Marvel Team Tournament returns - GET HYPE!

Once again by special request, I will be running a Marvel team tourney at Evo Vegas.

Here are the tentative details. Please post up if you want to change anything:

Saturday, August 19th, high noon

]$30/team, regardless of the number of team members
[]single game, single set, double elimination
]seeding by region and past tourney performance
[]MERCENARY MODE (single-man or two-man teams) will be allowed, but you still pay the full $30, and you only get as many losses as you have players (so if a one-man team loses once, he’s done)
]you can only be on ONE team (sorry Isaac) :wasted:[/list]

To save time, ALL registration must be done online. Entry fee will be paid at the tourney itself, but all registration will be online. It was just way too complicated last year trying to do registration and make brackets the day of the tourney.

To register, you must post in this thread. Please use this format:

player1/player2/player3, Team Name, City, State

If you have friends who want to enter but don’t have internet access :confused: you must post in this thread for them. Registration will close August 14th at 11:59pm, Central time. I will then make the brackets and post them online so you will already know before the tourney who your first match will be. This will save a LOT of time.

Of course 100% of the money will go back to the players. Considering that the 1st place pot is already going to be split 3 ways (among teammates), rather than 70/20/10, I suggest winning team takes all.

Team Westside Connection: Ducvader/finesse/SooMighty (SoCal)
Team DBLOCK: erik/Wigfall/YIPES (NYC)
Team Two-and-Out: NKI/Magnetro/Azn Hadouken (STL, SoCal)
Team Choke: Sergio/Tony/dereklearnslow (Chicago)
Team Empire Trinity: Demon Hyo/Justin Wong/Sanford (Philly, NY)
Team Shimi: Vercette/Eder/VietKhan (Orlando, NY)
Team Sean Connery: jal/Isaac/Potter (SoCal)
Team Metal: Mike Ross/Taiji/Dark Prince (SoCal)
Team HotBox Deuce: Skisonic/phat toi/fernboi (MD, SoCal)
Team DSP and two Mysterious Challengers: DSP/???/??? (CT)
Team Hyphy Movement: Cableguy/Chunksta/Crizzle (NorCal)
The Re-up Gang: Juicy G/ChoBo ruiN-/Chris Smith (Chicago, Vegas, Cali)
Team MegaTron: Preppy/Ranma/Bernie (WA, TX, NV)
Team Impossible: JMar/???/??? (Seattle)
Skumbag Skuad: Luis/Dorian/Edger (SoCal)
Team NoName: True_Tech/bacardi/??? (CO, CT)
Team LEW: Randy Lew/Rob Lew/anthonEEEzy (NorCal)
Team BLUNT 808: GOLDEN NISMOR/DJ-B13/WEAPON X (Honolulu) — Facing Demon Hyo’s team first round, by request.
Team Money In The Bank : KiLLaKeLLy/The Showstopper/??? - (NorCal, SoCal)
Team Unwanted: MegamanDS/EdMa/fanatiq (SoCal)
TEAM 949: Y2J/JustinK/??? (SoCal)
TEAM BYAAHH!!!: FlashMetroid, Alex G, killerkai (FL, Cali)
Team G: G $$$/Amir/James (???)
Team smoothskills: smooth assassin/robskills/??? (San Diego)

Total teams: 24
Total pot: $720 CASH MONEY, BABY


This tourney is capped at 32 teams.

try not to schedule it anytime we are running a final, we dont want to deter from the finals.

I assure you that won’t happen, boss. We all wanna watch the finals, too. :tup:

I’ll be entering this shit again! I don’t know my team yet but ill look for one.

me/taiji/? (FEEEEEEERN???)

I wanna be on 500 teams though ==.

[Team Westside Connection] FFA, Ca.
Iron Illan / Finesse / R2J


Team DBLOCK Me/Wigfall/YIPES Ny

Team Khan: Me/D. Hyo/President

gl chumps lol

Sanford is attendin?.. anywas, me/eder/???

Now that team is too nice. GOOD GAME.

Wait, lol! I never agreed to team up with anyone and I haven’t even talked to anyone yet. No offense, but I’d like to chose my own team.

Please only post the team info if it is 100% for sure. Thanks. :smile:

Isaac - Can you imagine if two of your teams had to play against each other last year? How would you fight yourself!?!? :confused:!

I wanna be on NKIs team aka the winning team aka mvc2 for sbo07.

I also like Issac over Issac for 50

I don’t see why there can’t be one-man teams, as long as the person pays for all three entries and plays three different teams.

Maybe I’m just crazy, but every single time I’ve ever entered a team tournament, since I don’t live in a high-population area of gamers, I have to randomly find teammates at the last second. According to the rules of this tournament, I can’t even do that since I have to pre-register online!

If you let people do one-man teams, the most you’ll have is maybe a handful, and most of those people will get raped anyway. I personally would like to enter myself as an entire team, since I know I have no chance of finding a worthwhile team ahead of time, and also because I can play 3 different teams and still win. The only argument I can see against this is that EVERYBODY enters as their own team, but who in their right mind would do that unless they really were put in a bind like myself? It’s not going to negatively affect anything unless you exaggerate and think that an excessive amount of people will enter themselves as one-man-gangs, which won’t happen.

If you don’t allow one-man teams, I call discrimination against people who don’t have anybody to team with. Don’t make me call HR on you…

Those are just my suggested rules. It’s up to the players to decide what they want, and if the majority agrees that one-man teams are OK, I have no problem with that. :tup:

Do it. But we need a third teammate who has a three-letter acronym for a nickname…

I’ll take that bet.

noone enter multiple teams (ISSAC!!)

rep 1 team

and yeah 1 man team(mercenarie mode)could rock.


LOL, vic you’re my hero (no homo) lolol