Marvel Teams @ Evo East!

Yall know what It is, NKI and I will be running the 3 on 3 Marvel team tournament at Evo East in the BYOC area.

Starts at noon Saturday May 26th.

You know the rules! 2/3, 3/5 LF/GF
$30 entry per team. 70/20/10 split.

This tournament cannot interfere with the singles tournaments, so if a player is called to compete in the singles, we will skip your match until that player is available.

So get your squad together and register now.


me and sentinalll!!! need a 3rd. 2/3 for semis right? everything is one game right?

2/3 up to the LF.

when all 3 players are eliminated…your match is done!

each person plays 2/3??

He means that each team plays 2 out of 3 sets. Not each player on the team.

Team Canada Represent!

someone good pick me on your team

I said, “Team Canada Represent!”

not really on the topic but are we still on for the mm we were supposed to have at the last ranbat?

Our team will be called: Team OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH SHIT!


lol nice team name

but…the team would be better with me in the front :lol: =P

Lmao, whats good? Wanna get a money match going?

Potter/Bill/Justin W

JustinZ/Justin W/ Mike Ross

im signing up myself john cordeiro(caddles) rob stevens and james sekator (juice) well be known as the alliance

:wow: HO… LY… SHIT! :wow:

rob stevens would be me, Caddles, in case you forgot my handle.:rofl:

Yo, mad ups to that man Jet fuckin Phi for gettin at Mr Wizard who is allowing the Marvel Team Tourny to go down not only on the stage but also on the Projector. NKI,Yipes and I will be on the Mic Kickin it live…GET HYPE!

Good shit Phi!! :tup: