Marvel team matches?

Hey all,
We’re looking for any friends, teams, group of people, who would like to run some MM’s during evo. We’re a group of 5 coming out of central california. A couple of us play other fighters, but we all play Marvel. You don’t need 5 to play us come with 1,2,3, 4, or 5! We’re just trying to play as many people as we can and have as much fun as possible.

We’ll also be down for casuals if you want, but you have to willing to at least wager your pride. reply to this thread or email me at

Friday would be best since our pools are spread from 8-4pm saturday. Let usknow.

-team 805

I’m down live in texas…don’t play marvel myself but I’m down to make of texas people down for a hype team match

Ill Money match you guys! When and Where? Your Hotel Room?

We check into the hotel on friday, but will be there thursday night and staying at a friends for that night. For best odds on us not being stuck in traffic on thrusday, Friday would be best for all. When and where? Our hotel room. We’ll have 2 ps3 setups. Friday since marvel isn’t till saturday, but all weekend can work. That work for either of you guys?

Prefect I’ll check this thread periodically