Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter: Sequel to my X-Men vs. SF Fan Fic!


Wow, you’re still alive Sano. You never venture out of the fan fic/comic forums so I don’t see you much anymore :looney:

Anyway, I’ll read what you got tonight. Should be entertaining :china: I remember reading this in high school lol


Still around. Just super busy! I really only have 4 major parts left to finish this thing off. Things just keep coming up and whenever I turn around months turn to years ack! Hopefully next year I’ll be done. I always say that though. Like Capcom Spider-Man says, “SO CLOSE!” :smile:


RADIOACTIVE BYTES: This will cover chapters 38 and 39. Ack I said I’d do it in two weeks, but it’s been two months! Yup seems about right for me ha ha! Crazy that I’ve been working at this so long that not only did Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 come and go, Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite is on it’s way! Well, hopefully I’ll finish before Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite 2 comes out SHEASH! Anyway here we go -

Wolverine and Sabretooth holding claws and rolling around is my homage or you can say me making fun of the 90s X-Men cartoon lol! They were never allowed to cut each other on TV because Fox never let them do anything even remotely violent. In the Spider-Man’s 90s cartoon Spider-Man never even punched anyone in the face! So Wolverine and Sabretooth did a lot of rolling around ha ha! Here at least they left a trail of blood and I used it as a way to not have blood being splashed in everyone’s face.

Speaking of, there’s a loooot of blood MWUAHAHAHA… Wolverine have fought each other many times. In comics, in cartoons, hell even in live action! But there’s like never enough blood! Even when they fight in Marvel comics, the blood is usually colored black or brown and there’s not enough of it. GET OUT OF HERE WITH THAT! So to make my fight different from everyone else’s you are getting BUCKETS OF BLOOD! And not only blood ANIME BLOOD THAT SPLASHES OUT LIKE NIAGRA FALLS! Hey if you need a rationale, both have Healing Factors which would in theory reproduce lost blood quickly so they have even more blood to splash around than even regular anime characters. THAT’S MY FAN FIC AND I’M STICKING TO IT! :stuck_out_tongue:

With regards to Carnage in this story, he is really based on Hyper-Venom in Marvel vs. Capcom 1. Back then, whenever, strategy guides or gaming magazines mentioned the character they just called him Carnage. I honestly have no idea if this was ever an idea Capcom had to get Carnage in there as a swap or not. I ran into some storyline tidbit (like most storyline bits I find about these games, there’s really no way I can confirm or deny) that Hyper-Venom is a clone that Onslaught made. Yeeeeeeeeeeeah, if I ever cover Marvel vs. Capcom 1 as a fan fic I would NEVER tell that story. Why in the hell would Onslaught clone Venom? When has he EVER CLONED ANYBODY? Ugh… Maybe it’s referring to all of the Clones Spider-Man deals with. Man I dunno… Anyway, this is pretty much my way of getting “Hyper-Venom” in this story, while adding another character that isn’t related to the X-Men. Because there sure are a lot of X-Men characters.

The fight itself is based mostly on Hyper-Venom vs. Ryu when you transform him into Ken and he gets a red gi. So this match is possible in Marvel vs. Capcom 1. Just use your imagination ha ha! If I ever fan fic MvC 1 I’m also never having Ryu turn red so here you go. Satsui No Hadou Ryu however, OF COURSE! Now that’s a swap that works YOS!

Hyper-Venom moves are all Venom’s moves, so things have been swapped. The “Venom Crush” became the Carnage Crush, but Carnage is not going to yell out the name of the move. Also, Carnage was never big on webs and usually fires off red thorny extensions with thorns. Well you probably get the idea by now.

Hyper-Venom is a much faster version of Venom. When he moves he leaves shadows of himself. I don’t really recall Carnage doing this, but he is supposed to be faster than Venom. Let’s say he can in this universe because… he can in this universe. Lol!

Before writing Carnage I read a lot of comics with Carnage of course but I also read a lot of Batman comics with Joker. Because I kind of think of Carnage as Marvel’s version of Joker, but not the brilliance and planning aspect of Joker, mostly his insane murderous side. That’s why it felt right to give Carnage several different laughs. Just felt someone that crazy would not have a set way of laughing. At least Joker from the 1960s Batman TV show has a few different ways of laughing. Maybe it’s a subconscious or conscious nod to that.

Ken’s blood type is actually Type B. Street Fighter Zero/Alpha 3 takes place late 1989 through early 1990. Ken was born in 1965, his birthday is February 12th. AKA Valentine’s Day naturally lol! Anyway 1990 - 1965 = 25. Not saying those calendar years hold true in this world, but this was how I measured around what age he would be. Oh I have no idea if Carnage or anyone could tell what blood your type is by tasting it and guess your age by tasting it, but if anyone could it would probably be someone who has killed a loooooot of people. MWUAHAHAHAHAHA… Feel free to toss this up to two lucky guesses though.

“Uncle Clete” and “Make Mine Murder” are both things Carnage says in the crossover Maximum Carnage. “Make Mine Marvel” is something people who wrote letters to Marvel would say at the end of their correspondence. So people would say things like, “So until Doctor Octopus gets Aunt May pregnant, Make Mine Marvel!” Like I already established, Marvel Comics exist in this world just as they exist in Marvel’s world, 616. Their comics are just not exactly like the events that take place.

Red Ryu’s Hadouken in MvC 1 doesn’t travel all the way across the screen. So that happens in the fight, but for a different reason.

Ken using a Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku to soften his landing was inspired by Project X Zone 2. In the game whenever they had to take a huge leap in the air, Ryu kept suggesting that everyone just perform the move so they could land. As if anyone could do it ROFL!

For Wolverine and Sabretooth’s fight, whenever there is a bloody X, in the games after you perform supers a big X tends to appear on the screen, almost like it’s a ripped page in the shape of an X ( MvC3 / UMvC3 does this more convincingly if that is what they are going for). Um, I don’t know what that is supposed to be so my Xs are just made from the opponent’s blood. Because I figured I needed more blood. I have issues… ^_^;

Wolverine takes Sabretooth out with a claw to the brain. In the comics he actually does that and the first time, Sabretooth’s mind reverts to a child for a while. The story where that occurs is not happening in this world anyway for reasons I’ll bring up later. At a later date, Wolverine claws Sabretooth’s brain and the next time we see him he’s fine. Let’s say that in this world this is something that he can heal from at a faster rate than he originally did in the regular universe. Basically I had Wolverine claw his brain because I wanted to have the fight end as conclusive as possible, without like killing Sabretooth or anything like that since he still shows up in Marvel vs. Capcom 2.

For anyone reading this from a different country, “Operation” is a board game from Milton Bradley and that’s what Carnage is referencing.

I have no idea and didn’t really bother looking into whether or not Ken can shoot a Red Hadouken in any game. I just figure since Ryu could do it Ken could do it too, just by manipulating the flames he uses for his Shoryukens.

Really got tired of having Ken do that pose he does in the Street Fighter II Animated movie where he chants and concentrates his Ki so I didn’t do it this time. It’s pretty funny that I gave Ryu and Ken a Force Field in this world, and when Ryu is in Smash Bros. he has a Force Field too! Well, everyone has a Force Field in that game when they block, but at least I have my own fan fic reason why Ryu has it ha ha!

Carnage saying “Stay blue, Ponytail boy” is a reference to the book and movie The Outsiders. The actual line is “Stay gold, Ponyboy!”

In Japan the move from the SF Alpha / Zero series is called an Original Combo while in the US it’s called a Custom Combo. And no you can’t perform it in any of the Marvel vs. Capcom games. Ah well, it’s not like you can really have a Ken vs. Carnage fight anyway ha ha!

NEXT UP: Hulk vs. Juggernaut and Chun-Li vs. Cammy! I’m shooting for the first week of March since I’ll be on vacation then but we’ll see how that works out. Getting closer and closer to the finish line. Enjoy 2017 and take care!


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