Marvel Super Heroes

This game is hella/mad tight. Anyone still play it? It seems incredibly balanced in my point of view and the graphics look jaw dropping to me…:cool:

i llove how you kinda " float " when you super jump.

yeah, thinking about it, you do float when you jump…:cool:

I agree, it’s certainly the most balanced marvel game out there. Every character has good moves and every character has at least one infinite. Obviously IM and wolv are top 2 though.

umm… nah, this game is hella unbalanced. spiderman, shuma, wolverine, and i think capA??? are the tops… psylocke is pure crap. bh isnt anything special, magneto isn’t anything special (cept for his air combo)

i still say that xmen vs sf is teh most balanced of all of them.

xmen vs sf?!? most balanced?!? Nah theres no way. You can easily beat almost anyone with Storm on there. Her infinite, semi infinite, runaway and her grab combos are ridiculous on there. Also Ryu is the best he’s ever been on any VS game. IMO he is top tier. On a controller, Magneto owns all tho.
Its hard to decide which is most balanced, but my guess would be MVC1. Yeah im probably wrong about MVC1, but like I said, its hard to tell.

i get your point, but mvc1 def not. red venom, wm / gwm, and strider own everything on that team

Well, we cant even say which one is the most balanced then. We gotta say which one has almost all of their characters top tier(I mean as far as glitches and infinites.)

Which would be MSH.

then it would be MSH, wouldn’t it then? even though shuma completely wipes the floor with psylocke…

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then it would be MSH, wouldn’t it then? even though shuma completely wipes the floor with psylocke… **[/

I guess. I love the fact that you can link Magneto’s Tempest into an air combo without the hypergrav. :smiley: Too easy

MSH is clearly the most balanced of the Marvel games. Even the lower tier characters, Hulk & Psylocke, have good chances of winning vs most characters. It all depends on who gets the time and power gems, of course hehe.

PS. Iron Man is undoubtedly the #1 guy in the game, I’ve been saying it for years.

Indeed. Hadoken King, I can’t believe you don’t have IM in your tops. IM is at the TOP of the tier list.

I play MSH since 96, and i think that game isn’t balanced because IM, Wolvie and Spider are the best chars in MSH. If u launch the enemy with one of the 3 chars,any where on screem, the enemy is dead!
I never saw an expert in that game play with psylocke, hulk, blackheart…
Iron-Man have 8 infinites that i know so far
Wolvie have 8 infinites so far
Spider have 5 infinites "
Jugger have 2 infinites "
Hulk have 2 infinites "
Psylocke have 2 infinites "
Shuma have 3 infinites "
Captain America 4 infinites "
Magneto have 3 infinites "

Beside that infinites, almost all char have a infinite while are using the time gem.

But if myself base in the matchs in msh, wolvie and spider are the best in matchs, because your infinites in any screem are easy, and the infinite in anyscrem from Iron-man is a litle hard.

Hopefully I’ll have some MSH up in a week or so.



Can someone post some MSH combos and infinites? I can’t browse gamefaqs guides on my cell and my pc is having issues. I feel like fuking around in that game so any info would be helpful. Peace.

Psylocke semi-infinite: dash mp forward+mk. Works best on Shuma’s level with the barrier broken.

Wolvie: launch, lp lk mp (short pause) d+mk hp hk launch. Again, works best on Shuma’s level. This chain is also in XVSF, but Wolvie can no longer follow the opponent up after the second launch, but he can go into his jumping infinite afterwards if they fall towards the corner.

Joker had sent these earlier this month:


MSH… Shuma is teh best in this installment :cool:


Hey can you elaborate on the Hulk and Juggernaut infinites?

Blackheart - At the high level, he is effective against Spiderman and Wolverine. He can rushdown and keepaway with his airdash & ground shorts. Save gems for antiairs. It’s very, very difficult to get in on him. BH also totally, utterly kills Hulk and Juggernaut.

Hulk is dangerous with his ‘jab rushdown’. However, it’s just too difficult to prevent that one SM/Wolv hit that will kill you. Very effective vs the other characters though.