Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter: Sequel to my X-Men vs. SF Fan Fic!


Awesome! :smiley: Look foward to reading more! Wonder if they’ll survive to live life once more? :o


So yeah been reading stuff online and it’s possible, Capcom may have re-retconned Gouken’s death so now he fell down a waterfall again with his body gone missing? And that’s how he’s still alive? Hmm I think no one is 100% sure on how that works just yet, so take it as RUMOR for now… I’ve avoided a lot of SF4 spoilers to really know either way… Waiting to pick up the game and stuff. :smile:

LOL not gonna go back and change that scene the way I depicted it in X-Men vs. SF either way. For this world, I think it doesn’t matter unless Gouken shows up in MVC3? If that game ever comes out and by golly if I’m still writing this stuff (like 50+ characters in MVC2, that’s gonna take a LOONG time) and Capcom doesn’t do something that contradicts everything I’ve scribbled down HA HA I can always come up with something else. Hey if I get desperate I can say that when Gouki Shun Goku Satsu’d Gouken his body busted through the dojo and landed in a waterfall. :lol: Ah well, there’s tons of ways to bring people back to life in comics besides. For me I already had Dan suit up in Gouken’s old outfit temporarily and not the newer one during this fic, but Gouken could of had different outfits I guess… Eeeeh, I still haven’t done anything to effect Rose, Vega’s(cape) or Gen’s SF4 statuses. Three out of four isn’t bad? :looney:

Studio Udon has this problem with Rose, Gen and Gouken since they offed all three, but arguably if I were them I would of handled things the same… Maybe not with Rose but the whole merging souls thing does creep some people out…

Hey I thought I only had to worry about Marvel retcons here… :rofl: Anyway like I said before I decided to ignore all of the Brand New Day Spider-Man stuff (Spidey was never married, just living with MJ, MAYBE… big retcon…) but I might use some of the more recent retcons with Apocalypse’s backstory. Not too sure just yet…

Yeah SRK is going through upgrades which is the only thing really keeping me from updating this on Sunday. I have the majority of it written on paper and I’ll type it up as a Notepad, so whenever SRK does go up I can copy / paste. Currently trying to research the comedian Norimaro and the Tunnels as much as I can since he’s coming up soon, I guess no one on YouTube is going to fan sub some of his sketches to help me out a bit. :sweat: Ah I’ll do my best which tends to be pretty bad ROFL! **This paragraph is the only one that’s important… **:rofl:


Chapter 15: “Keep Shuma-Gorath’s Eye On The Prize!”

Going down Fifth Avenue that night in New York City was one of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Flying Cars. The wheels were positioned horizontally since the car had assumed its In-Flight configuration, but it was only about a foot off the ground. Much like a convertible, this dark gray vehicle had no hood in place. Not even a windshield. Since their mission was to spot Spider-Man either by the radar or by plain sight a hooded car would only limit their actions.

In the front seat were two Level 6 Field Agents. Both wore typical S.H.I.E.L.D. blue and orange outfits with standard issue orange holsters that housed 9 MM pistols beneath their left arms. The two operatives had on blue helmets and black sunglasses. They also wore gas masks; after New York City experienced the Earthquake caused by Apocalypse’s plans there was a thick white mist in the air thanks to the Empire State Building being destroyed and other buildings along getting wrecked, and even parts of the streets were ravished.

Sakura sat in the back seat still wearing her eternal sailor girl High School outfit. She too had a protective mask on to cover her mouth from the fumes of the city.

As the car slowly made it’s way down the street the two agents kept an eye on the circular Radar system on the car’s dashboard that was set to pick up Spider-Man’s movements. Sakura kept her eyes open, looking all around and many times up into the sky. Hoping to see the webbed wonder swinging by the skyline as millions of New Yorkers have over the years.

At one point Sakura’s eyes turned to an adjacent street and saw several Firefighters escorting a family out of a collapsed apartment building. She couldn’t help but shed a tear, thinking of all of the lives that were lost that day. Still, she was given the assignment to help locate Spider-Man. So for now she wiped away her tear away and held her grief within.

Further down Fifth Avenue as more of the mist before them cleared a bit, they spotted the back of a man walking forward in a menacing way, right in the center of the road and before the car’s path. This man with clenched fists had on a black gi and red spiked hair. Sakura’s eyes widened in terror. She ripped off her gasmask, jumped out of the Flying Car and ran ahead of it. “GOUKI,” she yelled. The Flying Car stopped and the wheels assumed their regular positions while it floated down to the ground. Now it was just like an ordinary car.

Upon hearing his name Gouki stopped dead in his tracks, turning his head around just enough so he could see Sakura and the two officers. His eyes began to glow red, like a lion staring at his prey. The minute his eyes lit up the white mist that surrounded all of them vanished from his presence and soon there was no such mist for several blocks. This was the power of his mighty aura.

Sakura thought back to a few weeks ago, the first time she met Gouki.

One Summer evening in Tokyo, Sakura was wandering around a Fair at Ueno Park. During the Fair lots of people came out for the nightly festival. Some were wearing kimonos and others wore masks that covered their faces for fun. Down a cobbled street plenty of vendors were outside offering games of chance where you could win prizes. “Darn it, Ryu Sensei ditched me again! I’m going to become his pupil whether he likes it or not! He was around here somewhere…” Sakura declared to herself.

“STEP RIGHT UP AND TRY YOUR LUCK! ONLY 300 YEN! CATCH SOME GOLDFISH WITH THIS NET AND THEY ARE YOURS!” The screaming vendor held up a really small white butterfly net that looked like it would break apart the moment it came in contact with water. Still there were about five children trying to catch fish in the rectangular fishbowl in front of him. Sakura approached this vendor and spoke. “Excuse me sir! I’m looking for a strong fighter who is wearing a gi and…” “Oh young lady I did see someone like that. He just passed by here a few moments ago heading down the road. Perhaps if you…” “Ah, thank you!” Sakura bowed to the man and with her thumb she flipped a 300 yen coin at him. The vender caught the coin with one hand and grinned with his eyes clothes. “STEP RIGHT UP,” he continued to yell.

The path before her was really crowded and she tried to make her way through as quickly as possible. “RYU SENSEI,” she kept screaming but no one answered. Off in the distance she did spot a man covered in shadows who was wearing a gi, but it was only for a brief moment as the thick crowd soon covered up her line of view. “RYU,” she exclaimed and plowed through the sea of people, even pushing people out of the way when necessary! Finally, she broke free of the large crowd and slammed into the gi wearing man’s back!, “Ryu, OOF,” she uttered since her head collided with his lower spine. She stepped back and took a good look at him. “Hey, you’re not Ryu Sensei!”

The man turned around slowly to face her. “Ryu Sensei? Does my foolish brother’s pupil think he’s strong enough to take on students? Perhaps I should of ended his life the last time our fists crossed.”

"Wait a minute… Ryu told me about you… “You’re… GOUKI! I’m not going to let you lay a hand on my Sensei!” Sakura took on her fighting stance and was ready to defend Ryu’s honor. “Hmph. I have no interest in fighting small children. BEGONE!”

“GRRR…” exclaimed the young teenager who ran right at her opponent. She tried to kick him at his side but before she could make contact Gouki took her down with a single open palm to the stomach! She flew back several feet! The crowd was surprised but they didn’t know how to react, and no one was brave enough to question the actions of the fear inspiring Gouki!

Trembling Sakura rose to her knees, clutching her stomach with one hand while the other was on the ground to hold herself up. “This is… Ryu’s greatest rival… Gouki…”

Next something startling occurred! A blue portal opened behind Gouki and out of it came a purple tentacled being whose entire body was that of an eye ball! Upon seeing this everyone in the area ran away screaming except for Gouki and Sakura! Still on her knees, Sakura was rather stunned while Gouki faced the being, gazing at him rather indifferently.


Going on instinct, Gouki raised a fist up to his face and put the other to his side while raising one knee. He Ashura Warped towards the being and took him out with his Shun Goku Satsu, AKA his Raging Demon! A bright light emerged while several blows where heard hitting their marks! When the light dyed down Shuma-Gorath was on the ground with his one eye closed!

Sakura could not believe what she just saw! “TH…TH… THIS IS THE POWER RYU SPOKE OF… THE SATSUI NO HADOU?” Her skin started to flash a darker shade on and off for a bit! Returning to her regular skin tone and still somewhat conscious, Sakura fell to the ground completely. Her eyes dimmed a little.

Soon after a ghost like image of Apocalypse appeared on the scene. “HA! HA! HA! HA! You’re battles are still as entertaining as ever Gouki!” “APOCALYPSE! You were not to appear before me again unless you had a worthy adveRsary for me to face!” (That conversation occurred during the X-Men vs. Street Fighter fan fic; this is Gouki and Apocalypse’s second meeting). “All in due time my impatient friend. I still require aid in setting the stage for your glorious battle. This Shuma-Gorath, is quite interesting. I sense that he is still alive even though he was struck with your most powerful attack. And Sakura, she has a hidden power that she is not fully aware of. Both require further study. Bring them to me. You’ll find a floating vessel near the ocean, take them there.” Gouki was rather annoyed but he decided to follow his orders for the time being. “…Very well.” The image of Apocalypse vanished from sight.

He tossed Sakura over one of his shoulders, she said “Ryu…” before finally passing out. With his free hand he grabbed Shuma-Gorath by a tentacle and dragged him along. Gouki started to make his way towards the nearest beach.


And this was how Sakura and Shuma-Gorath were captured prior to the events of X-Men vs. Street Fighter.

Back to the present, Sakura pointed at the man the mighty Ansatsuken Warrior. “THA… THAT’S GOUKI! He works for Apocalypse!” The mountain of a man turned to face them all, as if it was a nuisance to do so. “Hmph. I have no interest in Apocalypse’s insane machinations. I merely came here to battle against a mighty opponent.” Gouki lifted his right hand and looked at it. His bent fingers moved with excitement, like he was crushing a ball of sorts. His body started to radiate with red energy. “A man they say, who spins a web any size. Catches thieves just like flies.” “Spa, Spider-Man?” Questioned Sakura.

“Okay we’ve just about heard enough pal,” said the S.H.I.E.L.D. agent who was behind the wheel. Both him and his partner stepped out of their vehicle and went in front of Sakura, pointing their guns at Gouki. “Put your hands where I can see them, NOW!”

Around the same time, hundreds of feet below the City in its underground tunnels hordes of people were making their way down the dark and rat infested corridor. Many of them were injured and wounded. Some people were carrying others that were too weak to walk themselves.

The Morlocks, Mutants that that call this area home were helping people finding their way back to the surface. Two of the women on site were Callisto who has an eye patch over her right eye and a scar below her left. She has spiky black hair and is clad in leather with the exception of a white T-Shirt. With her was Marrow (same Marrow from MVC2), a young pre-teen with short red hair. She wore a tattered one piece light green jump suit. Marrow’s Mutant power caused abnormal bone growths that varied from day to day, and right now the left side of her skull was growing outside of her face making her look like a monster.

“Everyone continue remaining calm. The ladder that will take you back to the surface world isn’t much farther,” directed Callisto. “So a big quake erupts and a few subway trains fall down to our tunnels. And we Morlocks, hideously deformed Mutants society has forced to live underground are helping the flatscan survivors? If the shoe was on the other foot they would lead us all down to a concentration camp! We should leave them be and let the rats feed on their carcasses for all I care!” “Marrow, this is what Storm would’ve wanted.” “Storm? She no longer leads the Morlocks, you do Callisto.” “Even so, perhaps her time in charge has influenced me. The X-Men are fighting for a world where we will be free to live on the surface world. Letting hundreds die in these tunnels thanks to Apocalypse will not aid that cause.”

Marrow yanked a large bone from her shoulder. She cursed under her breath while picking her teeth clean with its jagged edge. A small child from the crowd stopped to look at Marrow, and she in turn snarled at him like a beast! The little boy cried and his mother who was holding his hand picked him up to comfort him while they continued to move ahead. Callisto shot Marrow an angry look. “What,” was her only response and she rested her back against a wall continuing to pick her teeth.

Mixed up in the crowd was a young Japanese teenager wearing a purple high school uniform. He carried with him a white bag that had a strap so he could carry it across his shoulder. He wore large glasses and had white sandals on his feet. There was a huge mole on the side of his nose and his head was rather big compared to the rest of his body.

“Why me fate? You are a cruel mistress that will not return my phone calls just like every other girl I’ve ever met!” The young man rambled out loud to himself. “I get to spend the Summer in New York thanks to accompanying my father on his business trip, but I haven’t met ONE Super-Hero the entire time I’ve been here! What’s worse is that I hacked Interpol’s files and I know that my beautiful bride to be Chun-Li has also come to New York, (also at the beginning of the X-Men vs. Street Fighter fic) but I haven’t found her either! Now I’m stuck in this tunnel walking for who knows long and… AAAH WHAT DO WE HAVE HERE?”

He spots the two Mutants and runs up to him. “Why you must be the beautiful Callisto! The name is Norimaro! It is a pleasure to meet you!” Norimaro takes her right hand and kisses it. The kiss goes on embarrassingly long. “What… Me? Beautiful?” The young man removes his lips from her hand and says, “Yes! I know you from these comic books!” From his bag he pulls out a bunch of X-Men comics that are in protective sleeves and white backboards so no harm will come to them. “Wow in real life you don’t look anything like the way Paul Smith drew you, you’re much more shapely, like how Joe Madureira depicted you years later!” “But, I’m horribly disfigured, I have an eye patch and a scar…” “Oh PUHLEASE. That’s nothing. Why Shadowloo has an Agent named Killer Bee who has a scar who is quite fetching! I have a bunch of pictures of her downloaded on my Hard Drive! Now what’s say once this is over you and me head on down to Vegas and get hitched…”

“BEAT IT YOU ANNOYING TROLL!” snarled Marrow who stepped up to Norimaro. “BLEAH… I guess this is your ugly friend who is miserable and doesn’t want to see her friends happy. Leave us alone skeleton bride! I’m sure there is a dog that would like to bury you somewhere!” Marrow was fed up with him and her right arm became a huge skeletal fist (Just as it can in Marvel vs. Capcom 2)! She ran up to Norimaro and gave him a massive uppercut! He flew up in the air and through a manhole on the surface! Norimaro went flying high in the air while yelling screaming at the top of his lungs!

“WE ARE NOT GOING TO WARN YOU AGAIN BUCKO! PUT YOUR HANDS IN THE SKY!” The red energy surrounding Gouki came to a halt and he held his fists into his sides. “COME!” he stated and the agent who came from the passenger side of the vehicle said “That does it!” Both of the men started firing shots at Gouki but he teleported and zipped around the bullets from left to right like it was nothing! When he approached the agent towards his left, Gouki grabbed his gun and snapped it in half with one hand! Also with his left arm he gave him an elbow to his mid section sending him flying back so he struck the parked S.H.I.E.L.D. vehicle with his back, flipped over it and landed on the hard cement street out cold! A spin kick to the helmet of the other Agent sent him crashing through a window of a nearby clothing store! It took less than two seconds for Gouki to defeat these two agents! Sakura was frozen with fear and couldn’t move a muscle!

“AAAAAAAAAAAAH,” was the yell that was coming from the air, and the sound was getting louder and louder. Gouki did his Ashura Warp and moved to the side about five feet, sensing that someone was about to fall in him.

Norimaro continued to yell while his body flipped through the air, he waved his arms and moved his huge head like a maniac at such an alarming rate that it caused his body to move a few feet more through the air! His spinning head wound up colliding with Gouki’s head and he knocked the Ansatsuken Master out!

Gouki lied there on Fifth Avenue face first, Norimaro got up holding his head. “Ah, did anyone get the license plate of that Lockheed Aircraft, ouch!” “NORIMARO? What are you doing here?” Sakura then thought to herself, “Oh no, it’s that annoying kid from Teikyo High that keeps flirting with me and Kei…” “SAKURA CHAN? And this on the floor, is Gouki?” Norimaro put one foot on Gouki’s back! “I the great Norimaro future king of Planet Earth have defeated the legendary Gouki for you my beautiful Sakura chan! Now give me a great big kiss!” The freakish looking high schooler closed his eyes, put his arms out and started blowing kisses in the air. There was an excess amount of saliva gushing out. “But, I thought you liked Chun-Li more…” “CHUN-LI? Oh no, she’s more like my Moto-Kano, you know Ex-Girlfried! You Sakura chan are my future!” “Yeah, I think you have to actually date Chun-Li for her to be an Ex-Girlfriend…” “Oooh, I love it when you get jealous! What’s say we head on down to Vegas and get hitched! Kei can be Maid of Honor, but I wouldn’t want to her to feel left out so I can take on two wives…”

Gouki rose up INFURIATED knocking Norimaro far off his back! His menacing red aura was back as he postured with utter rage! “ENOUGH OF YOUR BUFFOONERY! I WILL DESTROY YOU!”

Next Up: Norimaro vs. Gouki! I know what you’re thinking. How is someone so weak gonna take on someone so strong. Poor Gouki… J/K! Spider-Man will also return! Next chapter’s gonna be alot of fun! I’m planning on having it up early in March. Info Bytes coming soon!


Radioactive Bytes: First off I always hated the name Info Bytes. It was just there until I could think of a better name for this section, so I will just call it ‘radioactive bytes’ after you know, the radioactive bite that gave Spider-Man his powers lol!

S.H.I.E.L.D. outfits a lot of the time nowadays tend to be dark gray or black and white, but since this story is set in the 90s I wanted them back in their blue and orange suits. The Flying Cars, you don’t see them too much nowadays in Marvel comics. Last time I saw one was in Brubaker’s Captain America comic roughly 2 years ago. But S.H.I.E.L.D. does still have them. And hey Rockman AKA Mega Man gets flying cars too, they are also in Strider 2 so come MVC1 when those characters show up, such a thing is possible in this world! Real life, well… I’ve been waiting to see an actual flying car for years man someone make one! Real life you are ruining all of our Future stories MAAAN! :stuck_out_tongue:

The Fair in Tokyo that Sakura went to is modeled after the same Fair Ranma went to in the Ranma 1/2 anime episode “Behold! The ‘Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire’ Technique.” I’ve been to Japan, but never to a Fair over there so it was hard for me to come up with one all by myself. During my research I learned that there are Fairs in Ueno Park, good enough for me, especially for fiction I guess heh… In that Ranma episode there was a vendor who ran a similar game where you catch fish, so that was in this fic as well. The manga goes in more detail but I have lots of comics so it will take me a while to look up what Fair it was exactly… But the anime made it a generic Fair so that worked for me. There’s also a drawing from Capcom where Sakura was attending a Fair like this, clad in a kimono and carrying masks of other characters. It was done by Maeda Shima for Street Fighter Zero 2 and if you have the softcover of Studio Udon’s translation of the SF Tribute Album it’s there on page 101. It was one of those drawings that had a strong effect on me, so I wanted some of that flavor here even if she wasn’t wearing a kimono and stuff.

As you can tell Sakura is dabbling with a darker side. In the game, the alternate Sakura having Gouki’s moves and stuff is kind of a joke, her name translates to something like “Sun Tan Sakura” so her darker shade is due to sun exposure. But I didn’t want to do that here, so she will battle with Satsui No Hadou.

Yeah Gouki knows part of the Spider-Man song HA HA HA! Yep I’ve been working on this thing for years just trying to get up to that part ROFL! I’m a huge Spider-Man nerd if you haven’t figured that out by now LOL! For those that will recall towards the end of my X-Men vs. Street Fighter fan fic Gouki did say he was traveling to NY because there was a certain spider he wished to squash. Like a REAL obvious hint that he was going to NY to fight Spider-Man.

The Morlocks I’ve been using rather generically, not paying a lot of attention to what was going on with them in the books at the time. So if you watched the 90s cartoon it’s the same situation. Storm lead them for a while and leadership went back to Callisto. The same thing does happen in the comics, but Morlocks went through a lot of changes and stuff.

Marrow was a Morlock and was with Callisto early on. Her outfit isn’t the same as the one she had in MVC2 since that comes after she joins the X-Men for a time, which happens sometime after this story. And even as an X-Men she’s always been rather angry…

Norimaro is in the Japanese version of Marvel Super-Heroes vs. Street Fighter, which is the version that I have for the Sega Saturn. I just had to give him a part in this story! If you only have the English version and wish to check him out, there’s YouTube vids of him and he like every other 2D sprite ever created LOL has Mugen YouTube vids too.

Norimaro isn’t breaking the fourth wall with the X-Men comics he pulls out, well he is a little but not to the extent that say, Deadpool and She-Hulk have done in the past. There are Marvel comics within the Marvel Universe and they have even shown writers and artists within their stories. Like I pointed out before Captain America even drew Captain America comics. Though of course the Marvel comics in the Marvel Universe aren’t exactly like the ones we read, because if they were everyone would know everyone’s secret identity for one. At one point, Marvel tried to put out how Marvel comics were in the Marvel Universe, the X-Men were bad, Spider-Man was bad, things like that. I think that’s a more accurate take on it. And yeah Paul Smith was the first to draw Callisto. Joe Madureira, he doesn’t tackle the character until YEARS later, and I mean years after the timeline I’m trying to depict here. Though since I’m trying to imply that their comics are not exactly like ours I’m just having a bit of fun. But he drew her rather shapely, I think he can’t draw an ugly woman if he tried HA HA! Oh and Joe Madureira also did the very first back up story in Studio Udon’s comic, the Ryu vs. Sagat fight so it’s a fun name to mention heh! But yeah I think this sort of thing is like seeing the Capcom logo within Capcom games somewhere, or Sakura playing Pocket Fighter in the first Street Fighter Zero / Alpha anime.

Norimaro is a character created by Noritake Kinashi of the comedy troop The Tunnels. The term “Moto-Kano” was an abbreviation of ‘Ex-Girlfriend’ that his comedic troop made that is still used in Japan today so I did work that in here heh! In real life Noritake Kinashi attended Teikyo High School so that’s the same school he’s attending in this fic. I have no idea if the character he created Norimaro has living parents of any sort, but I needed an excuse to get him into NY. I tried to go the Foreign Exchange Student route and went through a heck of a lot of headaches finding the right teenage Marvel or Capcom character for him to stay with, no one really worked out in the end. I was not gonna have him stay with a character I made up, I try to refrain from stuff like that as much as possible. So I went the whole ‘traveling during the Summer with his Father’ route.

Hmm, I think I never said what season this whole thing takes place until now. Though yeah Summer makes sense so Sakura and Norimaro are not ditching school I suppose.

Oh and Norimaro constantly proposing and getting knocked out of a sewer are themes I used when he appeared in my old Capcom Fighting All Stars Fan Fic! Now I have borrowed (um… ripped off, whistle, whistle…) a lot of things from a lot of people but I dunno man I think this Sano person might sue my pants off one day… :stuck_out_tongue:

Guess that’s all for now. See you guys in March! :slight_smile:


Regular time keeping post no one cares about but I like to jot down here for easy reference at times lol!

Gouken in SF4 discussion is currently going around in the Warrior’s Fate thread. So for those that believe that he is the real deal and still alive, they are going with he fell down a waterfall, hit his head and had amnesia. The problem with that theory is what vasili10 pointed out, the fight at the waterfall has never been in an official Japanese source, that came from EGM’s Sheng Long jokes. It looks like we still don’t know if this scenario is true or not. But if it is true, it’s a big retcon on Capcom’s part. Though it would be a retcon that changes official sources and nothing in the games themselves like what the cases for Rose and Gen might be. Video games do this pretty often actually.

So we don’t know if the above is true or if he is a clone, found a way to rise from the grave and stuff…

His fate in this pocket universe and his death as it occurred during X-Men vs. SF will remain unchanged for now. Like I said before, it doesn’t matter here unless Gouken shows up in a potential MVC3 really. I mean I’ve already had 2 characters survive SGS, someone needs to die from it… :wonder: I guess if for whatever reason you want to tie SF4 into whatever I’m doing lol and want something crazier then a clone, how about a new strain of the T/G-Virus (Resident Evil, Jill is in MVC2) bringing him back? Or aliens curing and replacing his corpse (Colossus in X-Men)? Or Ingrid, Bishop, Cable, Rachel Summers Phoenix etc. screwing with time? Or Superboy Prime punching out reality? Okay the last one is a different universe lol but DC comics did use that one to bring Robin #2, Jason Todd back to life! I’m sure Norimaro is strong enough to punch through reality eh? :rofl:

As a gamer I really don’t care that Gouken is back. In fact I have to admit, the first time I saw someone reach him in the arcades I was giddy like a little school girl STORYLINE BE DAMNED! :lovin: I swear SF4 is one of the greatest video games EVER. :clapdos:

Now for Marvel related headaches lol!

In the newest issue of Spider-Man Family #4 written by the great DeMatteis, he wrote a story of when Harry Osborn first approached Peter Parker, see he was dead in comics for years and now he’s alive again. Gouken you are not alone and oh yeah, you can totally use a Norman (Green Goblin) and Mysterio team-up to bring you back like Harry did ROFL! Well DeMattais was the one to off Harry several years ago, it was fitting he got to tell this story.

Harry told Spider-Man he ‘died’ three years ago. DeMatteis shows that he’s a really competent writer by picking that number, or it was blind luck, I dunno. :smile: To shed some light on this, Harry died just before Maximum Carnage. So naturally we do have to cram a lot of storylines in 3 years but that’s how HYPER-TIME works. :looney: Still, if you go by the years laid out in the books - - Spider-Man was about 27 at the end of the Clone Saga. If we say Harry’s death, Max Carnage, fake parents saga and the Clone Saga happened in the same year (Clone Saga can’t last long really due to MJ’s pregnancy) then 3 years later that puts Spider-Man at 30 where most fans put Spidey anyway! :party:

Could be simpler than all of that and stuff. Harry’s son little Normie was not shown to have aged much, more than 3 years would be hard to swallow. Course child guest stars never age. Artie, Leech, and it seems like no one can decide if the Lizard’s son Billy Connors is a teenager now (um, he should be at least) or if he is the same exact freaking age he was during the Lee/Ditko (original Amazing Spider-Man run in the 60s) days. Don’t get me started on never aging Franklin Richards… :clown:

Marvel does like to say that Spider-Man’s 25-26, the problem with that is that it contradicts a lot of numbers given in books and he did 4 years of college which would age him to be 21. You wind up cramming a heck of a lot more into 4/5 years. Me I say he’s 30 heh! Still younger than me though… :sad:

Of course with any year numbers you can get from any Marvel character, it becomes hella problematic when you try to extend it to other characters. Three years from that point in X-Men to right now is almost laughable. But at best you can say the Marvel Universe is over 10 + years now, from the time Captain America awoke from the ice, the Fantastic Four formed, X-Men formed, Spidey got his powers, etc. Less than 10 years is hard to accept IMHO. Last number I saw in a book, during Civil War Reed Richards said they got their powers when they traveled to outer space 12 years ago. That number’s a little low for me but with the case of never aging Franklin Richards then keeping the years low seems to help.

So to bring this back around to this story, I placed Spider-Man’s involvement just after Harry’s death and right before Maximum Carnage! So this story is only three years behind whatever Marvel is doing right now, if you want it to be! :looney:

But… in a SF sense three years later would be SF2 lol! Ah well, for lots of reasons I will get into later I’m not going to skip 3 years between this story and SF2 for the case of MVC1 - which has SF2 Ryu, red headband. I might skip a year and a few months or so. Three years is way too much Marvel time. Oh and in the MVC1 artwork, Ryu still looks pretty young, which is most likely because his sprite remained the same save for coloring his headband. So yeah, it’s kind of like Studio Udon’s world where not too much time happens between SF1 and SF2. Or Namco x Capcom where the events of SFZ3 and SF2 overlap. Not the events will overlap here, but the timing will be close.

I do depict this story as happening during Marvel’s 10th year, or that’s where I’m trying to shoot. So for me, Spidey’s 25 during this story since he got his powers at 15. Time for me is a bit off but with certain Marvel storylines I will delay for a bit, it may add up just about the same. Like the Clone Saga here will be held off for a while, this universe will always take place before it. In one of the games Spidey does make a joke about Clones lol, but I don’t even know how to touch that because of different outfits, Spidey loosing his powers and Ben Reilly taking over the Spidey role, etc. Then when it ends, there are so many things in the book that I just do not like and I don’t want to go near like Mary Jane’s fake death, the loss of her baby, etc… So putting things right after the Clone saga will have me doing major rewrites of Spidey-lore just so I can sleep at night… I would really skip ahead to when JMS starts writing Amazing Spider-Man, where things get better… For me it’s easier to put things before the Clone Saga.

Lots of X-Men stuff will also be put off, delayed and altered like I’ve been doing all along due to the X-Men being really busy bees in the comics and the Capcom games using so many of them. Like always I will try to say when and where changes I make happen to respective universes and why. Obviously, anything I write will always be a universe apart from everything, even Capcom’s actual games on these crossovers but I try to go about and make things fit as best as I can. Even if I have to toss away entire storylines sometimes. Some of which I like but it’s just hard to make things fit perfectly every time.

Nowadays I do like the Spider-Girl (M2) Universe better than the regular Spider-Man Universe, Harry STAYS DEAD, Aunt May STAYS DEAD, Spider-Man is STILL MARRIED and his daughter is STILL AROUND! LOL that world really works as the future of the 90s where this story is taking place. Ah well, in my mind no matter what the current Spidey books do Spider-Man’s future will still end up the same as Spider-Girl more or less. Oh and put Spider-Man 2099 in there! :looney:

So SF time, this story happens around 1990 - SFZ/A 3 time. Marvel Hyper-Time, 2006! :sweat: In all seriousness, for me I treat it as if it’s happening in 1990. So no cell phones, E-mails, internet, text messaging or things like that. Technology, as far as I go is a laptop which I assume people like Shadowloo and S.H.I.E.L.D. had access to since they are a little more advanced than everyone else. Flying Cars! :cybot:

Blah blah blah I’ll start working on the next entry a week from now. I have time off from work so it should be up soon. :smile:


Chapter 16: “Revenge of the Nerd!”

Realizing just how strong Gouki was from the last time they traded blows, Sakura was frozen with fear. Even so, she felt that she had to defeat him at any cost and that Norimaro was no match against him. The high school student slowly raised her gloved fists while gritting her teeth. Her skin tone began to waver from dark to light and her entire body trembled.

Norimaro stretched out his left hand as far as he could motioning Sakura not to interfere. “Relax Sakura chan! You just hang back and be my personal cheerleader! I the great Norimaro will give Gouki exactly what he wants!” Sakura’s flesh stopped flashing a darker shade and she lowered her arms. Part because she feared this dark energy consuming her and part because she was curious about what Norimaro was going to do.

Gouki ran straight at Norimaro to punch him in the face and it looked like Norimaro was running right into his fist! However, Gouki’s right hand stopped a full inch away from the teenager’s turned cheek once he felt something just below his chest. When he looked down he saw a piece of paper that Norimaro was holding up against him. There was a black marker on top of it too. “Si… Si… Sign playa,” uttered Norimaro who was cowering in fear. A slap to the forehead while saying “Idiot,” and looking down in shame was Sakura’s response.

The ferocious fighter grabbed the large blank sheet of paper from his opponent. His Ki caused the stationary to shred into tiny pieces and the marker to crumble like dust! Norimaro turned around and ran away crying loudly! With his fists balled to his sides, Gouki started to walk after him.

The frightened 16 year old didn’t get very far until he slipped on a banana peel on the street, falling on his face! This sent the banana peel flying back and Gouki slipped on it too, landing on his back! Before the Ansatsuken fighter could get up Norimaro quickly knelt down by his side and counted him out like a referee at a rapid pace! His hand slapped the pavement each time he said a number. “ONETWOTHREEFOURFIVESIXSEVENEIGHTNINETEN YOOOOOU’RE OUT!” With Gouki still on his back Norimaro placed a foot on his chest, lifted his scrawny arms and flexed his muscles. “I’m the winner!”

Trying his patience, the man in the black gi started to rise up. Norimaro ducked to the ground facing away from him saying “Sorry! Sorry! Sorry!” When he did that the back of his white bag rose up striking Gouki in the chin! Getting even more pissed off, Gouki now fully erect grabbed the bag on one end, pulling the strap and dragging Norimaro closer. But this maneuver made Norimaro angrier than Gouki was! His face turned bright red and he turned to cling to the man who was three times his size! “GET YOUR HANDS OFF MY SUPER FANTASTIC TREASURE!” Still holding on to Gouki he gave him three massive head butts! The last one knocked Gouki down yet again. When he let go of the bag, the short Japanese student who was doing surprisingly well in this fight came to his senses. “What have I done? Gouki is going to kill me! HEEEEEELP!”

Back on his feet, Gouki said “HMM,” as he cupped his hands and fired a white orb of energy at Norimaro. His Gou Hadouken was steadily approaching the young man who was running away and crying like a baby, again!

Unexpectedly, the glasses wearing geek turned around and stopped the attack with his Hyper Strong Miracle Treasure Super Art! He unzipped his bag and start throwing just about everything in it to stop the fireball! This included his afore mentioned X-Men comics that went up in smoke once the Hadouken touched them, pencils, lollipops, a baby doll, a teddy bear, a triangle, a big compass, a big silver hammer with a green handle, lots of text books, etc. It was quite a collection of stuff that he carried in the bag on a regular basis! There were so many objects that not only did they intercept the fireball and disperse it, many objects leaped over the projectile like a rainbow of junk and hit Gouki! Of course none of the items caused him any damage. Save for possibly a pink lollipop with a white swirl in its center that stuck to his cheek…

“What is this Super Fantastic Treasure that he tosses away so easily? No. He is not taking objects from the side of the bag I grabbed. No matter, it is time to end this.” Gouki thought to himself. He ripped the lollipop off his face and tossed it away. Norimaro was still throwing things at his opponent. It seemed like he would never run out of stuff to throw.

Teleporting in front of his enemy and striking him with a “SHORYUKEN,” was how Gouki decided to end this match. This was a standard rising uppercut move since there was no killing intent behind it, so it wasn’t his usual Gou Shoryuken. In fact it was more like a regular Shoryuken attack that Ryu and Ken use all of the time. Gouki had no desire to murder Norimaro at this point. At best he considered him a nuisance and wanted the fight to be over and done with. And it looked like this was what the mighty blow accomplished. Norimaro fell onto the street and was out like a light.

“NORIMARO!” Sakura started to run towards her injured friend to make sure he was alright, but she stopped once Gouki’s eyes met hers. “It is finished. Sakura, show me the power my brother’s ignorant pupil is too scared to embrace!”


To everyone’s surprise Norimaro was back on his feet! Gouki turned to face him and was stunned! The young boy’s face was an even brighter shade of red then it was a few moments ago! “SHORYUKEN,” he yelled during his rather poor imitation of the move Gouki just used against him! The difference was that Norimaro struck Gouki with his head instead of his fist! His body was stretched out like he was diving into a swimming pool while he faced front! He rose threw the air at an eleven o’clock angle taking Gouki with him with this mighty head butt as both of their foreheads were interlocked!

Like most of Norimaro’s moves, this was yet another annoyance for Gouki and didn’t have much of an impact. He grabbed the young man’s neck in the air with one hand and when they fell down he was chocking him. Like a cat shows off a dead mouse, he held Norimaro in front of Sakura. The chocking victim struggled and with his ‘Powerful’ Rolling Arms move he swung his fists around clockwise and counter clockwise at Gouki, which was about as effective as shooting spitballs against a tank. As the seconds passed Norimaro’s movements became slower and slower. Soon his arms stopped moving and his feet aloft in the air remained motionless. Due to lack of oxygen he lost consciousness.

“HMPH! This is the power one can gain trying to protect someone else. Perhaps if I attempt to squash this insect in front of you Sakura, you will finally give into the Satsui No Hadou. STOP ME IF YOU DARE!” “Satsui… No Hadou? Impossible, I couldn’t…” replied Sakura.

With one punch, Gouki was set to knock Norimaro’s head clean off. He reeled his arm back and was set to strike. Sakura’s eyes took on a slight red glare and she was starting to get angry. Meanwhile she thought to herself, “Satsui No Hadu… I have… the same power as Ryu?”

Suddenly Gouki looked up into the sky, lowered his fist and lessened the pressure around Norimaro’s neck. Out of curiosity Sakura looked in the same general direction to see what got his attention.

There was Spider-Man, web swinging across Fifth Avenue and making his way Downtown. He was still wearing his Silver Spider-Armor outfit but both Gouki and Sakura knew it was him. Spidey paid them no notice when he was swinging by since from his height and distance they looked like small action figures at best.

“I found what I was looking for. Norimaro, today is your lucky day.” Like an unwanted toy, Gouki flung the young teenager onto the sidewalk. He held one arm up in the air and fired a Hadouken at Spider-Man!

“Spider-Sense,” said the webbed wonder who looked to his side to see the Hadouken. Still, even his sixth sense was too late to warn him about the fast moving projectile, especially since he just let go of a webline and was about to create another. It was too late for him to dodge. The fireball struck him and he went falling down behind a building that was beyond Gouki’s sight! So Gouki performed his Ashura Warp and followed the hero who was a great distance away.

“Norimaro, are you okay?” Sakura held him in her arms a few feet off the ground. She shook him slightly to wake him up. “Ugh… Sakura Chan! Did I win?” Tears welled up in the young girl’s eyes. “You know I hate to admit it, but you had some awesome moves back there Norimaro kun!” “Ooooh, Sakura chan! I’m so glad Gouki didn’t harm my Super Fantastic Treasure!” “Your Super Fantastic Treasure?”

Norimaro got up and dug around his white bag, which still had quite a few items. He unzipping a small pocket that was inside of it, close to the side of the bag that Gouki grabbed earlier on. He pulled out his Super Fantastic Treasure which turned out to be a small black box. Next he took off his school uniform and underneath he was wearing a black tuxedo complete with a bowtie! Norimaro opened up the little black box to reveal a diamond ring! Next he tried to hug Sakura and yelled “MARRY MEEEEEE!” She in turn gave him a giant uppercut just like when Marrow struck him earlier! Norimaro went flying high into the sky once again. “Jerk,” she said with closed eyes and an angry expression on her face. Her fist remained in the air longer than it needed to. Norimaro continued to yell as he flew higher and higher into the night sky.

Sakura ran down the street trying to catch up to Gouki and Spider-Man.

Next Up: The entire chapter is based off of Norimaro’s movelist so not much more for me to say, FOR ONCE lol! Next time, Spider-Man vs. Gouki! Apocalypse and Shuma-Gorath will show up along with one of the Four Horseman of Apocalypse. I’ll try to put the next chapter up in April if all goes. See you in thirty!


Usual pointless bump to let you know I’m working on the next chapter lol! :looney:

Hey I spoke a bit about Hitler, on how he is possibly revived in Bionic Commando Rearmed. Heh, didn’t know that Marvel revived him too as the Hate-Monger lol! :lol:

Working on something interesting in the background, trying to figure out the history of the world where this story takes place. A world where the Marvel comics universe takes place along with he majority of Capcom games. Meshing a lot of things together, started from 4.5 Billion years ago and got all the way to 1980… :looney: I will go up to about the 1990s when it’s done. It’s been fun combining things and putting stuff together. I’ll toss it up here after the fic is finished. Something like this needs A LOT of tweaking so the longer I spend time on it the better… :sweat:

This was an interesting tidbit I found in Hellstorm’s bio in The Official Handbook Of The Marvel Universe: Horror 2005.

"Though demons are notorious liars, more reliable sources trace the genesis of the Class Two Demons (Hell-Lords) to the primeval concentration of evil energy left behind when Demogorge drove the Elder Gods from Earth billions of years ago. That energy eventually gave rise to demons, shaped by the unconscious desires of their earliest human worshippers. These included at least Mephisto, Satannish, and Thog, though many others followed, each ruling their own nether realms. Other Hell-Lords arose from fallen gods and angels, such as Lucifer, cast down from Heaven. Marduk Kurios was worshipped by the ancient Sumerians thousands of years ago. It is unclear whether some Mesopotamium Gods (Annunaki) may have usurped names and worshippers of demonic predecessors (as the Egyptian Seth did to the Elder God Set), whether some gods degenerated into demons or assumed alternate roles such as false angels after being deprived of worshippers in later millenia, and/or if gods may have split off demonic counterparts, or vice-versa. Regardless, the above mentioned demons and many others capitalized on the eventual human belief in a single lord of evil, Satan, each claiming to be that being and naming their realms Hell. Numerous, often unidentifiable, Satans and Devils have encountered humanity throughout history."

So yeah I figure that’s how things would work in an extended Marvel/Capcom universe. Plenty of room for characters like Belail, Jedah and whoever Arthur battles in the Ghouls And Ghosts games, since by the time MVC1 rolls around characters from those franchises will show up heh!

Marvel also uses both Dracula and Frankenstein’s monster, well I figure since Dracula is CONSTANTLY destroyed in Marvel and Frankenstein’s monster is CONSTANTLY getting frozen - Don’t see it as being a problem that both of them are absent during Darkstalker games. :rofl: Demitri’s castle is supposed to be hidden within the mountains of Transylvania, I guess so long as Dracula stays out of his way and Demitri just sticks to kidnapping maidens well, probably wouldn’t have a problem living in a Marvel/Capcom world together with the other vampires. As for Frankenstien’s monster, check out this note in his Horror 2005 Bio:

"Note: A number of other Frankensteins and similar monsters have been reported, but chronology and analyses of these remains incomplete."

Frankenstein and Victor of Darkstalkers can co-exist in this world, HOORAY! :tup:

Yes pointlessly talking about Hitler and demons will get everyone to forgive me for not updating this fic, BRILLIANT! :blush:

Starting to work on Spidey vs. Gouki now, hopefully it will be up in a few weeks. In the meantime, special thanks to Wellman for showing me this. Just in case you need to get used to Spider-Man yelling out moves before he does them LOL check out the Japanese Spider-Man T.V. Show. CHANGE LEOPARDON! :lovin:

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Progress report - The Gouki vs. Spider-Man fight is all written up, came to a whopping 22 hand written pages lol I use big letters. :looney: So when I type it up here, the fight will be cut up into 2 or 3 chapters but as usual I will try to get all the chapters that cover that fight on the same day.

Due to things going on in real life, there’s no way I can toss up the fight here today and right now the earliest I can get to it will be Sunday. I am going to try to get it up some time next week or the week after.

So I guess that will be May and I miss my own self imposed April deadline… Oh well only by a few weeks… :sweat: Sorry about the delays, hopefully it will up fairly soon if all goes. :tup:

Yeah looks like MVC2 is gonna be announced as a downloadable title for X-Box Live and PSN soon, just in case you’ve been living in a cave or something lol! Keep on eye on “Take You For A Ride” dot com AKA ROFL! I guess this is only if you’ve been living in a cave, the news is like everywhere. :wonder:

Pretty excited and looking forward to it! Hooking up my Sega Saturn that’s been modded to play Japanese games or my Dreamcast every time I want to re-check something simple like a fighting stance for fan fic writing purposes is a serious pain in the butt lol! :rofl: Would be nice to just turn on a next gen system to check little things here and there for Marvel characters. :smile:


Chapter 17: “Along Came A Spider-Man!”


Gouki’s fireball sent Armor suit wearing Spider-Man soaring down to a back alley. In this corner with two adjoined buildings on either side and one in the the center he bounced off the walls like a billiard ball. He severed a few clotheslines during his decent. Zigging and zagging and slamming against bricks, his fall ended when he landed into a large green dumpster that was pushed against the back wall of the alley. After the bags of garbage broke his fall the lid closed shut.

Spider-Man, whose real name is Peter Parker opened the lid and crawled out of the dumpster. His silver white Spider-Armor was now very dirty with splotches of brown all around. There was an open banana peel resting on his head to boot.

“Ah… Guess I could’ve webbed myself to safety, but a fella can snap his arm with a quick jerk like that. Figured the armor could take another fall. Still hurt a little though…”

He pushed an area underneath his left Web-Shooter and just below his left wrist. In a flash of light, his Spider-Armor was concealed once again and Spidey was seen wearing his famous red and blue outfit.

“Wow, all traces of garbage seemed to have vanished. I don’t even smell bad! That’ll save me some money on tomato juice!”

Gouki appeared in front of him all of a sudden. With one hand across his chest, another to his side and his knees bent; his intentions were very clear.

“Spider-Man! I am Gouki, Master of the Fist! I am power made flesh! Feel how weak you truly are!”

“Me, weak? Come to think of it, I haven’t had my daily wheat cakes this morning. So, lemme guess. You want revenge against me because I had you arrested for… having a bad hair day?” “I merely wish to test the limits of my strength and fight against worthy opponents!” “Fascinating… I hear the CWA’s looking for new wrestlers…”


Not wasting any time, Gouki started strong with his Messatsu Gou Hadou Super Art! With this powerful projectile maneuver he fired a gigantic column of white light from his hands right at Spider-Man! Since his Spider-Sense warned him in time, our costumed hero was able to leap away and stick to the wall behind him with his Sankaku Tobi move. This wall jump is different from the one Chun-Li is known to perform since Spider-Man is able to stick to the wall with ease.

The projectile totally missed Spider-Man but destroyed the green dumpster that was now beneath him! The large container exploded and whatever small pieces were not disintegrated by the blow were covered in small flames.

“That… energy… It feels like the same source of power that knocked me out of the sky!” “Enough! Let us finish this!”

Aunt May’s favorite nephew leaped right in front of Gouki, still not taking him very seriously. The Ansatsuken practitioner tried to punch and kick Spider-Man about twenty times in rapid succession. It was of no use however. Because of Peter Parker’s sixth sense, he was able to bob, weave, duck, jump and leap every move in time. For the superhero who gained his amazing powers at the age of 15 thanks to a radioactive spider bite, it was almost as if Gouki was moving in slow motion.

Spidey kept flapping his gums the entire time he was dodging the blows. “Now I remember you! You’re one of those Troll Dolls people like to keep on their desks in the work place! Not really a 9 to 5 guy, took me a while to figure that out. Or… to come up with that joke… Listen up chuckles, you’re never gonna land a single blow. So how about you go practice catching flies with chopsticks or whatever wild and crazy things you Pat Morita types do on Friday nights…”

The red and blue costumed vigilante would never finish that sentence. One thing about Gouki, he can adapt to any situation during a fight at an incredibly fast rate. Charging Ki into his left forearm, he was able to punch Spider-Man in his stomach faster than he could dodge it! The thrusting blow sent him soaring back! He flew to the area that garbage bin used to be and broke through a brick wall leaving a giant hole! Going back several feet he slammed against the rectangular base of a metallic boiler in what appeared to be a dark and dingy basement! Spider-Man’s back left a huge dent in the boiler!

Staggering, yet still managing to walk out of the building, Peter rubbed his abdomen to ease the blow. “Ugh… picked a fine time to turn my Spider-Armor off… Wow, for a Samurai Pizza Cat reject you punch almost as hard as the Hulk! How’d you get your powers? I know! You were bitten by a radioactive Bruce Lee DVD!”

“I have harnessed my abilities through training and training alone. Come at me without abandon or your life will end where you stand!”

The superhero who has saved New York City and the entire world several times in the past stopped joking around and took a few seconds to see how Gouki measured up. Looking into his red eyes, Spider-Man could tell that he was a man who would not hesitate to murder someone in a fight. Even though his fighting stance seemed open in several areas, Spidey could also tell that he had no real weaknesses. The costumed crime fighter may not have had actual Martial Arts training but thanks to having fought against so many villains over the years he gained a natural ability to size up his opponents. Even if he did misjudge Gouki at first.

“A few of my super powered friends are missing and I have a family of my own I need to check up on. Gouki, if you really want me to fight you without holding back then I’ll have no problem taking you down quickly so I can turn my attention to other matters.” “COME,” was his adversary’s only response.

Our hero and husband to Mary Jane assumed his own fighting stance and it wasn’t like anything Gouki had ever witnessed in his entire life. He crouched down really low to the ground. One arm was raised above his head. His index and pinky fingers were raised up while his two other digits were lowered and touching his palm. His thumb was off to the side. His other hand that was close to the ground had his fingers in the same position. The reason Spider-Man assumed this pose during fights was because with a flick of a few fingers he could fire a line of webbing at a moment’s notice.

Performing a Forward Dash Spider-Man jumped in front of Gouki. With his newly increased speed the demonic looking man struck Spider-Man with a Jab. Normally this Light Punch would strike an opponent in the face, but with Spidey’s lowered stance it connected with his raised hand! This suited Ryu and Ken’s greatest enemy just fine since he didn’t want webs being fired at him any time soon. Quickly he sent a Short Kick to his lowered shoulder. Crouching down for another Light Kick he struck Spidey’s other lowered hand! Still crouching he ended this speedy four hit combo with a punch to Spider-Man’s cheek causing his teeth to rattle!

The bones in his hands and shoulder were aching with this quick combination that took less than one second. Yet Spidey knew he had to act quickly or he was done for. “HA!” he let out while his Forward Kick smacked Gouki in the face! Usually pulling his punches when he’s fighting non super powered opponents, he wasn’t doing this against the Martial Artist since he could tell that Gouki could handle a lot more than normal humans could. A kick like this could shatter an average man’s skull but all it did this time around was cause a short headache.

Gouki performed his Backward Dash which looks like his Ashura Warp only he doesn’t leave shadow images of himself. He jumped high in the sky and came at Spider-Man with his Tenma Kuukin Kyaku. This aerial kick was heading towards the red and blue wonder from a two o’clock angle.

“WEB THROW!” His hands might have been hurting but Peter Parker was also very good at taking punishment. With his Medium Punch Web Throw move he shot a web at Gouki’s extended leg interrupting his kick! Then like a cowboy performing a lasso trick, the Daily Bugle Photographer spun him around in the air! Since they were in a confined space, Gouki’s head kept slamming against both walls in the alley while he was circling around! During his last spin, his head struck the top of the hole Spider-Man created when Gouki knocked him through the building! This knocked even more bricks from the gapping hole increasing its size! Before the spin was over the black gi wearing warrior’s head slammed another side of a wall (both sides of the walls now had cracks in them) and Spider-Man flung him away! Gouki did a back flip in the air, soared past the sidewalk and landed in the center of the street. Landing on his feet, he put his arms and fists to his sides. He assumed a rather neutral pose.

“HEY!” “C-MON!” Bouncing around while in his fighting stance, Spider-Man taunted him twice. Pointing each time he used his one word taunts. Gaining a bit of confidence and thinking that Gouki was about to surrender, he started to run his mouth again.

“What is it with guys with crazy haircuts? Well at least you don’t have a little mustache and run around screaming ‘SPIDER-MAN IS A MENACE!’ like a lunatic. Had enough tough guy? 'Cuz I gotta warn you. I know Kung Fu, Karate and several other dangerous words! Oh yeah float like a Spider and sting like a… SPIDER! This one’s for JJ!”

“SILENCE!” His scream got Spider-Man to shut up for a bit. Many a villain can tell you that during fights Spider-Man can talk non-stop for hours on end. He usually does this to annoy his foes and throw them off their game, but this tactic really isn’t proving to be very effective at the moment.

“…I merely stopped because I noticed an interloper in our mist. I would have sensed him earlier if he were not entirely mechanical.”

With a look up in the sky he could see what Gouki saw while he was flipping through the air. On top of a small store across the street stood one of Shadowloo’s Monitor Cyborgs. The robot wore a short brown trench coat that ended around his knees. There was a large yellow stripe going through the bottom of the coat. There was another stripe that was little below the chest area that extended to his sleeves and there were stripes on the cuffs too. The Cyborg also had brown galoshes which had a similar yellow stripe going across their tops. He had a hat that looked like a low fedora, something a person would use to shield himself from the rain.

Spider-Sense tends to warn our hero whenever someone is watching him when he is about to enter his apartment. In which case he’ll loop around the city a few times until the coast is clear or change out of his outfit when no one is around. Of course if a person is around or watching him while he’s changing his outfits, his sixth sense would warn him about that too. However, since the Monitor Cyborg presented no immediate threat to either his safety or his identity he went unnoticed by our friendly neighborhood fighter.

Aware that he was spotted, the Monitor Cyborg clumsily decided to walk away. It turned to his side and walked to his right, as if that would make any difference. Gouki didn’t even bother to face it. He stretched out his left hand behind his back and similar to how he knocked down Spider-Armor wearing Spider-Man earlier, he fired off a one handed Hadouken at the robot. The orb of power make contact with the Cyborg and blew him to smithereens.

Gouki took his fighting stance and urged, “Let us continue!”

Radioactive Bytes: Spider-Man crashing and landing down the alley is a nod to the second Spider-Man movie as you may have guessed.

His comment about tomato juice is from the Spectacular Spider-Man cartoon where JJJ gives him that advice, to remove a garbage smell from himself. Hey how does JJJ know that? Must of crawled in a lot of dumpsters back when he was a reporter ha ha!

Gouki’s “I am power made flesh! Feel how weak you truly are!” quote is from the SF Zero series, he says that if you meet the conditions to fight against him.

Spider-Man’s comments about wheat cakes lol! In his first appearance ever in Amazing Spider-Man #15 that was said to be his favorite food. Longtime Spidey fans joke about that a lot! WHEEEEAT CAAAAKES! Rofl!

The CWA stands for the Capcom Wrestling Federation. That’s the organization behind the Slam Masters games. Having a little fun with this crossover world. :stuck_out_tongue:

In case you’ve never seen what a Troll Doll looks like. Kind of does look like Gouki HA HA!

Quite a few people do keep those things on their desks at work! Even characters on TV shows like Synclair on Living Single and Mimi on The Drew Carey show have been known to keep their desks full of those things. Me I had Capcom toys on my desk at work until a new boss came down and had us take down all of our desk ornaments, booo…

Pat Morita joke was a reference to the movie Karate Kid. RIP Noriyuki Pat Morita.

Samurai Pizza Cats actually started airing in 1991 in the US and I’m depicting this as taking place in 1990, but hey the Japanese version Kyatt? Ninden Teyandee aired in 1990, close enough! Course the other problem being that Tatsunoko owns that series and if you think TVC would ideally take place in the same universe as this series and shouldn’t just be a TV show Spider-Man knew of… Um… I hear there’s lots of legal stuff that stopped them from being in TVC? And even if they were to fit… Not sure how they would fit in a world where Marvel and Capcom characters live? Then again Yatterman characters and that Genie character might be stretching things… Ack I guess it’s not an issue until the cats show up in TVC 2 and even then, maybe they come from a different dimension? All of this hassle just so I can have Spidey make fun of Gouki. :stuck_out_tongue:

Bruce Lee DVD LOL DVDs were not around in 1990. At least not available to the public. But when it comes to comedy I tend to follow the ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit’ rule. Remember when Roger slipped out of the cuffs and said he waited until that time to do it because he said it was funny? So yeah that’s usually my way of thinking with comedy. So long as you get a laugh then it’s okay if you mess around with what was and wasn’t around the time frame you are depicting and stuff. Guess this world already has laptops and CD-Roms (Wolverine stepped on a CD-Rom during the X-Men vs. SF fic) so DVDs are okay heh… Hey if I mentioned a Bruce Lee VHS, how many people wouldn’t know what I was talking about? Ack I feel old once again… -_- J/K!

The “HEY!” and “C’MON!” quotes are from the game. When Spidey says “C’MON!” the word balloon reads “C’MON PAL!” Well I just had him say “C’MON!” just like his voice actor does. Boy his win quote where he says “This one’s for JJ!” is hard to use in fighting game fan fic. Unless a guy gets knocked out and no one is around there’s no way he’d take a picture like that and say JJ’s name out loud… That’s almost like holding up a sign saying “I’m really Peter Parker!” His camera tends to be hidden to keep his identity. But it’s a classic gaming line, had to web-stick it in somewhere lol!

Spider-Man’s quote about knowing “…Kung Fu, Karate and several other dangerous words!” was taken from Peter David’s Spider-Man 2099 where that Spider-Man (a Spider-Man of a possible future) said that to a samurai villain named The Specialist in issue #5. Couldn’t resist using those words against Gouki heh!

The Monitor Cyborg is described to look exactly like the Monitor Cyborg that was standing on a building and was watching Chun-Li in the Street Fighter II Animated Movie. I know fans of Q look for him everywhere so I took a little more time describing his clothes so people would not say that I put Q in this fic. For the one billionth time that is not Q in Ken’s SF2 background LOL! Hmmm maybe all I had to do was type ‘not Q’ in parenthesis… :stuck_out_tongue:

Writers across the years never agree on how Spider-Man’s Spider-Sense actually works. I described it the way I think it works. I know under some writers he would’ve sensed the Monitor Cyborg right away. Me, I believe that as long as he is not in immediate danger it won’t go off. Just my interpretation of it. Again how this sixth sense works will differ depending on who is writing him. Wolverine’s healing factor is kind of in the same boat. It’s just one of those things that goes along with long running characters that have had many writers working on them over several years.

NEXT UP: Couldn’t get to covering the rest of the fight today so I’m shooting for either Saturday or Sunday. So it should be up in a few days or so. Thanks for your patience!


Chapter 18: “This One’s For SRK!”

In a secret location, Apocalypse stood in a large room covered with white sheet metal. Standing erect with his arms folded, before him was a giant rectangular computer screen. The monitor displayed a map of the Earth. There were red dots that marked a few areas. One on Savage Land in Antarctica, another on Madripoor and the last one was in Florida over Cape Citadel. Basically the two areas he had Island Smashers placed and another over the military base he took over.

Sitting in front of the screen were two people who kept a closer eye on activities around the world. One was the Shadowloo Scientist Doctor Senoh and sitting in another chair that was about about ten feet away from him was Sabretooth’s partner, the pretty blonde woman who went by the name Birdy.

Senoh was keeping an eye on a much smaller screen on a panel in front of him before bringing it to Apocalypse’s attention. He was able to see everything the Monitor Cyborg had recorded while Spider-Man and Gouki fought. Even though the Cyborg was far away, it zoomed in really close to the action. The last thing Senoh was able to see was the cyborg turning and heading off into a different direction, and after that the transmission ended. Naturally he assumed that either Gouki, Spider-Man or someone else destroyed the robot. It was then that he quickly compiled a few clips from the fight that would repeat themselves in a loop and put them on the large screen.

“Apocalypse sama, I think you will find this to be very interesting. One of our Monitor Cyborgs succeeded in locating Spider-Man. He is fighting Gouki too which is quite unexpected,” informed Doctor Senoh. “So that’s where bug brain was hidin’! Wonder why we couldn’t find him 'til now,” Birdy pondered.

“Fascinating,” commented Apocalypse with an evil grin. “Ozymandias!”

Upon his command, Ozymandias’ face appeared in the upper right corner of the screen. “Yes Master,” he spoke. “It is time to proceed with operation Shuma-Gorath.” “Your wish is my command, my lord.” With that, his image vanished.

“Doctor Senoh, teleport the Horseman of Death to New York City and have him capture Gouki.” “Yes Apocalypse sama. And what of Spider-Man?” “At this stage of the game we already have enough superheroes here for me to draw energy from. It is still imperative that we capture the almighty Hulk. Spider-Man however, will perish along with the Morlocks who live in the sewers and are too weak to stand with Apocalypse. Gouki on the other hand, The Apocalypse has special plans for my old friend. HA HA HA HA HA!”

Birdy kept her mouth shut even though she had a worried expression on her face. She knew that the destruction of New York City was at hand. Still there was nothing she could do about it for the time being.

Back in New York, Spider-Man shot a line of webbing at Gouki with his right hand. Gouki dodged it with his Ashura Warp and got right in Spidey’s face. The hero reacted quicker than Gouki expected and with his free hand he nabbed him with a Fierce Punch, a wild haymaker to his face that sent the spiky haired foe flying back! After a speedy Forward Dash our hero leaped in front of Gouki and with a Crouching Roundhouse spun both of his feet around to knock his opponent down. That was ineffective since after his feet left the ground, Gouken’s murderer placed a hand on the floor to cartwheel back to his standing position. From here he struck Spider-Man with his mighty downward Karate chop, his Zugai Hasetsu! This blow hit the same shoulder Gouki kicked earlier on. Clutching his shoulder, the famous superhero Backward Dashed away leaping back.

Jumping in his direction, “HMM,” Gouki said while firing off his Aerial Fireball, the Zankuu Hadouken! Spider-Man dodged the projectile with a backflip. Coming down from his jump, the Japanese Fighter was ready to pounce on the American hero. But before he could touch the ground he was caught with Spider-Man’s Aerial Launcher, his standing Roundhouse Kick! A two legged somersault kick to Gouki’s chest sent him 20 feet into the air!

With a Super Jump Spidey was right before his aerial adversary. Next he struck him with a downward punch to his temple, rammed both feet into his stomach, shot a webline and swung from it while burying both feet into his chest and saying “WEB SWING!” Yes, the rapid succession of blows was Spider-Man’s mighty Aerial Rave Finisher!

Unfortunately for him, Gouki wasn’t finished. Not by a long shot. He rose up from the floor and caught the web swinging wonder with his Gou Shoryuken! “SHOU,” he yelled with his body twisting in the air while his mighty uppercut lead. This was the move in its truest form and not the weaker Dragon Punch he used on Norimaro earlier. Henceforth Spider-Man’s body was covered with white hot flames! Peter Parker let out a gut wrenching scream as he felt the flames were attacking every fiber of his body, right down to his very soul!

Gouki didn’t let his opponent’s body touch the ground just yet. With his Tatsumaki Zankuu Kyaku, his foot lit up with white electricity and this spinning hurricane kick seemingly electrocuted Spider-Man! Fire, followed by electricity raging through his body while the the spinning spider was kicked five times, anyone who saw the impact would not be surprised if this was Spider-Man’s last stand. Such was the power of the Ansatsuken Warrior’s Ki.

Fret not, he wasn’t down for the count! “SPIDER-STING,” he yelled and almost on cue the electricity vanished from his body. His own uppercut, the Spider-Sting is similar to a Shoryuken only his body doesn’t rotate in the air. He struck Gouki in his jaw at full power dislocating it! With his face looking like a broken wooden dummy since the bottom half his jaw loose, he went up in the sky about thirty five feet and landed flat on his face! Cracking the tough cement ground like someone dropped a piano on the floor it looked like he was down for the count! Even so, Gouki’s last two attacks against Spider-Man left him a bit weary, so he too fell to the ground.

Doing his best to stand up, the superhero rose up to one knee. When he looked up he saw Gouki already on his feet! Did Spider-Man have anything in his arsenal that could stop the mighty Martial Artist?

Red energy flowed around the large mountain of a man who adjusted his jaw back into place with one hand, his Ki healing any broken bones when needed. He truly surpassed all human limitations and was as close to a god as a human could attain merely through vigorous training!

There was a small trickle of blood that ran down the left corner of his mouth. Gouki wiped it away and looked at his fingers now with red spots on them. Surprisingly, it was very rare for Gouki to see his own blood nowadays since there were very few Martial Artists out there who could make him bleed.

Next he did the last thing Spider-Man or anyone else expected him to do. He laughed.

“Heh heh heh, HA HA HA HA HA HA! First Wolverine, and now Spider-Man! To fight such worthy opponents in such a short time span is truly, amazing! No, spectacular!” Still holding out his blood drenched hand before him, he gazed at Spidey with a devilish grin. The red aura around his body seemed to go crazy, radiating all over the place and making it look like Gouki had set himself on fire! Nothing made Gouki more content then to fight against strong adversaries. He truly was content!

Almost as if their roles were reversed with Gouki smiling and Spider-Man being serious, he rose up from the knee he was standing on and spoke.

“Gouki. I need you to listen to me for a second.”

After a brief pause, he continued. “There was a man named Sergei Kravenoff. He took on the name Kraven The Hunter. He spent years fighting me, in a vain attempt to prove he was stronger. Just like you’re doing. It became his obsession. In our last confrontation he poisoned me, had me buried alive for two weeks while he impersonated me as Spider-Man. In Kraven’s sick mind he felt he finally defeated me. So having nothing else to live for, he committed suicide.”

Gouki’s grin fell and his red aura died down. He put his fists to his sides and took on his usual angered look. In part because he could understand the intensity of Spider-Man’s words. But at the same time he was a bit insulted by the comparison.

In his mind Gouki already felt that no one could truly best him in battle. Not only would Gouki never commit suicide, he felt that thanks to his godlike abilities he was practically immortal and was not expecting death anytime soon.

“I have a beautiful wife waiting for me at home. I can’t put her through something like that again. Swear to me, that no matter what the outcome of this battle, no matter who is the victor, that we will never fight again.”

Contemplating his words before responding, he agreed.

“Very well. I give you my word as a warrior. But it matters not. Your life will come to an end today. Your wife will grieve once again, but that too shall pass.”

Standing on his tiptoes with one leg and raising the knee of his other leg, the Master of the Fist Posed as if he was about to perform another Ashura Warp. He was prepared to strike Spidey with is strongest move, his Raging Demon AKA the Shun Goku Satsu.

Spider-Man thought to himself, “This battle, its taking its toll on me. I’m gonna try to wrap things up with my Crawler Assault.” He went back to his Fighting Stance.

The two were ready to perform their incredibly strong Super Arts. There was an awkward silence as the two faced each other. Both of them knew that this final attack would decide the winner of the fight.


Holding his head in agony, his sixth sense started to go nuts! Was his sense warning him about the Shun Goku Satsu?

No! All of the sudden the night sky turned green! It seemed like the city was teleported to a different dimension! Spider-Man looked off into the distance and saw a giant purple tentacled eyeball floating in the sky! Peter estimated that the being was about the size of a baseball stadium! “WHAT THE SEGA GENESIS,” was all he could say.

Remaining ever still in his Ashura Warp position, Gouki spoke. “Spider-Man! What is the delay? Let us continue this fight!” “Pal, I strongly advise that you turn around and look up! Trust me, it’s not a trick for me to kick you in the… beads when you’re not looking…” “HMPH! I can sense his Ki. It is only Shuma-Gorath. I have defeated him in the past and can do so again! Now, FEEL THE WRATH OF MY SHUN GOKU SATSU!”

And so he began gliding to the hero with his Raging Demon! Spidey, now aware of a new threat lost all interest in finishing this fight. He emptied two of his web cartridges, firing massive sprays of webs at Gouki from his webshooters! Normally Gouki could phase through many things, but this massive dose of webbing was just too much! He wound up covered in a large cocoon of webs, similar to what happens when contenders are struck with Spider-Man’s Web-Ball attack. Only this housing of webs was a lot bigger! Inside what looked like a big beehive of webs, Gouki remained in place!

Spidey ran off filling his Web-Shooters with fresh cartridges. “You’re… Son Goku WHAT? You can lend me your Dragon Ball Z Fansubs later! I’ve got a city to save!” Rising high off the ground, he started to web swing his way to Shuma-Gorath.

With his amazing red aura, Gouki destroyed all of the webs that covered his entire body! “COWARD! LET US FINISH THIS!”

To his shock, a Zankuu Hadouken came at Gouki’s feet and it looked exactly like his own attack! Gouki Ashura Warped to dodge the attack and wound up in the same area the dumpster was located earlier.

Standing before him he saw a man dressed in a pale green cloak that was covered with purple hieroglyphics. It was the Horseman of Death. The Horseman raised a fist near his head, put one to his side and raised a knee. Gouki could tell right away that the Horseman was about to attack Gouki with another one of his moves, his Shun Goku Satsu! Gouki assumed the same pose, grinned and said “VERY WELL!”

The back alley lit up and several blows were heard. With two Shun Goku Satsu attacks performed against one another, was it possible that either one of them would survive the deadly attack?

Radioactive Bytes: Gouki saying “Amazing! No, spectacular!” is me having fun with the two different Spider-Man comic book titles. ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ and ‘The Spectacular Spider-Man’ ha ha! Spectacular is no longer running, but it is the name of the current Spider-Man cartoon. :slight_smile:

All of the Kraven stuff Spider-Man is talking about is from Kraven’s Last Hunt. There’s so many parallels to Kraven and Gouki, I felt it at least had to have some kind of mention if Gouki fought Spider-Man. Aside from Kraven dressing like a lion and Gouki looking like one, both are out to fight strong opponents. Kraven’s Last Hunt is one of my favorite Spider-Man stories of all time. Since it happened right after Spider-Man’s marriage, by my estimation it would’ve happened only a few years or so before this fight. Kraven has a bunch of kids running around taking up his mantle, but this story is happening way before any of them show up.

Can Spider-Man survive a Shun Goku Satsu? Well I don’t answer the question in the story. My answer… it depends. Spider-Man always has something on his mind, I doubt there is any way he could clear his mind the way Wolverine did in the last fic to survive the attack. On the other hand, according to the story “The Other,” Spider-Man is allowed one death. After which a giant beast will rise from his flesh, devour who is standing before him and then hatch himself to become a new version of Spider-Man. Hey don’t look at me, I didn’t write that story ROFL! What does that mean for his ‘soul’? The heck should I know but according to all kinds of fiction, when you don’t actually die your soul goes nowhere so… That’s the only way I can picture Spider-Man surviving the attack. The character he devoured, Morlun was incredibly strong so Gouki might not fare as well against it, hard to say. Well yeah you would have to speed up the demon rising out of his flesh aspect so he could win the fight… It did not happen instantaneously. There’s no way I can put that in the actual story since people who hated ‘The Other’ would come to my house and beat me up. :stuck_out_tongue: ‘The Other’ was supposed to be a 2 year arc written by JMS AKA Joseph Michael Straczynski in Amazing Spider-Man, but Marvel didn’t want the story taking that long in the main book. So they spread the story to 2 other writers and made it run through all of Spider-Man’s books. Suffice it to say the story suffered for it. Still it’s nice that the story gave us fan fic writers a potential “Get out of death free” card for Spidey so long as we write a story that takes place before ‘The Other,’ too bad none of us can use it since it is an unpopular story… OHS WELL… :stuck_out_tongue:

Next Up: Shuma-Gorath! Spider-Armor Spider-Man! Sakura returns! Evil Sakura too OH NOS! With my current schedule, I have no idea when the next entry will be up. Right now, I am guessing either late June or early July after I clear out a few things I have to do in real life. Thanks for reading and Happy Mother’s Day to all! MVC2 on next gen, WOOT WOOT!


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Interesting. I get why they are using Ryu with a red headband (to push the Udon comic, and SF4 I imagine) but if I ever get to MVC2 I will write him with the white headband. Too much Capcom artwork says otherwise and he still has a white headband in the game! :lol: How can he have a white headband in MVC2 if he had a red headband in MVC1? Time Travel solves all problems. :looney: Well I’ll come up with something.

Some of the matchups they depict above I already planned to do either in this story or future MVC1 and MVC2 fan fics. However, you are kind of on your own if you want to see a Jill Valentine vs. Storm fight, I’m not writing that one. :rofl: Storm vs. Morrigan FTW! :lovin: Jill vs… um… I have no idea… but I don’t have to think about writing a MVC2 fic for a few years… :sweat:


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EDIT: Edited the previous Info Byte in chapter 4 to put Cody back in jail. Arg I’ve been wishy washy about that… I tried to honor his background appearance in the game by having him run free but the more I thought of it the better it seemed to just have him locked up because of something I want to do later. Sorry about that, can’t always honor the backgrounds in the game. I can tell you that no one is going to be holding up a Rockman AKA Mega Man sign in this fic like they do in the TV studio stage either… :wonder:

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Spidey, Sakura, Shuma-Gorath… Hey all of their names start with the letter S. I just noticed that. BOY am I tired from writing… :zzz:


Minor edit to chapter 5. Replayed Sakura’s storyline in SFA2 for a bit more research for the next few chapters. Yes sitting around and playing games is considered research, no really! :sweat: Anyway I goofed and said Sakura’s camera was red. I think I was confused because the casing she put Ryu’s picture in was red. Anyway, in the game it’s light green so I went back to edit that. I mean it’s not like Sakura could have more than one camera… :wonder: :rofl:

Starting to put up the next chapter right now. As I went through writing out the Shuma fight on paper it boils down to 4 parts, so I’m getting the first part up either today or tomorrow and the rest of it in August. The second part will be one entry on one day and the third and fourth I will try to get up on the same day. That’s the current plan at least. Check back later today or tomorrow for an update!


Chapter 19: “New York, New York It’s a Hellish Ol’ Town!”

The massive S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier soared above New York City while Nick Fury waited to hear from Sakura and his two field agents. Without warning, several hundreds of small black pyramids (the same ones that destroyed the top floors of the Four Freedoms Plaza earlier) appeared all around the city! Next a huge green hemisphere covered the island extending all the way around to the Statue of Liberty! The giant orb repelled the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier far away!

Now about 100 feet from the city, S.H.I.E.L.D.'s base of operations which looks like a floating aircraft carrier stabilized after being knocked back. On the Bridge/Combat Information Center (officially called the B/CIC) Nick Fury regained his footing since he was standing when the Helicarrier was hit. “WHAT IN THE BLUE BLAZES IS GOING ON DOWN THERE,” barked the high ranking Level 1 Executive Director.

One of the five pilots sitting around the bridge in different areas answered. “Sir, it looks like Apocalypse placed a force field around the city! Just like the ones he put up around the pyramids in Genosha and the Savage Land! Only difference is this time we can’t even see through the field. All we can see is just a big green bubble around the island!” “WELL WHAT ARE YOU YAHOOS WAITING FOR? SAKURA AND TWO OF MY MEN ARE DOWN THERE AND NOT TO MENTION MILLIONS OF NEW YORKERS WHO STILL HAVEN’T EVACUATED THE CITY! POP THAT OVERGROWN ZIT NOW,” commanded Fury with a thundering yell.

Upon his command the airship fired tons of missiles at the force field but each projectile exploded once it made contact. There was no way they could penetrate the area. All Nick Fury could do was grit his teeth in frustration.

When the bubble appeared Shuma-Gorath manifested within. The giant purple six tentacled being floated high above the skyscrapers of the metropolis. Way down below, Kasugano Sakura who was still running after Gouki and Spider-Man paused to look up at the sky. “It’s that… thing Gouki defeated in Japan!”

Shuma-Gorath floated up to the very top of the green sphere. From up close he could see the bottoms of the small black pyramids all around. All encased in the field’s five foot long exterior, creating this rounded wall of energy. Shuma touched the sphere and wound up getting electrocuted with green energy forcing him to pull back!




Stretching out his tentacles as far as he could, the demonic being looked almost like a gigantic star in the sky. His purple flesh turned green and his green eye turned purple, reversing the two colors while he used this special brand of magic. The green sky turned a much darker shade of that color while a wave of the god’s power covered everything within the sphere.

His first act in crafting this area in a way he saw fit was to start with the sculptures of the city. The Statue of Atlas in Rockefeller Center turned into a metallic skeletal frame of himself complete with his six tentacles! It was being held aloft on the back of a statue who was a long haired shirtless barbarian! Cleopatra’s Needle in Central Park become a giant statue of one of Shuma-Gorath’s tentacles! The two lions of either side of the New York Public Library became statues of the demon lord N’astirh! And the most important sculpture of New York City and the United States itself, the Statue of Liberty became a statue the beautiful Umar! This other dimensional energy-being was the sister of Doctor Strange’s greatest arch enemy, the Dreaded Dormmamu! In Umar’s hand of this newly erected statue she held the three ‘Iron-Bound Books of Shuma-Gorath’ and a wooden torch in the other. The torch was lit with actual light green fire! Any of the civilians in the city that were able to witness these transformations yelled out in shear terror!


From this height Sakura’s loud yell was like that of a faint whisper. To his surprise however, Shuma-Gorath was struck with a barrage of white fireballs smacking him dead center in his giant pupil! The exploding orbs of Ki had no effect on him. He looked down to see who was attacking him several stories below. Sakura, who looked to be the size of a termite at best from this grand distance performed her Super Art which blasts Hadoukens at an upward diagonal angle. “AMUSING! SHUMA-GORATH SHALL FIGHT THIS ONE AT HER OWN LEVEL!” He had the same regard for Sakura as a regular person would of the daily life of a single ant in an ant farm. Yet, he wished to toy with her and greatly reduced his own power to fight against her.

A portal appeared in front of Sakura and a much smaller version of Shuma-Gorath popped out of it with the portal closing behind him soon after (this is his intro from his video game appearances). He stood on the center of the street, standing on some of his tentacles. The High School student raised her fists and was ready to take him on.


Sakura went running towards the ancient being with her own version of the Shoryuken! She had perfected it to be more of a combination of the Shoryuken and Hadouken! A big white projectile covered her body while she moved along with it. Shuma tried to fire an eyebeam at the projectile but it acted like a force field and protected Sakura! Once she was close enough the fireball struck him and she delivered a rising dragon punch to his eye! Shuma fell on his back with his flexible appendages seeming lifeless on the ground.

After Ryu’s biggest fangirl fell down from the sky from her twisting uppercut attack, she got close enough to her assailant so she could finish him off. Too bad for her that he was only playing possum. All of his tentacles sprang up at a slight angle (his crouching HK attack) knocking Sakura far away!

The Marvel Villain caught up to her with a forward dash, which involves him quickly crawling of the floor like a spider. Sakura got up and nabbed him with her famous bloomers exposing Flower Kick! Shuma was able to block the kick by having some of his tentacles turn to white stone and wrap around his eye. Shuma lowered his limbs to attack her, but the Street Fighter was too fast for him! She performed her throw maneuver known as the “Sailor Shoot” before he could initiate another attack! The pride and joy of the Kasugano family jumped to him and turned around so that the bottoms of her sneakers were right on his big purple pupil. Holding on to the sides of his body with her knees bent, she rammed both of her feet into the dreaded diety and hopped off of him like a bunny! Now it was Shuma’s time to soar away!

He didn’t have much time to react once Sakura performed her “SHUNPUU KYAK’!” Her variant of this Hurricane kick was accomplished with a long jump that could reach an opponent that was even knocked as far away as Shuma was. The attack was still unsuccessful however. The ruler of many horrific dimensions merely jumped straight into the air while twirling his body; his tentacles spun around like a top. These limbs that felt like a cross between rubber and steel could not be thwarted by Sakura’s twirling kick so he knocked her down.

The girl who learned most of her moves by imitating Ryu rose to her feet only to be met with another attack. “MYSTIC STARE!” Six spinning eyeballs came from the Other-Worldly creature and wrapped around Sakura. The student from Boutoritsu Kyougaku High School had these basketball sized eyeballs wrapped around her waist that pinned her arms down. The eyes began to flash on and off from light blue to white. In that moment, Sakura was shown a vision in her mind.

She witnessed mankind an untold thousands of years ago. The men of this age were bowing to Shuma-Gorath who floated above a large mountain just beneath him. He retained his gigantic size and was green with a purple eye, just as he was right now. A bald man wearing nothing but a long loin cloth that started below his belly button and a necklace that housed sharp teeth approached an altar that was before the mountain. Resting on the altar was a dark haired woman wearing a simple red gown who remained motionless. The bald man plunged a dagger into her chest! She gasped for life and quickly lost consciousness, dying with her eyes open! The man knelt down and held up the blade that was dripping with her blood! While the blood poured out of her body, Shuma-Gorath laughed while taking on a yellowish glow! He was feeding off of the woman’s soul!

This vision ended when the eyes around Sakura’s body exploded! Her body rolled away like a haystack until she landed on her back. The Mystic Stare was a strong attack that assaulted her mind and body at the same time.


Leaping through the air leaving several after images of himself while performing the Mystic Smash, he pounced on Sakura’s resting body! “AAAAAH,” she cried and blood flew out of her mouth like a small geyser!

With a tentacle the villainous creature lifted Karin’s arch rival by her hair and then wrapped his body around hers. His form turned yellow and took on a gooey sponge like appearance. He started sucking Sakura’s Ki right from her body (this is Shuma-Gorath’s in-game kick throw)!


Ten seconds passed and Shuma was still feeding on her energy! This is much longer than it would take for him to absorb the life essence of an average person!


Holding her head back while her body was being crushed, Sakura’s vision began to fade.

“No way… There is no way… I will let my life end like this… Ryu… Sensei…”

In a quick turn of events, Shuma-Gorath’s body began to glow white instead of yellow!


Sakura’s eyes took on a white glow and her hair along with her the streams on her headband floated high in the air! She brought her right leg straight up above her head and kicked Shuma away! With her eyes still maintaining a bright glow, she took her fighting stance and white electricity radiated throughout her entire body!


Sharp teeth appeared all around Shuma-Gorath’s eye and his one eyelid slammed shut, like he was closing his eye. Next this closed lid stretched out like an alligator’s beak to hit Sakura’s mid section (his standing MP attack). With her body still aglow, Sakura intercepted the hit with a punch and knocked all of Shuma’s newly formed teeth out onto the street! The god rapidly formed tentacles around his eye to block once more, only this time Sakura’s punches and kicks destroyed all of the white stoney layers that went around his appendages! When he tried to hit her with two tentacles, she evaded and went right behind him to perform her other throw move, the ‘Sakura Jime!’ “HUH! HUH! HUH!,” yelled the sixteen year old while choking the tentacle currently above his head (his tentacles never remain in fixed positions). The self proclaimed pupil of Ryu made Shuma’s own purple pupil shrink; he was surprised that the attack was causing him this much pain! “YAAH!” Sakura yelled while sending an elbow straight down to the tentacle and caused Shuma to crack the pavement!

Even more white Ki danced around her body with the young girl going for her Super Art move, the Haru Ichiban! With a Hurricane Kick that soars straight up into the sky like a tornado, she rose high up in the air while spinning and kicking the crap out of Shuma-Gorath with this variant of the Shinkuu Tatsumaki Senpu Kyaku! But that didn’t end the attack! Once they were 70 feet above the ground she beat the tar out of her enemy with a rapid succession of punches and kicks ending with a two handed chop between her extended legs which looked like a reverse volley ball strike! Shuma went flying straight down causing even more cracks on the street!

She landed on the floor beside him on her own feet quite gracefully. Her eyes stopped glowing and she returned to normal. Shuma’s body rested on the floor and it was reduced to a light green goop. With his eye in the center he looked almost like a fried egg.

“At last, it’s over. Gotta catch up to Gouki.” Sakura turned to run but realized she couldn’t just yet. She clutched her stomach in pain and tried to hustle as fast as her injured body could.

Sadly, she turned her back on her adversary too early. The six tentacled terror was not down for the count just yet! “CHAOS DIMENSION!”

His body washed over Sakura’s and formed a bubble around it with this deadly Super Art! Raising her above the street Sakura looked outside and saw the environment around her seem to chop up into one foot long horizontal lines and waver until everything turned back. She was teleported to Shuma-Gorath’s very own dimension, the Chaos Dimension!

Once this Shuma-Gorath styled balloon with a small eye on the side rose 100 feet into the air, the bubble split apart forming two green beams that rotated around her body like very large coiled wires that seemed to have no beginning or end! Sakura went spinning to the ground head first! Yet again her mind was flooded with visions! “NOW YOU SHALL LIVE THROUGH YOUR WORST NIGHTMARE! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!”

Her mind traveled back to the first time she met Ryu, in a grassy swamp in Thailand. Off into the distance, Adon, looking badly beaten was walking away. He was clutching one of his arms as if it was badly broken. Ryu’s back was turned to Sakura and he was walking away as well. “Wait! Ryu! Where are you going? My name is Sakura and I’m your number one fan! I want to learn more about Martial Arts. Please! Please teach me! Be my sensei!”

Ryu stopped in his tracks. He held up his right hand, staring at his palm. It along with his entire forearm was covered with Adon’s blood. “Sakura, I am still training myself and have a long way to go. There is no way I can take on a student right now. I’ve got to go. Sorry.” “At least give me something to remember you by!” Sakura took out her small green camera. She wanted to take a picture of Ryu. This was Sakura’s happiest memory.

However, in this chaotic dimension things were about to take a turn for the worst. The colors represented in this vision all took on a darker shade. This is where the nightmare portion of the vision began.

With glowing red eyes, Ryu turned around and grabbed the camera from Sakura. He crushed it with one hand!


“No… Ryu… I can do a Hadouken, look! HADOUKEN!” Sakura tried to throw a fireball but nothing happened. She performed the movement correctly but there was no fireball to be seen. “Wait a second, what’s wrong…” “I SAID GET OUT OF MY SIGHT! HADOUKEN!” Ryu’s own attack didn’t fail. His giant fireball struck Sakura head on! She went rolling away. “RYU…”

She stopped rolling once she struck the back of a large man. There she was back at the Japanese Festival where she first met the next person showing up in her nightmare. She got up and looked at him, calling out his name. “GOUKI!”

Gouki looked over his left shoulder and said. “Hmph. Ryu is right. You are pathetic. I defeated Shuma-Gorath so easily yet you are still struggling. Unless you surrender to the Satsui No Hadou you don’t stand a chance!”

Not playing around, Gouki Ashura Warped towards Sakura and struck her with his strongest attack. Yes, THE SHUN GOKU SATSU! This was quite a nightmare indeed!

Sakura appeared in our world before Shuma did and suffered a 90 foot drop (they descended about 10 feet in the Chaos Dimension) on the ground right on her head! Even more cracks were caused along the street, now uprooting several portions of it! Sakura’s eyes closed and she entered a deep sleep! The physical pain along with the mental agony she suffered in the other dimension was more than she could handle. Even so, she was still strong enough to cling to life.

Just as he did in the beginning of this fight, Shuma-Gorath popped out of a small portal to teleport back into this world and dropped down to the the street. He wrapped a tentacle around Sakura’s left leg and started to float up straight up in the sky with her, rising yet again about fifty feet in the air. He was laughing hysterically all the way.

With the upside down Sakura having her skirt pointing down thanks to gravity, the tentacle Shuma wrapped around Sakura’s leg seemed to be dangerously close to her bloomers.


Shuma-Gorath looked up and he got a kick from the man who just yelled at him! Spider-Man struck him right in his eye socket (Spider-Man’s tag-in move in the game)! This caused him to accidentally toss Sakura away and Spider-Man was happy enough to web swing and catch her. Swinging down to the ground, he rested Sakura on a bench on the sidewalk. He quickly checked her vital signs.

“Just got here and not sure what Shuma-Gorath did to this girl, but she’s still breathing and her pulse is fairly strong. Hang in there kid. I’ll get you to a hospital once I take care of One-Eyed Willy!”

Something came up… AGAIN… I have to run out to do family stuff so I’ll take care of ‘Radioactive Bytes’ tomorrow. Ack, always short on time. Hope you enjoyed and see you in about 24 hours!


Radioactive Bytes: Big up to “The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe” series from the 80s where I get to see an actual map of the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier and know things like what and where the Bridge/Command Information Center is called and located. Also thanks to Marvel for releasing the series in a TPB because it’s a lot easier to turn to the appropriate page instead of looking up the individual issue. The TPB is colorless unlike the old issues though so I still keep them around, just in case.

Shuma-Gorath reverses his colors when he uses magic, because in MSH along with Storm’s ending in X-Men vs. SF (including his cameo in the last stage) he was purple. In MSH vs. SF he’s green. So I had to get him to change colors. In the comics he started out being purple and went on to be green, so now whenever he pops up he’s green. It’s naturally assumed that Shuma-Gorath can alter his appearance to an extent.

When Shuma-Gorath says “THE WORSHIP OF EVIL SHALL SUPPLANT ALL RELIGION!,” that’s a direct quote from the comic Marvel Premiere #10 which had his first physical appearance. He says this while he is possessing the Ancient One, Doctor Strange’s master. While he says this line there’s an image of New York City, only there’s a big statue of a Satan-Like figure on 34th street and people are worshipping it. This image is where I got the idea of Shuma-Gorath transforming the statues around the city.

There are lots of statues in New York City so I naturally picked the most famous ones. If you’ve never seen what any of these statues actually look like just check below.

For the Statue of Atlas, I only say that it’s a long haired and shirtless barbarian in the fic. You can probably guess that it is supposed to be Conan The Barbarian, I mean what other long haired barbarians spring to mind lol! Okay there’s Krull I guess… But Shuma-Gorath did actually meet Conan in issue #260 of Conan The Barbarian… Yeah the only reason I don’t directly say Conan’s name in the fic is because to an extent I do treat this as if it was an actual comic book coming out now and Marvel doesn’t really have the rights to Conan anymore. I mean, I don’t exactly treat it like a comic book coming out now because they seem to have a big hang up nowadays about Marvel characters smoking which I could care less about, but I digress. This would be my sneaky way of getting Conan in the story, I suppose the artist would draw the statued Barbarian as generic as possible. Marvel is on really good terms with Dark Horse Comics who holds the comic book rights to Conan now. They even let Dark Horse release the old Marvel Comics of Conan in TPBs. So this one might not turn into a big legal battle either way if this was an actual comic. I do kind of think of this fic in my head as an ongoing anime but the legal rights to Conan on film/TV are another matter ooh… Ah well moving along…

Missing from the above link are the ‘Library Lions’ from the New York Public Library. You can see what one of them looks like below. The other one is on the opposite side of the Library and looks exactly the same.

To me those are famous monuments that I just couldn’t ignore so I had to have those two statues transform into something. If you’ve ever seen the movie Ghostbusters than I’m pretty sure you’re aware of those two Lion Statues. BTW, in the newest Ghostbusters video game that came out for the PS3, 360 and Wii you get to venture inside of the New York Public Library along with seeing the lions up close! As someone whose been inside this building lots of times it’s pretty amazing how it looks EXACTLY the same in the Ghostbusters video game! They must’ve done a ton of research!

The two Lion statues turning into N’astirh is a huge nod to the big X-Men crossover storyline called ‘Inferno’ and N’astirh was one of the agents behind that. This is my favorite X-Men crossover! Statues and sculptures all around New York City came to life as it was literally hell on Earth. I like this story so much because I live in New York and something like this would be hella wield to see! The two Lion statues even came to life in that story and started attacking people! Now, I doubt Shuma-Gorath ever met N’astirh but just like he put a random statue of Satan in that Marvel Premiere issue well I’m sure he’d put up random statues of Marvel’s demonic beings heh! N’astirh did appear in a video game, kinda. In the old Spider-Man and the X-Men video game for the Super NES. Spider-Man fights a robot version of him. This video game falls in the category of “so bad it’s HYSTERICAL” so I’m not actually recommended you go seek it out. :stuck_out_tongue: Oh, and N’astirh is much larger than the two Lion statues, he’s a giant just like Shuma-Gorath is. But I figure that statues aren’t always done to scale anyway heh! You can see what N’astirh looks like below.'astirh

Shuma-Gorath turning the Statue of Liberty into Umar was me having fun lol! I doubt these two have ever met either, but who knows maybe he has a crush on her ROFL! Since Shuma-Gorath is a Doctor Strange villain it just made sense for him to turn the Statue of Liberty into another Strange villain and I can’t think of anyone that’s more prolific than Dormmamu’s sister, and Doctor Strange’s very own Mother-In-Law, CRAZY! Yeah she’s a good villain in her own right. For me, Umar had me cracking up in the Defenders mini that came out in 2005 written by one of my favorite writers J.M. Dematteis. In it she gets Hulk to sleep with her and… Well it’s REALLY FUNNY so if you are able to please check that series out lol! You can see what Umar looks like here.

The “iron-bound books of Shuma Gorath” that the statue of Umar is holding in place of Lady Liberty’s tablet hearkens back to how Shuma-Gorath was created. These books were first mentioned in Robert E. Howard’s short story called “The Curse of the Golden Skull” that featured Krull. Marvel seemed to come across this and created the character from there as near as I can tell. The three Iron-Bound books actually do show up in Conan The Barbarian issue #260 and are destroyed in the same issue. These books received a mention in “The Official Marvel Universe Mystic Arcana Book Of Magic” that came out a few years ago as they were listed along with lots of other magical paraphernalia used in the Marvel Universe.

I’m guessing most people reading this are probably aware of this bust to point out, Sakura’s moves in MSH vs. SF are very different from her regular moves in the Street Fighter games. Her Shou’ken is different and her Shinkuu Hadouken does indeed toss fireballs high in the sky at an angle. The moves she is using in this fic are based on MSH vs. SF and that game alone.

Shuma-Gorath flooding Sakura’s mind with images during the Mystic Stare is taken from, again Conan The Barbarian #260. In the issue he floods six minds with images and what he shows them is almost the same exact vision that he shows to Sakura, I only altered it just a bit. The line he says “SHUMA-GORATH IS FED BY BLOOD SACRIFICE, WHETHER BY TRIBAL WAR OR THE RITUAL SLAUGHTER OF MAIDENS, UPON AN ALTAR OF CRIMSON DEATH.” is also lifted directly from that issue. Now, I have no idea if this is where Capcom got the idea of the Mystic Stare but I did find it ironic that he flooded six people’s minds with this vision and he fires six eyeballs at the opponent. Obviously it could just be a coincidence I suppose.

The Mountain he is appearing above is supposed Mount Crom, a famous Mountain from Conan The Barbarian stories. Eventually The god Crom had a shaman imprison Shuma in the mountain, before it was called Mount Crom. I don’t say Mount Crom in the fic for the same reason I don’t mention Conan’s name. But this is where he resided the next time he appeared on Earth. This was way before Conan’s own time, around 19,000 B.C. In contrast, Conan’s time, the Hyborian Age occurs around 10,000 B.C. so that’s about 9,000 years later. So the line Conan The Barbarian says about his people, the Cimmerians, since Mount Crom is in Cimmeria - “The Hyborians (most of the other people who lived around that time) do not sacrifice humans to their god, Mitra, and as for my people - by Crom, I’d like to see a priest try to drag a Cimmerian to that altar! There’d be blood spilt, but not as the priest intended!” - in Robert E. Howard’s short story “Xuthal of the Dusk” still holds true. Shuma’s time was way before, about 1,000 to 1,500 years before the sinking of Atlantis and Conan’s people descended from survivors of the sunk Atlantis. Cimmerians wouldn’t bow to Shuma but these were not Conan’s people that were around Mount Crom at that time, or in this story. Heh, that’s a lot of explaining for me to get one of Conan’s kick ass quotes in here but it reminded of events in the flashback… The original Conan stories are awesome!

When Shuma-Gorath appeared in Conan’s comic he had a different appearance entirely. He had sharp teeth, crab claws and spider legs! Yet he appeared millions of years before that just being a purple eye. Anyway I didn’t want to go about changing Shuma-Gorath’s appearance in the flashback of this story since by now most of us know him as just being the tentacled eye. Since he can change his appearance anyway I just figure he showed Sakura an image from when he decided to look the way we are used to and not the, super scary Conan The Barbarian comic variant. You can see this creepier take on Shuma-Gorath three images down… YIKES!

Shuma-Gorath’s dimension is never given a name, but since his move is called ‘Chaos Dimension’ and he has been called the Lord of Chaos I figured it was okay for me to call his homeworld the Chaos Dimension. He has used the powers of nightmares before to aid in helping him return to Earth, in fact he used a Doctor Strange enemy called Nightmare to do just that. I figured it would be more horrific if when he took people into this dimension they could experience their worse nightmares. That never happened in Marvel’s comics when people went to his homeworld really but so far it has only been powerful magicians like Strange and the Ancient One who have traveled there who in theory I’m sure they could protect themselves from horrible visions unlike Sakura. Shuma can control people’s minds and everything so he probably doesn’t need to take someone to this dimension to show them their worse nightmares. I guess it’s just fun to have his super do something else and it will play into Sakura’s story in this fic down the line.

Yeah Sakura can survive a lot, including drops right on her head at amazing heights! Don’t try this at home kiddies! Well take it with a grain of salt that in anime and manga settings characters can survive almost anything and have unlimited supplies of blood and so on. Especially if they have any kind of Martial Arts training or are a little girl wearing a short skirt… “AMAJING!” :stuck_out_tongue: American comics aren’t like that but… Super-Heroes and Super-Villains are really hard to kill off for good! They come back from the dead all of time LOL!

I couldn’t resist Spider-Man making that Hentai joke HA HA! I mean it’s long been thought by fans that the only reason Capcom put Shuma-Gorath in the game is so they could elude to… TENTACLE SEX! Oh I’m not putting up any links going into detail about tentacle sex… I think Shuma was carrying her away so he could offer her as a sacrifice properly is all by way of ceremony, but I did leave a window open for him to be doing something else in case… There’s some twisted individuals out there… ^_^;

I honestly have no idea why in the blue blazes Capcom put Shuma-Gorath and Blackheart into their video games. Those are some really random choices. The best theory I’ve ever heard regarding this was from Iggy of Madman’s Cafe. He said that American comics come out years later in Japan than they do here and they picked two characters that were in books that were currently on the shelves in Japan. Mind you, THIS IS A THEORY and I have no way of proving if this is true or not. I’m not even sure if there’s anyone left at Capcom that we could even ask why these two characters are in their games. If anyone ever finds out for certain please let me know!

Funny story but recently a Japanese artist named Sana Takeda did a cover for Heroes For Hire #13. On the cover there were a few women trapped with tentacles. There were lots of complaints that this was a hentai image and they were eluding to tentacle rape! The entire thing was beyond ridiculous IMHO and it wasn’t the artist’s intention to depict the image that way! Sana Takeda is an amazing artist BTW who currently draws Ms. Marvel. Check out her website!

Oh, if you’ve ever seen the 1985 movie “The Goonies” that was directed by Richard Donner (who also directed the first 2 Superman movies BTW) then you’ve heard the name One-Eyed Willy before. Spider-Man most likely saw that movie too and that’s where that joke name he gave Shuma-Gorath came from. If you’ve never seen The Goonies than you really should. It’s an excellent movie, a classic! Hey Spider-Man liked it! :stuck_out_tongue:

Next Up: Spider-Man can’t take on Shuma-Gorath alone but lucky for him Uncle Scrooge and the rest of the Duck Tales gang arrives just in time to help out! What, haven’t you heard? Disney just purchased Marvel and Capcom did make a Duck Tales game before. I am perfectly within my fan fiction rights to use these characters! ROFL I’m just kidding man put the pitchforks down. No Disney cartoons will EVER show up in this story. ^^; Disney did purchase Marvel though, that part is real… Anyway enough rambling! Check back in a few weeks for Spider-Armor Spider-Man vs. Shuma-Gorath! In honor of the Disney merger, in my best Mickey Mouse impersonation I’ll sign out by saying “I think Spider-Armor Spider-Man and Shuma-Gorath well get along really swell!” ^^


love the storys