke’s blast of light purple energy which looked like the wings of a large butterfly. The projectile attacks exploded upon contact canceling each other out!

Using the flash of reddish purple light as a distraction, Cyclops ran up to his fellow member of X-Men’s Blue Team for his Raising Knee Back Breaker move. Tackling the British Mutant whose mind was transferred into a Japanese assassin’s body some time ago, now Scott Summers was the one to flip around in the air with his adversary. Only she didn’t land her feet but flat on her back!

Standing right above Psylocke and ready to pin her to the floor with an Optic Blast, Cyclops never got the chance. She stood erect while yelling “KOLHO-GAKURE!” With this deadly Super Art a flurry of Psy-Blade style butterflies moved all around her attacking Cyclops! The multiple attacks of psionic energy were enough to send Jean Grey’s fiancee far away with him landing flat on his face on the white metallic floor!

As we turn our attention back to Captain America and Guile, our hero Steve Rogers has landed within the vortex of the Street Fighter’s Sonic Hurricane. However, he landed shield first blocking the attack until he surfed to the outskirts of the projectile with no physical damage! Still, now standing just outside of the attack while blocking, the Sonic Hurricane struck his shield a total of twenty times!

Cap didn’t escape the attack unscathed however. His shield is made from a Vibranium-steel alloy and while it can absorb vibrations it still reacted loudly to these waves of sonic energy, louder than a normal shield composed of regular steel would! It conduced visible white rings of loud noise as soon as the shield touched the Sonic Hurricane! Even after the attack was over both men remained screaming while covering their ears!

Guile regained his composure before Cap did and utilized this opportunity to catch his opponent off guard with a spin kick to the ribs! Steve Rogers went down to the ground.

While he was falling, a silver object flew out of his pocket. The Street Fighter turned into one of Apocalypse’s Dark Riders grabbed the object by its chain. Giving the dog tag a read, he uttered the name “Nash…” His eyes raised just a bit. He seemed to recall that name.

“PSY-BLADE!” Spinning around with her Psi-Knife, this uppercut was avoided by Cyclops’ Backward Dash which involved a rolling maneuver.

Cyke wasn’t so lucky when she performed her Ninjitsu move. Using her Mutant psychic powers to fool her fellow X-Man, four Psylockes appeared. One was five feet in front of Cyclops while another was five feet behind his back. Both images of Psylocke had the other two Psylockes floating midair five feet above them.

From here Betsy segwayed into her “PSY-THRUST” Super Art! The Psylocke that was above Cyclops at 10 O’clock turned out to be the real one! She rained down on him at an angle with her Psy-Knife piercing his forehead scrambling his thoughts! For maximum effect, she glided forward riding on waves of light purple energy pushing Cyclops back while still attacking his mind! With a second yell of “PSY-THRUST” while continuing the Super Art attack, she rose through the air with Scott at a 2 O’clock angle!

Still rising in this area that housed quite a high ceiling, the suffering X-Men leader grabbed his teammate’s forearm with both hands and rammed the Psy-Knife even deeper into his forehead! “PSYLOCKE! REACH INTO MY MIND AND SEE WHO YOU REALLY ARE!”

Back to back chapters and this seems like a good point to break off. Check back later for the conclusion of these two fights!


CHAPTER 37: “Brainwash, Rinse and Defeat!” Part 2

Guile remained looking at Nash’s dog tag swinging side to side. If one didn’t know better they’d think the object was hypnotizing him. When in fact, the dog tag was having the reverse effect on him. Helping to wake him up from all the meddling Shadowloo and Apocalypse performed on his mind.

Captain America stood up and was about seven feet away from the confused Street Fighter.

“Guile. This may be difficult to hear, but Nash didn’t perish when he defeated Apocalypse. Apocalypse and Shadowloo managed to save him but they turned him into a brainwashed Cyborg named Agent Shadow to do their bidding. Ultimately, he was able to awake from his brainwashing and save my life along with Chun-Li’s. He sacrificed his life once more to destroy Vega. This time… for good.”

“Nash… My friend… My partner…”

“I had a partner, Bucky Barnes who was also a soldier. He too sacrificed himself to save my life. And for the greater good as well.”

Towards the end of World War II, the Avenger remembered falling in the night sky and seeing his partner Bucky riding on the back of a small booby trapped plane which eventually exploded. The imagery almost looked exactly like what happened to Nash, riding on Vega’s back and destroying both of them and the Island Smasher with the self-destruct mechanism embedded in his body.

Guile thought back to when he first met Nash.

One night in a dense jungle in Asia, Guile was captured behind enemy lines. He was strung up on a pole and being tortured for information. Nash showed up and made short work of the thugs. He managed to free Guile.

“You okay,” questioned Nash. “Yeah, I’ll live. That was unbelievable! Where’d you learn to fight like that?” Nash put the beaten Guile’s arm around his shoulder to help him walk. “Stick with me kid and I’ll show you a thing or two.” (From the story “Charlie’s Black Op.” Featured in the TPB Street Fighter Bonus Stage Vol. 4)

Captain America had a similar memory of when Bucky saved his life.

During World War II, two robots who looked like they were assembled out of pots and boilers and had big swastikas on their chests held Captain America down on his knees one night in a deep forest. The Red Skull pointed a gun at him and said, “Since the dawn of the Reich have we sparred, herr Captain… and at last we have reached the final round. How long have I waited for this moment? Ten years? Fifteen?”

“What’s the difference. You can’t count to either,” joked the captive Captain. Bucky Barnes appeared and took the Red Skull out with a mighty shoulder thrust to his chest! “Oh, funny. Somebody’s been watching a little Jack Benny.” Bucky followed this up by knocking the head off one of the robot’s heads with one punch. Freeing his partner to do the same to the other robot. “You’re just jealous. Why should you always get the good lines?” “Because it’s not ‘Costello and Costello,’ that’s why.” The two continued to quip while they easily defeated any remaining Nazi soldiers. Complementing his sidekick, Steve said “Nice K.O., by the way.” “I had a good teacher.” (From the story ‘American Dream’ featured in the TPB Captain America Red, White & Blue released in 2002).

There was no way both Captain America and Guile could share thoughts on how similar their lost friends were and witness all of the parallels in their experiences. However, they felt it on a subconscious level. Even the brainwashed Guile could feel it, evidenced by the tears that steamed down his face.

Back to Psylocke and Cyclops, while her Psychic Knife was within Cyclops’ mind she started to remember how not too long ago she was in love with Cyclops. In fact, even though she was dating Archangel now there was still a part of her that hasn’t moved on yet.

After the events of Executioner’s song a few months back, the X-Men Wolverine, Colossus, Ice Man and Jubilee were on the X-Men jet, the Blackbird. They were headed to the U.S.S.R. to visit Colossus’ finally. Psylocke was piloting with Cyclops as the co-pilot.

“Cyclops, after everything you’ve been through… was it really necessary for you to come on this journey? Perhaps you’re pushing yourself too hard.” Psylocke touched Cyclops’ left hand while she spoke these words.

“Maybe I just needed to get away from the mansion for a few days Betsy… I think I needed some space. Some time to think.”

“I can imagine. It must be difficult when the woman you love is a telepath.”

“Hmmm what?” For a brief second, Cyclops thought about kissing Psylocke. With her being a telepath just like Jean Grey was who she was just referring to, she could see this vision in his mind.

“Oh… Sorry… I was… just thinking…” “You think too much Scott. You should try doing once in a while.” (X-Men #17, 1992).

Next Psylocke sees another memory which took place a few days later. This vision began with her approaching Cyclops while he was repairing the Blackbird in the hangar of the X-Mansion.

Betsy Braddock was wearing a curve hugging tight blue dress that showed off the top of her ample bosom and long curvaceous legs. unbeknownst to her, Jubilee had dubbed it her ‘I want sex’ outfit. Cyclops was wearing a white tank top, green pants and a red headband tied around his head similar to Ryu’s headband in the Street Fighter II era and beyond. Only the headband Cyclops was wearing housed several black diagonal stripes, almost like a long necktie would.

While working on the Blackbird’s main engine underneath the craft, a bit of machine oil spilled on his left cheek. He got startled and fell off the small latter he was standing on. “Aaagh! Urgh! Mmmrf!” All sound effects he made while falling on top of Psylocke! “Scott,” was all she could express while the two tumbled to the ground.

"Sitting on the floor with her ever lovely accent, the gorgeous Mutant inquired, “Are you hurt?” “Betsy? I… didn’t… know, you um were here… uhm… I slipped… I uhm… I’m sorry…”

With the two still sitting on the floor, Psylocke licked a little bit of machine oil off of his face. “Don’t be sorry, Scott.” Then she gave him an open mouthed kiss on the lips!

Scott pulled away and proclaimed, “Betsy… We shouldn’t…” “Why not, Scott?” “I can’t… I mean I shouldn’t. … This isn’t right Psylocke.” (X-Men #20, 1992)

Here the telepathic Mutant went even deeper into the X-Men leader’s mind and felt his love for Jean Grey. How nervous he felt around her when they first met as teenagers at the X-Men academy. The pain he felt when he believed she died during the Dark Phoenix saga, how happy he was when he found that she didn’t actually perish, and even how he felt a few days after his kiss with Psylocke which was the next memory she saw.

Cyclops had just returned from visiting his grandparents in Alaska. The very first thing he did when he arrived was give Jean Grey a long passionate kiss.

“I’m sorry Jean… For everything. For not having seen how I was hurting you. For leaving…” “Shhh. It’s alright Scott. We don’t have to talk about it.” (X-Men #24, 1992)

Culminating with what was the happiest moment in his life next to his son Nathan (AKA Cable in later years) being born. When Jean Grey agreed to marry him very recently. “Red… I love you. I want to spend the rest of my life with you.” “I do Scott. I do.” (X-Men vs. Street Fighter, Chapter 17)

Since all of these thoughts really only took a few seconds for the telepath to register both were still soaring through the air! Clutching her forearm still, Scott ‘Slim’ Summers spun her around until he held her upside down facing the floor as if he was about to body slam her. From here he shot a gigantic Optic Blast that slammed her to the ground! Similar to one of his throw maneuvers, only he beamed Psylocke all the way down instead of her going straight up.

Once Slim landed on the ground he felt a pain in his stomach. The same pain he felt back when he was fighting Blackheart and Dhalsim with Ryu. Pink dots of energy began to flow inside of him while he held his abdominal area like he suffered from food poisoning.

“My stomach… It’s like it’s gathering energy… Feels like… my desire to awaken Psylocke… manifesting?”

Psylocke stood up and held her head while she screamed in agony! Her mind was conflicted between her brainwashing and the feelings she still had for Cyclops.

Finally she regained some composure, but she went back to being a brainwashed lackey unfortunately. She attacked Scott with a regular “PSY-THRUST!”


Cyclops released a blast which also released all of the Ki that was gathering in his stomach! The thing about this particular Optic Blast was that it was a red vertical line with six points articulated. Yes, it was exactly like the attack Ryu struck Dhalsim with earlier! Cyclops was able to duplicate the attack!

The line of energy struck Psylocke and once it pushed her back until she stood erect the six points attacked her Chackra points! Her body was immersed in a column of red energy! She yelled out in shear agony!

After the blast Cyclops managed to catch her before she fell down. “Betsy! Are you alright,” he asked the woman who looked as if she was fast asleep.

Guile let go of the dog tag and once it fell it made a few clanking noises on the floor.

Much like we witnessed Psylocke go through moments ago, Guile held his head in pain while his mind was in turmoil. “No… Nash… is an enemy of Apocalypse… and Shadowloo… Captain America… as a Dark Rider it is my mission to destroy you!”

“Guile, Apocalypse and Shadowloo are responsible for the death of your best friend Nash. He overcame his brainwashing and I know you can too. With his final breath he asked me to look after you. If you’re anything like my old partner Bucky, heck if you’ve anything like Nash I know you can beat this. In fact, I’m not even going to fight you anymore.”

The Super Soldier rested his shield on the ground and folded his arms.

The howling, confused and angered Street Fighter ran up to the World War II veteran and was about to deliver a vicious right to his face! Cap remained there, unwilling to block or budge! Guile’s fist moved at sonic speed leaving a trail of white energy! Could even Captain America withstand such an earth shattering blow?

That’s not a question that will get answered today! For at the last second, Guile turned the punch onto himself and struck himself in the face! The impact sent Guile flying back until the back of his head struck the large white metallic rectangular garage style door where Apocalypse resided behind! Guile was knocked out cold and remained sitting on the floor seemingly lifeless!

“Psylocke! Are you okay?” Moving her a bit in his arms, Scott shook the British Mutant. “Ugh… yes. Not my first trip to the mind control rodeo. Hopefully my last.” “You overcame it in the end Betsy. That’s all that matters.”

“Not without your help. Scott, I must confess.” “No Betsy, it’s quite alright.” “No… I… have to admit that I was in love with you for quite a spell. In fact, a part of me still is. I, never understood your love for Jean Grey until now. It’s a love I’ve never felt for anyone, not even Warren. My conflicted emotions along with my obvious identity issues are several of the tools Shadowloo used to bend my mind to their will. Cyclops, I am so sorry…”

Scott smiled and said, “There’s nothing to apologize for. I pulled your Psy-Knife deeper into my mind only because I wanted you to see how great an X-Man you are, one of the best. I suppose we did have a few unresolved issues that we never discussed and that bubbled up to the surface. As you saw, with me and Jean Grey things were never easy. Even so, I’m sure you’ll find that happiness someday,” encouraged Cyclops with a smile.

With an even bigger smile he added, “We’ll always have the X-Mansion’s hangar!” Psylocke smiled and gave him a playful wink. “Quite!” Cyclops helped her onto her feet.

Captain America shook the resting Guile on the floor.

“Ugh… It’s okay Captain America. I’m back to my old self again thanks to you. And Nash…”

Captain America stood up, raised his thumb and said “Thumbs up soldier!”

“Heh. So everything you said about Nash is true?”

The Avenger put away his goofy smile and seriously stated, “Yes. He’s gone. Took down Vega with him.” “I see. So all that’s left is to stop Apocalypse.” “I can always use another partner.” Guile grinned and concurred, “Likewise.”

Steve Rogers handed Guile Nash’s dog tag. Guile placed it around his neck, since he currently didn’t have his own he decided to wear Nash’s. With a strong handshake Captain America helped his newfound ally off the floor.

Next Up: Radioactive Bytes for chapter 37. Not too much to say as these chapters are pretty straight forward and the references for the comics mentioned are detailed in parenthesis. So in a week or so. After that, the next time I update it will be Wolverine vs. Sabretooth and Ken vs. Carnage! Lots and lots of blood lol! Thanks for reading and Happy New Year. Be safe!


RADIOACTIVE BYTES: Thought I could skip chapter 36 entirely but there are a few things worth mentioning. So this will cover both 36 and 37 respectively.

During Street Fighter Zero / Alpha 3 Guile is indeed a First Lieutenant which is why he is one here. Guile doesn’t become a Major until Street Fighter II and beyond. It’s only in the Hollywood movie and the American cartoon that he is a Colonel.

Yeah, Cyclops and Psylocke do both say “Come on” during their taunts in Marvel vs. Capcom 2. Just a funny coincidence I had them fight and found that out while I was researching them heh.

About Nash’s first name being Charlie, this is one of those things that gets argued about a lot in the storyline thread of this page. Mainly because in one of those anime intros for SF4, his name is shown to be Charlie Nash. Even though ‘Charlie’ is usually a nickname for Charles or Carlos. Anyway this story doesn’t really convey or deny my feelings about it. I’ve been referring to Nash simply as Nash from the beginning and will continue to do so. That is why ‘Nash’ is the only name Guile reads outloud on the dogtag. However, since I did reference an Udon story with the name ‘Charlie’ if you want to take that as evidence that his first name is Charlie in this world don’t let me stop you.

When Captain America is falling out of the sky and sees Bucky blow up well that’s right before he lands in a body of water, gets frozen for decades and gets awoken by the Avengers in the modern era. I didn’t mention all of that in the story since I felt it was distracting a bit. I also kind of figure after the Hollywood movie, even though Captain America didn’t exactly die the same way that most people would figure it out.

Oh yeah, found many parallels between Nash and Bucky. Freaky how all that worked out. Recently, Bucky even came back to life (also the basis for the next Captain America movie) and Nash returns in MvC1 and MvC2, so ROFL! Still too early in Marvel’s timeframe for me to mention the Bucky / Winter Soldier stuff I feel. Except for saying Cap ‘supposedly’ saw Bucky die heh heh heh.

About the books referenced, all of the X-Men comic quotes can be found in the book ‘X-Men a Skinning of Souls’ I linked earlier.

For just about all the quotes, now and then I omitted stuff, mostly when they started talking about lots of continuity stuff in those comics. They either still say those things or they don’t in this world. You can say for the X-Men stuff Psylocke only pulled out important stuff and not ‘Executioner’s Song wrap up’ speech stuff. Up to the reader honestly. Oh and the writer Fabian Nicieza sure used a lot of ‘–’ for pauses which I swapped for ‘…’ because Capcom, video games and manga like ‘…’ in general. Hey ‘…’ is the only Japanese to English translation no one can screw up! :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh at the end of the Charlie story, he talks about Guile leaving his dogtag behind. Omitted because um yeah, that’s enough about dogtags lol! Still happens in this world if you want.

Pretty cool thing about the Captain America Red, White and Blue book referenced here. Street Fighter comic book author Ken Siu-Chong also has a story in that book called “Why I Fight.” Another reason worth checking it out. The story I did reference from this book “American Dream” was from Mark Waid. I did turn Cap’s line from ‘Nice kayo’ into ‘Nice K.O.’ Because STREET FIGHTER lol!

I went into Dhalsim’s chapter before why there are only six Chackra points from the Ki Blast and not seven and given that it’s Psylocke… OMG BLUSH lol! ^_^;

That whole thing with Psylocke’s crush on Cyclops never had closure in the comics. Because as usual a billion things were going on. So this was a nice way for me to wrap that up.

Oh and while I borrow bits and pieces from those X-Men comics, for now take it as just those bits and pieces happening in both worlds snd not the entirety of those stories. Part of it is just me cherry picking stuff I want MWAHAHA! Another aspect is that certain things Capcom does with Marvel characters make a few of those events difficult to occur. Also stuff Marvel does later… Well probably shouldn’t even start talking about that third Summers brother mess. ^_^;

During those comic book events Cyclops is not sure if his son is Cable or Stryfe. Let’s just say by now he knows it’s Cable, since I established that way back during the X-Men vs. SF fic anyway. Pretty sure he knows in and around the time frame of Fatal Attractions when this story is taking place.

By the by, if you do read that X-Men trade you’ll come across Psylocke’s body double Revanche, which is kind of tricky to explain. If you wonder where she is during this story well she was already killed by the Legacy Virus. Not mentioning it in the story directly because well, Psylocke is stuff is CONFUSING lol but there’s two reasons for me having her bumped off already. I’ll touch upon that again later.

And um yeah, Guile really should have two dogtag chains, both his and Nash’s but he is always depicted in the games as only having one so it’s the same thing here.

Ken vs. Carnage and Wolverine vs. Sabretooth coming in February / March hopefully. Thanks for reading and see you soon!



Had a pretty rough last year which is why this has been on such a long hiatus. Things are looking up now though, bit by bit.

Nash is back in Street Fighter V! Vega/Cape will be back too! We will get a married Spider-Man in May! Spider-Man will join the Marvel Cinematic Universe! Lots of cool stuff happening with Marvel and Capcom!

Anyway the reason I’m posting is because someone made a list of secondary female characters related to SF. Madame Celeste is included, who I included in this fic! You can even see her picture below if you are wondering what she looks like.

I definitely want to start working on the next chapter soon. I’m not going to give you a specific time frame because life’s been to crazy, but sometime in 2015? ^_^; Well see you soon with new material, hopefully! :slight_smile:


CHAPTER 38: “Making A Murderer Lose!” Part 1


These howls from Sabretooth and Wolverine respectively escaped their throats while they were locked in a deadly embrace! Sabretooth held the X-Man’s wrists holding his Adamantium Claws back as the two rolled away on the floor. Leaving a bloody trail since they have been at it for a while now, they were much further than the area where the rest of the combatants were trading blows. Even further from the area where they first landed when the X-Men and Street Fighters arrived at Asteroid M! They were not beyond The Watcher’s line of vision so he was still able to watch and mentally record all. Including Ken’s fight with Carnage.

For appearance’s sake it would seem the two beastly adversaries Wolverine and Sabretooth were at a standstill. Unfortunately, this was not the case for the Street Fighter and the man cloaked with the red and black symbiote over his body, giving him the look of a demonic Spider-Man. Cletus Kassidy, otherwise known as Carnage laughed while dodging all of Ken’s punches and kicks! Moving left and right and hopping back whenever necessary to not get struck with all of the punches and kicks Ken Masters sent his way. He moved at such a rapid pace he left red after images of himself with every dodge! Ken would strike these images but did not land a single blow on Carnage even once! “HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” Carnage’s maniacal laughter continued.

With his back to the white metallic floor, Wolverine thrusted both feet into his foe’s stomach getting him off of him finally. Victor Creed howled like a beast, ran to the now upright Wolverine and began scratching him in the his torso! Wolverine did the same with his former Weapon X team affiliate! With each claw mark on both of their chests and stomachs, blood would spray out in tremendous diagonal streams of red fluid! The blood would spray the floors, walls the giant window that looked out into space behind them and even the ceiling! At this point the room looked like a red laser light defense grid that a theif would maneuver through to steal a jewel in a heist film!

“HYA! HYA!” Victor belted out these noises while he made a downward strike with his right and an upward strike with his left (his High Punch move) causing the appropriate sprays of blood naturally. The last blow launched Logan into the air a bit, but with a back flip he wound up five feet from his adversary. With a Backward Dash he hopped back another five feet and Sabretooth did his own Backward Dash going two hops back putting and them twenty feet apart. They both jumped fifteen feet in the air towards each other and met in the middle! Their bloody exchange of blows was repeated midair, with diagonal red streams of blood flowing once more! There were much less strikes since both had limited time in the air so each landed five quick blows a piece to the other’s chest and stomach. The final blows involved Sabretooth’s right claw slicing up Wolverine’s right oblique while the Adamantium Claws on Logan’s right claw dug to the right side of Sabretooth’s abdomen. The momentum from these blows pushed them past each other.

Again about twenty feet away, before landing they turned to face one another. The floor was covered with so many puddles of blood now that both slid an extra seven feet back while staring each other down and howling like the actual animals their costumed identities are based on. Rushing at eat each other each step made splashes in the crimson red fluid like a kid with galoshes having fun in a rainstorm!

Looking back on Ken’s fight it turns out he still hasn’t made any progress! Carnage continued to dodge all of his blows and still didn’t even bother to attack just yet! He was clearly toying with him like a cat with a dead mouse!

“HE HO HE HO HE HA! Give it up Blondie! You can’t defeat Uncle Clete by moves you learned fighting in the street! HA HA HA HA HA!”

The exchange ended with his Carnage Crush move! The red and black symbiote around him from his waist up formed a huge neck and mouth, covering the serial killer’s arms in the process. The giant mouth looked like a combination of a snake and a man eating plant. It tried to bite Ken attempting to cut him in half like a low rate Las Vegas magician, only for real!

While not fast enough to land any blows, Ken was at least quick enough to not get hit with this attack. It was avoided with a Backward Dash in the nick of time, leaning back and moving away while leading with his left shoulder. Given the length of the huge snake head before him, there was still enough room for Ryu’s favorite sparring partner to kick it where it’s nose would be, if the faceless form had a nose. Still no luck connecting blows since it quickly retracted leaving Carnage just as gruesome as he was before.

First to draw blood in this fight was the mass murderer who lives to draw blood! Carnage ducked to the ground while four sharp tendrils sprung from his back like the pole of a umbrella held horizontally (Hyper-Venom’s Crouching High Kick Move). Two tendrils struck the Street Fighter in each breast while the other two got his stomach all piercing through his red gi! Four streams of blood flowed out, only not as intense as the fight the fellow Mutants are having at the same time. Ken edged back just enough so the wounds weren’t fatal. He still yelled with both of hid his forearms covering his wounds.

The Spider-Man villain pulled his tendrils back into the symbiote’s visage but placed one tendril in his mouth just so he could taste his opponent’s blood!

After smacking his lips three times, Carnage offered his unwanted critique as if he was ate a wine tasting event.

“Mmmm. Type B I presume. Aged about 25 years? Sweet! MWUAHAHAHAHA!”

Ken’s only response was cupping his hands and beginning to form his famous projectile attack.

Still charging at each other, Wolverine was going with his Forward Dash move which involves a quick sprint while Sabretooth’s Dash involved him hovering above the ground, causing the blood bellow to part like the Red Sea and send diagonal waves at each side of Victor as he floated above, much like what happens on an episode of Dragon Ball Z when characters fly above bodies of water. “BERSERKER CLAW!” The six foot six villain struck the five foot three hero’s upper body leaving a slash that followed the path of the scar Ryu gave Sagat at the end of the first Street Fighter Tournament! Blood gushed out like a fire hydrant opened on a city block on a hot Summer day. Creed didn’t get much of the blood on him since the move involves gliding passed your opponent while they rise up and fall at your black. A lot of Wolverine’s blood wound up on the ceiling which caused a brief rain shower for a spell.

Wolverine landed on his back making a huge splash on the crimson soaked floor. “WILD FANG!” There was no time for the heroic Mutant to act with Apocalypse’s Dark Rider already on top of him for another move! Pouncing on Logan to grab him by his head Creed jams his the pointing finger of his left hand into Logan’s left eye since he was on the floor facing away from the Evil Mutant. Red fluid busted out of the eye socket like a tiny hole being punched in a water balloon! Still holding his dreaded arch nemesis with this one hand and his finger in the eye socket, Sabretooth performs a small hop, spins Wolverine counter clockwise and tosses him so he slams against the wall to complete his Wild Fang move! The hero’s seemingly lifeless body falls to floor of intermingled blood causing another splash.

“HADOUKEN!” Ken shot his fireball which was about the size of Ken himself right at Carnage. Carnage avoided it with a Backward Dash. Crawling on all fours like a cockroach and moving backwards at such a pace that left more red images of himself, he looked like a monster straight out of a horror movie! Ken Masters didn’t put enough power into that projectile, so it wound up disappearing before it even had the chance of hitting Carnage.

The reason the Martial Artist didn’t put all his eggs in that Hadouken basket was because he was ready for another move just in case that strike missed! Jumping high in the air but towards the red and black villain’s direction, he fired off a one handed Aerial “HADOUKEN!” The fireball came right at Carnage at a seven o’clock angle. With a Forward Dash Carnage avoided that blast too, which was an exact reversal of his Backward Dash. Leaving after images and crawling forward in a straight line.

Ken performed an Aerial Tatsumski Senpuu Kyaku sans saying the name of the move. This move did not travel forward or at an angle which is sometimes the case. Ken just spun around with his leg stretched out while falling to the floor. This was in part to ease his landing but also to provide some measure of defense if Carnage decided to leap up and attack him in the air. However, the speedy Carnage wound up just below him in time to perform his own version of a Web Throw! Unlike Spider-Man and Venom he wasn’t big on using webs however. From the top of his right hand he fired a rope of red and black coloring, making it an extension of his symbiote suit. The line went straight up and wrapped around the ankle of the foot Ken had pointing straight down in the midst of his Hurricane Kick. The symbiote rope had lots of little thorns around it like barb wire. The impact caused Ken to scream while blood gushed out of his foot like a sprinkler! Since it’s not exactly a version of the Web Throw without an actual throw you can guess what happened next! Carnage slammed the Ansatsuken Practitioner hard against the metallic floor, once to his left and then to his right! Screaming in agony both times, Ken slammed to the floor and rolled about twenty feet away, remaining on the floor in a lot of pain.

“HA HA HA HA! You don’t stand against me pretty boy! What is it that they say in the letters pages of those comic books the kiddies are reading these days? Oh I know! MAKE MINE MURDER! HEH HA HEH HA HEH HA HA!”

Carnage jumped up to the ceiling to perform a Kuuchu Dash. This involved shoving his claws into the ceiling to help spring himself forward. Still laughing like the lunatic he is, Carnage was ready to land on Ken so he could tear him to shreds.

Back to back chapters. Check back either later today or tomorrow for the conclusion of these two fights!


CHAPTER 39: “Making A Murderer Lose!” Part 2

Wolverine was propping himself up with his right elbow, laying there in a pool of blood. Sabretooth couldn’t help but stand over him and gloat since his enemy was down on the floor long enough.

“HAHAHAHAHA! You don’t have the stones to go up against me dog boy. Those X-Wussies have made you two soft. I went easy on your blonde girlfriend Ken before, but if he manages ta survive his fight with Carnage I’m gonna carve him up like a Thanksgivin’ turkey and use your intestines as stuffin’! HAHAHAHAHAHA!”

Logan’s eye fully healed and he wiped away some of the excess blood. Since Sabretooth cut a hole in the outfit, his blue pupil was visible on his left while his right eye remained covered and looked entirely white thanks to his mask. Both of the torso areas of their costumes had several rips and tears. No wounds at this point since both of them had amazing Healing Factors that took care of all of their injuries.

Victor Creed stood there still laughing at his own joke, even laughing over Logan’s response.

“Remember a while ago when we were just fightin’ an’ you weren’t flappin’ your damn gums? Good times. TORNADO CLAW!”

This wasn’t his regular Tornado Claw uppercut since Wolverine only had the claw over his right finger extended and it only landed one blow. It chopped off the tip of Sabretooth’s tongue while he was laughing! That same laugh quickly turned into a scream with the blood spraying out from his tongue like a fire hose and hitting the wall!

Thanks to his Tornado Claw, Logan was rising above his mortal enemy. He struck his head with a kick that resembles Ryu and Ken’s Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku, but only lands one blow (Wolverine’s Aerial High Kick). Once he landed on the floor the X-Man declared, “And I got your Thanksgivin’ carvin’ right here bub! BERSERKER BARRAGE!”

Our Adamantium laced hero unleashed his favorite go to move while slicing up Sabretooth’s body and landing rapid blows in every area minus Sabretooth’s face! The blood that gushed out of the assassin for hire’s body went flowing all over our favorite canuckle head almost as if he fell into a geyser!

With his tongue already healed back to normal and the rest of his body already on the mend since his Healing Factor works even faster than Wolverine’s, the Evil Mutant yelled “HYA! HYA,” landing two claw strikes on Wolverine’s chest followed quickly to a punch to his gut (Sabretooth’s Low Punch tapped three times). From here he quickly transitioned into his Berserker Claw X Super Art! Howling “HYA” just before initiating the attack and each time with every strike, Victor dashed passed Wolverine. The first time slashing the left side of his jugular! With the second dash and slash he caught the right side of his rib cage! The third slice caught his right thigh, and the final slash left ten diagonal claw slashes on Logan’s back thanks to Creed’s claws! Needless to say blood sprayed out of Wolverine from every wound! He fell face first into a pool of blood yet again, but this time it was mostly of his own blood alone! He stayed on the floor with his mouth wide open. The one blue pupil we could see was no longer visible since it rolled back into his head!

Sabretooth pulled a flask from his right pocket and had himself some whiskey while Wolverine seemed to remain their unconscious. Since he was a sloppy drinker he chugged back with a bit of alcohol trickling down from the bottom side of his left lip. All of his wounds were healed as good as new and he was just fine. The difference between Sabretooth and Wolverine is that Wolverine’s Healing Factor keeps the Adamantium in his body from killing him thanks to metallic poisoning. With it working overtime to perform that task it hinders his ability. With no Adamantium, Sabretooth doesn’t have that problem. So he heals up extremely fast no matter how serious some of his wounds are.

Tossing away the empty flask, he stated “Aaah, that hit the spot.” Looking at his down opponent, he continued, “How long we been fightin’ each other shortstop? Since the Weapon X days? Too long, I’m thinkin’. I’m ending this now, pipsqueak! Rest easy in Hell knowin’ that everyone you’ve ever loved will be joinin’ you soon! You know that redhead that is dating the boy scout an’ won’t give you the time of day? Apocalypse has her in a glass jar right now. Easy pickin’s. An’ even if she manages to get out, you know my little assistant, Birdy? She ain’t even gotta beat her. Just use her Psychic powers ta distract Jean Grey long enough for me ta make the rest of her body match the color of her hair! HAHAHAHAHAHA!”

This taunt caused Wolverine to snap out of it with his left pupil setting back into place. Only the eye wasn’t blue. It was glowing red! Streams of diagonal flames rose from the floor all around our hero! He rose up and howled like a demon from hell! Threatening Jean Grey was a big mistake, because Wolverine was now in full Berserker Rage mode!

“HAHAHAHAHA! THAT’S WHAT I’M TALKIN’ 'BOUT! LET’S FINISH THIS RUNT!” Sabretooth held his claws to his sides and each one had an orange colored sparkle on each end!

“ROOAOUOWRRR LET’S GO! RRRROARRRR!” This wild cavemanish response was all he could muster as the eternal rivals rush towards each other to end their feud once and for all!

Wolverine struck him with his deadly Fatal Claw Move! His Adamantium Claws dug deep into Sabretooth’s body and left a giant letter X of blood pouring out of Creed! And that wasn’t all! The blow made both of them move in the air at a two o’clock angle, and the enraged Wolverine continued to attack Sabretooth’s fresh wounds with a tornado claw! As he attacked intestines and organs flew out of Sabretooth’s body, following the bloody path of the gigantic X! This all happened so fast Victor didn’t even have time to scream! After five of these deathly Tornado Claw spins Wolverine retracted all of his claws except one, the middle claw on his right fist. He rammed that claw inside the now gaping hole in Sabretooth’s body and shoved that claw through his throat and right into Sabretooth’s brain while screaming “UP YOURS CREED!” A red light emerging from the fury of Wolverine’s berserker rage eclipsed the entire area they were fighting in!

Before falling back down to the floor Wolverine shoved Sabretooth’s seemingly lifeless corpse the way a samurai whips his sword to remove blood from it after a fight. Creed’s mutilated body splashed onto the floor before Wolverine landed down. With Sabretooth’s accelerated Healing Factor it was hard to tell how much damage he could heal from. The slightly calmer Wolverine ripped his own mask off since most of his outfit was in taters and he was tired of the stupid thing anyway. The top portion was so shredded that ripping the mask off caused the rest of it to fall away and exposed his hairy back and chest. Wolverine unleashed all six claws and took a step toward Sabretooth so he could finish the job.

The only thing that stopped him from cutting Sabretooth’s head clean off was that he smelled a familiar sent. Logan’s snarled and spoke to what may have been Sabretooth’s corpse. “If you manage to survive this, we’ll settle things another time Creed.” Logan started running back to where the rest of the X-Men and Street Fighters were battling. Coincidentally following the path of blood Wolverine and Sabretooth laid out when they rolled into this area, like a twisted variant of the yellow brick road in The Wizard of Oz.

“SHORYUKEN!” While Ken was not having any luck tagging Carnage with any blows before, it wasn’t so easy for Carnage to avoid a hit while he was falling towards Ken so he caught a fiery punch to his face! This blow had an even greater impact than usual. It caused Carnage’s entire body to be set on fire! He erupted in flames and the symbiote began to peel off of him in several areas, to the extent that you could see the red haired Cletus Kassidy himself underneath!

Ken was stunned that he caused that much damage from one hit, until he recalled the words Spider-Man spoke to him moments ago.

“Ken, be careful with Carnage. He’s weak against fire, loud noise and electricity if it helps.”

“Heh. I thought flames from Ki would work just as well, but not this well! You might want to stop, drop and roll cancel there buddy!”

The homicidal maniac was already rolling on the floor when Ken said these words to douse the flames. He arose when they were gone, and despite a bit of smoke he was raring to go!

“You got in a lucky shot punk! Might as well call yourself Operation 'cuz I’m going full Milton Bradley on your ass!”

The claws on Carnage’s fingers extended to the foot long blades and he quickly ran towards Ken leaving red after images in his wake! He began slicing Ken’s chest with blood flying everywhere, as if we were still witnessing the Wolverine and Sabretooth battle! Laughing while slicing and being way too overconfident, the deadly serial killer lets up just enough to allow Ken to ram his foot into Carnage’s chest to perform his Throw Maneuver. Grabbing Carnage from here, rolling with him once and then thrusting his leg to push him away! Next, Ken quickly rose up and launched a fiery red “HADOUKEN,” at Carnage’s upside down body before he hit the floor! This projectile that was the same size as Carnage himself and it set him ablaze yet again! Cletus screamed in agony and rolled on the floor while this time the symbiote almost completely vanished.

Ken assumed his normal fighting stance with one fist near his and his other arm to his side. He used this short time frame of Carnage rolling around in agony to gather his thoughts.

“I may get lucky with a few fiery attacks here and there but the blows he lands are all potentially lethal. To win this match I’ll have to match his speed, even if it’s just for a little while. That Force Field I erected earlier when I was fighting Omega Red. Maybe…”

While thinking this a red Force Field formed around his body like a giant bubble. It shrank closer until formed a thin red layer around his skin, much like it did during his fight with Omega Red.

“This Field around my body, maybe I can use it temporarily to help increase my speed. I can’t expend that much Ki for a long period. I have to concentrate and remain perfectly still until the time is right.”

With those thoughts he let loose a bit more Ki around himself and stood motionless. He wasn’t even breathing or blinking. The thin red aura covering his body took on a light blue hue instead.

Carnage finally doused the flames around him and faced his enemy! “BLAST IT ALL! You damn Martial Artists are annoying as hell! What are you doing now remaining all still like? Don’t tell me let me guess. Haters gonna hate and meditaters gonna meditate! Well I got some Eastern philosophy for your Hong Kong Phooey ass! Confucius say it is good if boy meet girl in park. But it is better if boy park meat in girl! HA HA HA HA HA HA!”

Several red and black triangle spikes fired from Carnage’s body while he was still laughing! There were so many it seemed there were hundreds of them! They all bounced right off the protective blue field around Ken’s body! He still didn’t move a single muscle. A blade came right at his left eye and bounced off without him even blinking once!

All of the spikes slithered back into Carnage’s body like snakes while he spoke. “DAMN IT! Well of course anything that looks like a ninja star attack isn’t gonna work on a Chuck Norris wannabe. You’ve probably seen every ninja movie a thousand times you stinking weaboo. Got hentai? Whatevs. After this move let’s see if that Force Field holds and if you can stay blue, ponytail boy! BWUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!”

Carnage performed his Death Bite Super Art! His symbiote extended before him like a long shadow with whirlwinds of symbiote half rings of goo like jump ropes. Each giant strand housed deadly mouths with fangs ready to devour the Street Fighter!

Red waves of Ken’s Ki started moving about the blue Force Field turning it purple. And this is when Ken started to move at a speed that was even faster than Carnage’s! He left several purple after image shadows of himself as he ran through the thick symbiote ropes causing them to splash like puddles of water! As he was getting closer Carnage quickly extended his claws once more and ran towards him leaving red after images, but Ken was too fast for him! He punched and kicked the villain about thirty times at super speed with each blow causing the symbiote to burn with purple flames! “AAAAAAAH!” All Carnage could do was yell as each blow further damaged his body! For the last six blows that only lasted less than a millisecond, the Street Fighter rapidly landed a kick to the knee, another kick to the face, a full spin kick to his ribs, a quick jab to the neck, a standing uppercut to his chin and a powerful right punch to his face! With this punch a purple light washed over the two covering Carnage’s entire body with flames and burning the symbiote right off of him!

Cletus Kassidy fell to floor with his eyes closed. With the exception of the red hair of his hair and eyebrows there wasn’t a single hair on his thin frame. He was completely naked with the exception of his boxer shorts.

Ken dropped to one knee since that attack took a lot out of him. Breathing heavily for a few seconds, he finally spoke to himself.

"Heh. Awesome attack. Wait 'til I show Ryu. I wonder what I should call it. An Original Combo? A Custom Combo? Hmm. Guess I’ll go with one of those names until I think of something better.

Ken fired off a one handed small red fireball at the remaining taters of the symbiote on the floor, which now resembled a tattered piece of cloth. He turned away and didn’t bother to watch it burn to smithereens.

NEXT UP: Wow can’t believe I haven’t updated the story since 2013. So busy with el ife stuff ACK! I’ll come back for edits to clean these two chapters up more and do Radioactive Bytes in about two weeks or so. As for the story itself, next up is Chun-Li vs. Cammy and Hulk vs. Juggernaut! Hopefully early 2017. Thanks for reading and take care!


Wow, you’re still alive Sano. You never venture out of the fan fic/comic forums so I don’t see you much anymore :looney:

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Still around. Just super busy! I really only have 4 major parts left to finish this thing off. Things just keep coming up and whenever I turn around months turn to years ack! Hopefully next year I’ll be done. I always say that though. Like Capcom Spider-Man says, “SO CLOSE!” :smile:


RADIOACTIVE BYTES: This will cover chapters 38 and 39. Ack I said I’d do it in two weeks, but it’s been two months! Yup seems about right for me ha ha! Crazy that I’ve been working at this so long that not only did Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 come and go, Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite is on it’s way! Well, hopefully I’ll finish before Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite 2 comes out SHEASH! Anyway here we go -

Wolverine and Sabretooth holding claws and rolling around is my homage or you can say me making fun of the 90s X-Men cartoon lol! They were never allowed to cut each other on TV because Fox never let them do anything even remotely violent. In the Spider-Man’s 90s cartoon Spider-Man never even punched anyone in the face! So Wolverine and Sabretooth did a lot of rolling around ha ha! Here at least they left a trail of blood and I used it as a way to not have blood being splashed in everyone’s face.

Speaking of, there’s a loooot of blood MWUAHAHAHA… Wolverine have fought each other many times. In comics, in cartoons, hell even in live action! But there’s like never enough blood! Even when they fight in Marvel comics, the blood is usually colored black or brown and there’s not enough of it. GET OUT OF HERE WITH THAT! So to make my fight different from everyone else’s you are getting BUCKETS OF BLOOD! And not only blood ANIME BLOOD THAT SPLASHES OUT LIKE NIAGRA FALLS! Hey if you need a rationale, both have Healing Factors which would in theory reproduce lost blood quickly so they have even more blood to splash around than even regular anime characters. THAT’S MY FAN FIC AND I’M STICKING TO IT! :stuck_out_tongue:

With regards to Carnage in this story, he is really based on Hyper-Venom in Marvel vs. Capcom 1. Back then, whenever, strategy guides or gaming magazines mentioned the character they just called him Carnage. I honestly have no idea if this was ever an idea Capcom had to get Carnage in there as a swap or not. I ran into some storyline tidbit (like most storyline bits I find about these games, there’s really no way I can confirm or deny) that Hyper-Venom is a clone that Onslaught made. Yeeeeeeeeeeeah, if I ever cover Marvel vs. Capcom 1 as a fan fic I would NEVER tell that story. Why in the hell would Onslaught clone Venom? When has he EVER CLONED ANYBODY? Ugh… Maybe it’s referring to all of the Clones Spider-Man deals with. Man I dunno… Anyway, this is pretty much my way of getting “Hyper-Venom” in this story, while adding another character that isn’t related to the X-Men. Because there sure are a lot of X-Men characters.

The fight itself is based mostly on Hyper-Venom vs. Ryu when you transform him into Ken and he gets a red gi. So this match is possible in Marvel vs. Capcom 1. Just use your imagination ha ha! If I ever fan fic MvC 1 I’m also never having Ryu turn red so here you go. Satsui No Hadou Ryu however, OF COURSE! Now that’s a swap that works YOS!

Hyper-Venom moves are all Venom’s moves, so things have been swapped. The “Venom Crush” became the Carnage Crush, but Carnage is not going to yell out the name of the move. Also, Carnage was never big on webs and usually fires off red thorny extensions with thorns. Well you probably get the idea by now.

Hyper-Venom is a much faster version of Venom. When he moves he leaves shadows of himself. I don’t really recall Carnage doing this, but he is supposed to be faster than Venom. Let’s say he can in this universe because… he can in this universe. Lol!

Before writing Carnage I read a lot of comics with Carnage of course but I also read a lot of Batman comics with Joker. Because I kind of think of Carnage as Marvel’s version of Joker, but not the brilliance and planning aspect of Joker, mostly his insane murderous side. That’s why it felt right to give Carnage several different laughs. Just felt someone that crazy would not have a set way of laughing. At least Joker from the 1960s Batman TV show has a few different ways of laughing. Maybe it’s a subconscious or conscious nod to that.

Ken’s blood type is actually Type B. Street Fighter Zero/Alpha 3 takes place late 1989 through early 1990. Ken was born in 1965, his birthday is February 12th. AKA Valentine’s Day naturally lol! Anyway 1990 - 1965 = 25. Not saying those calendar years hold true in this world, but this was how I measured around what age he would be. Oh I have no idea if Carnage or anyone could tell what blood your type is by tasting it and guess your age by tasting it, but if anyone could it would probably be someone who has killed a loooooot of people. MWUAHAHAHAHAHA… Feel free to toss this up to two lucky guesses though.

“Uncle Clete” and “Make Mine Murder” are both things Carnage says in the crossover Maximum Carnage. “Make Mine Marvel” is something people who wrote letters to Marvel would say at the end of their correspondence. So people would say things like, “So until Doctor Octopus gets Aunt May pregnant, Make Mine Marvel!” Like I already established, Marvel Comics exist in this world just as they exist in Marvel’s world, 616. Their comics are just not exactly like the events that take place.

Red Ryu’s Hadouken in MvC 1 doesn’t travel all the way across the screen. So that happens in the fight, but for a different reason.

Ken using a Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku to soften his landing was inspired by Project X Zone 2. In the game whenever they had to take a huge leap in the air, Ryu kept suggesting that everyone just perform the move so they could land. As if anyone could do it ROFL!

For Wolverine and Sabretooth’s fight, whenever there is a bloody X, in the games after you perform supers a big X tends to appear on the screen, almost like it’s a ripped page in the shape of an X ( MvC3 / UMvC3 does this more convincingly if that is what they are going for). Um, I don’t know what that is supposed to be so my Xs are just made from the opponent’s blood. Because I figured I needed more blood. I have issues… ^_^;

Wolverine takes Sabretooth out with a claw to the brain. In the comics he actually does that and the first time, Sabretooth’s mind reverts to a child for a while. The story where that occurs is not happening in this world anyway for reasons I’ll bring up later. At a later date, Wolverine claws Sabretooth’s brain and the next time we see him he’s fine. Let’s say that in this world this is something that he can heal from at a faster rate than he originally did in the regular universe. Basically I had Wolverine claw his brain because I wanted to have the fight end as conclusive as possible, without like killing Sabretooth or anything like that since he still shows up in Marvel vs. Capcom 2.

For anyone reading this from a different country, “Operation” is a board game from Milton Bradley and that’s what Carnage is referencing.

I have no idea and didn’t really bother looking into whether or not Ken can shoot a Red Hadouken in any game. I just figure since Ryu could do it Ken could do it too, just by manipulating the flames he uses for his Shoryukens.

Really got tired of having Ken do that pose he does in the Street Fighter II Animated movie where he chants and concentrates his Ki so I didn’t do it this time. It’s pretty funny that I gave Ryu and Ken a Force Field in this world, and when Ryu is in Smash Bros. he has a Force Field too! Well, everyone has a Force Field in that game when they block, but at least I have my own fan fic reason why Ryu has it ha ha!

Carnage saying “Stay blue, Ponytail boy” is a reference to the book and movie The Outsiders. The actual line is “Stay gold, Ponyboy!”

In Japan the move from the SF Alpha / Zero series is called an Original Combo while in the US it’s called a Custom Combo. And no you can’t perform it in any of the Marvel vs. Capcom games. Ah well, it’s not like you can really have a Ken vs. Carnage fight anyway ha ha!

NEXT UP: Hulk vs. Juggernaut and Chun-Li vs. Cammy! I’m shooting for the first week of March since I’ll be on vacation then but we’ll see how that works out. Getting closer and closer to the finish line. Enjoy 2017 and take care!


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