Marvel Team Tournament RETURNS in 2007, and entry fee DOUBLES if ya wait 'til Evo!

(It closed Thursday, the 23rd, at 11:30pm Central Time.) It will be $60/team for any teams that register from this point forward.

Brackets are up:

There are two important changes this year. Last year it was way too hard for us to run the tourney, so…

  1. If you pre-registered in this thread, it’s $30 per team. If you didn’t pre-register by the above date/time, it’s $60 per team, and you will not be seeded, no matter who you are. This is so that I could make the brackets before Evo, and you’ll already know your first match before the day of the tourney.

  2. For every team, at least one cell phone number will be required. If we can’t find your team, we’ll call or text, and if you don’t show up or reply after 15 mintues, GGPO!

Everything else will essentially remain the same:
3-on-3, single game, single set, double elimination, grand finals will be 2 out of 3 sets.

Saturday Aug 25th
Last min registration at 11:00am. This is when we’ll be collecting the money and getting phone numbers. Remember…wait until Saturday to register, and it’ll cost $60 per team.

Tournament starts at 12pm in the BYOC area.

To pre-register, post up the following info:



Pre-registered teams:

Team Gainsville: Alex Garvin, sentinalll, ??? (FL)
Team 3a: Petey Piff, Chris Schmidt, Bill Wellman (SoCal)
Team LEGENDS: Ghengis, Clockw0rk, COMBOFIEND (SoCal)
Team Orlando: Vercette, AsianDemon, Eder The Chedder (FL)
Team No Name #1: KiLLaKeLLy, The Showstopper, Metrock (NorCal)
Team Evo South: Mag_X, Vegita-X, PowerDn (TX)
Team Sofa King You Up: Demon Hyo, SooMighty, Blaziniflo (Philly, Seoul, FL)
Team Casual Cartel: smooth assassin, fernando’s nuts, Rob skillz (SoCal)
Team Rush: CRAZY JAY, JJ Tactics, ??? (West Canada)
Team Skittles: shizuma_15, luiz, hAMM (TX)
Team Super: Mike Ross, Reset, Taiji (SoCal)
Team No Name #2: ruin, Allen, hiryu (Vegas, Cali?)
Team dXp: dXp, ???, ??? (CT)
Team Megatron: Preppy, Ranma, BBHood (Seattle, Vegas, SoCal)
Team Slow Unknown Noise: dereklearnslow, Tonyk, Sergio (Chicago)
Team 949: ytwojay, Blockable Laser, ??? (SoCal)
Team 7: Snake, Merdoc, Liston (NYC)
Team BLUNT 808: Golden Nismor, DJ-B13, Toberlicouz (HI)
Team Hold dat shit: Nelson, Yipes, Sanford (NYC)
Team 1ST PLACE: Justin Wong, Erik, Infinite (NYC)
Team FOR REAL: neezy, crizzle, chunksta (NorCal)
Team Trinity: Duc, ???, ??? (SoCal)
Team Knights of Ni: True_Tech, Bacardi, NKI (CO, CT, STL)
Team China: Allan Cabatic, Mephisto, ATM Spidertao (Canada)
Team $yndicate: Xecutioner, Ryu Shinnosuke’, Goukigirl (NYC, HI)
Team FISTFUL OF QUARTERS: Iron-Maiden, Rudy, ??? (So Cal)
Team No Name #3: Hydro, filipino champ, ??? (SoCal?)
Team Oreo Robot: Finesse, Illan, Dark Prince (SoCal)
Team Crack: NerdJosh, Tony B, ??? (CT)
Team OG F.Net: Bernie, BarrelO, ??? (VA, NV via NJ)
Team Mashers: Kim, Skisonic, ??? (SoCal, MD)
Team Sylvan Learning Center: Rubillionaire, David C. Henderson, Slimfast Jones (SoCal)
Team Isaac Graham: Isaac Graham, ???, ??? (NC)
Team B210: Randy Lew, Som, Hermann Kwan (NorCal)
Team KSII: Magnus02, Andrew, LocDown (NorCal)
Team homeless: fanatiq, fanatiq’s bro, mayo (SoCal)
Team Lunch Rush: Dios <-X-> , Mike_Z , Justin K (SoCal)

Fock Yeah!

u da man NKI :tup:

so far its just me on my team, looking for some decent calibar homey’s to roll with

who interested!

Good stuff, NKI.

Our team is the same as last year of course, TEAM TRINITY.

Demon Hyo: Philly

Justin Wong: New York

Sanford Kelly: New York/Philly

If anything changes with our team, then I’ll post on here to let you know.

This time the outcome won’t be the same.

my team is

team gdlk

justin wong, new york
pustin wong, los angeles
bustin wong, riverside

what about

wustin jong? that kid is FIRE

Austin wong from texas is better than justin and bustin, but i’m not sure about pustin.

Clockw0rk, ShadyK, & DarkPrinceChronos

^ lol

Glad to see you and the Timekeeper back Shadynides.

Good shit Long. What’s your team name?

Washed Up Mothafuckas Like…

me, alex garvin, sentinalll!!!111…um team gainesville? or team burn that shit? since I invented the catchphrase, no joke. I shoulda trademarked that shit.

Team New Orleans/Katrina Mag_X,Vegita_X, Duane(Marvelous_One)!

Lets do this nigs!!!:wgrin:

i need a team…

Me + Jal + Horchata (Team Santanas)

anyone remember the team tourney @ winnetka? hahahhahahaha

NKI can I suggest something? You should allow players only one team for the whole tournament. Pretty ghetto if you allow players to switch teams between rounds.

We are not gonna allow that…last year we let Potter opt to take on an entire team due to Jal being tied up in another tourny.

Actually what I meant if you play one round with a certain team i.e. msp. you gotta stay with msp for the rest of the tournament. Also 2 players can’t pick the same team ( example: 3 players picking santhrax). It’ll add a lot more to strategy instead of just placing your team order from worst to best.

NKI and I will cover that!