Marvel: the worst netcode I've ever played

anyone agree?

it seems the game is just TOO fast paced to be played online at even a decent level.

PSN strikes again, I’m sure it’s decent on xbox :P.

according to my friend it’s just as bad

I have much better connections on Marvel than I do for BlazBlue or SF4.

i smell a xbox fanboy :lame:

Are you sure you aren’t playing on Turbo 2?

Yeah, that’s why I don’t even own one. :lame:

I never thought I’d actual have fun playing against the CPU, then online. The netcode is straight ass! I don’t know which one is worse online, KOF12 or Marvel?

Yea same here. SF4 is usually so laggy online but Marvel was a lot smoother for me. I thought it was going lag bad too.

Net code is fine but it can use a little bit of modification. What this game needs is a feature to show player pings so you know what to expect.

They have room pings that you can see, but that’s if you can get past the Refreshing screen.

i really dont think its the netcode. alot of it has to do with the shitty job backbone did with the actual build

storm litterly teleports sometimes… its retarded

^^^ Backbone is just shitty and the fact that marvel will not be perfect online because of the pacing of the game. I have had only one laggy game and the rest were playable… mainly because I was putting in work with mags. Anyone else who encounters another mags will get a weird game simply because of the pacing.

I haven’t been able to make it that far :crybaby:

I’m also more interested in individual pings.

i have Verizon Fios and ive had nothing but godlike connections. must be your networks bandwidth or the like but here in NYC its godlike.

I agree with this as well because the backbone, in most cases, is usually the first thing that goes wrong when an online game gets launched. For example, even Blizzard gets it wrong with WoW on release days. The bad part is that it usually requires tweaking on the code itself as well as the structure in the back end. I’m pretty confident that this will get patched up soon in the near future. I can wait though because my experience hasn’t been all that bad like some people on these forums have described.

I’ve only had 1 or 2 laggy matches out of the 50 or so I’ve played. Upgrade your internet guys. I have 5mbps down and 1mbps up and its fine for me.

sf4 was fine
but forget about trying anything beyond magic series combos in mvc2…
for myself at least

On my 360, Marvel has been the most lag free fighter yet. I don’t remember having a single laggy match yet.