Marvel Tiers for New Players


Because this is already starting to pop up in individual character threads, I figure I’ll nip it in the bud and get some information up.

The tiering in Marvel is only definitive at the top of the list, mostly because only about 15 characters have been used competitively in tournament level match-ups. Generally people break the tiers into God, Top, Mid and Low.



This is in no particular order. There’s no question, these are the best characters in the game. In terms of control of angles, setups to bread and butter combos available from all situations, the best DHCs, easiest Guard Breaks, and best comeback ability.
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Iron Man

I considered dropping IM to Top Tier because of the considerably harder execution required, but any character that can make you watch them kill your whole team from 1 hit is probably one of the top 5 characters in the game.


War Machine

If the top 5 characters weren’t in the game these would be the new God Tier. They have the tools to win, but the number of their effective teams is smaller, and/or they have less mobility, take more damage, require super meter, and their gameplay options are less broad.

Captain Commando

Psy and CapCom are found on so many winning teams that they may as well be God Tier. Since the idea is to never have to play these characters on point at high-level play, it’s difficult to place them.



If you don’t see a particular character in the above Tiers, then that character is Low Tier. Within Low Tier, yes, there are certain characters that have slight advantages over others, but the difference is much less pronounced. If you remove the God and Top Tier characters, the game has a surprisingly level playing field. Any character/team can win within low-tier.

Low Tier Marvel has never had the spotlight, hopefully since its the only playable aspect of XBL Marvel, that will change.


What happened to Anakaris and Cammy?


I really don’t see Iron Man in that god tier.

BTW, this game would be just so much better without Sent, Mags, Storm, Cable. Just imagine how much team diversity there would be. I wish this re-release allowed some kinda character ban option for rooms. It would be easier than trying to balance them. Don’t get me wrong, I love my Sentinel, but everyone who plays the top has to admit they are breaking the game a little.


Iron Man’s always been a huge contender, esspecially in Japan. He just doesn’t get as much love in the states because you’re pretty much alone trying to learn his shit compared to any other Gods. But you only need to encounter one good Iron Man to change your mind. Seriously, he can kill your whole team on 1 hit, no meter, no nothing. Seriously.

This game wouldn’t be better without God tier, there would be a new god tier. If Magneto wasn’t there, dhalsim and Morrigan would be god for their instant overheads, and team commando/Clops/psych would rape half the cast since most characters lack the mobility to get around a good AAA. Tron would RAPE shit, since few characters have as much air mobility as the God tier. The list goes on forever. Like I said, no getting rid of God tier, only making a new God tier

As of now, 1 God or 2 God teams can be pretty bitchin, and very workable. You don’t need to play MSP to win marvel. People are just too lazy to learn Storm or Sent and/or have some kind of stigma against top tier and cheat themselves out of the game. Morrigan/tron is a nice combo, throw storm between them and you’ve got yourself a threat. You’ve got a safe DHC, damaging DHC’s, and someone who is capable of coming back without an assist. It’s not cheap, it’s Marvel. If you hate marvel because you can’t win with marrow/hayoto/ryu, I heard a new King of Fighters game is out and you might wanna try it.


How do you random select?


Pretty much nailed it. Not to mention most low tiers can’t even survive without the god/top tiers backing them up. You can win using low tier characters, you’re just gonna have to work five times harder than the god tiers.


Thanks for the list. I could use all the info I can get.


I wanna play you guys on XBL because I don’t think you know what you are talking about. I don’t think you understand how much the top 4 breaks the game. No amount of “work” will let you win while playing ANYTHING other than the top against the top.

And yes, their would be a new “god tier”, but that’s just relative to the rest pf the cast. At this point you are just arguing semantics.


I feel the need to ask you of how many years you spent playing this game. Plus, the big four are like Chun and Sagat in 3rd Strike and SFIV. Beating them with other characters IS possible, but that won’t stop people from abusing them.


yeah, i love venom, but he sucks ass. Thank god for Sent/Black/Ven




That’s not true.

Characters like Morri, Chun and Sim would be high tier, but not God Tier. Yes Sim’s infinite runaway would be fake and extremely overpowered. Other than that ANYTHING you can throw together, the baddest squad you can think of, can be counter-teamed by a smart player. The difference between High-low tier and Mid-low tier is NO WHERE EVEN CLOSE to the difference between God Tier and Mid-tier.

Commando sits out so long after doing his assist. I could make 10 teams in five minutes that kill Commando after one less-than perfect assist call. True story.


iron man hanging with the top 4? :rolleyes:

come on now, yeah he has one hit kills but against anyone decent you’re going to have a hard time getting in to get that one hit. Sent ALONE can keep IM out all fucking day and then IF he ever gets in he can’t really deal with capcom or any decent AA, he soooooo slow. I dont understand why everyone got so afraid of IM within the last year, hes just a super slow magneto.

Safe play > Iron Man


Where IM sits isn’t really the point. The point is past God and Top, the rest are virtually on an even playing field.

I think Tier lists are BS in this game, but there’s going to be a lot of people inquiring about tiers for the bum characters, so I put the info in one spot. Short answer is all the characters below mid-tier are unexplored compared to the rest of the cast.


IM is top 5, but not god tier. lol*

Edit: Also, you should mention Strider is only top with doom AA (rocks)assist. This way it won’t confuse any new player.


How is the tier list bs? This game is 10 years old, the tier list has been pretty much the same for about 7 years. I’m not sure if your advocating more “LOW TIER MARVEL SO FUN” side tourney or god tier vs low tier, but real talk trying to be a low tier hero is just a waste of time. 90% of the cast just do not have the tools to be played in high level with the game being as evolved as it is now. Biiiiiiig props to VDO and Vegita-x for outplaying all of their opponents for the win, but I’m sure even they will agree that they are probably better off playing with the top 4, shit i don’t even think vegita-x is playing any more because he got all pissy over losing to sentinel.


I’m a noob to marvel (I pretty much no nothing), and I was wondering whats the best assist type in general, or at least for the top few chars? I usually go Anti Air, but like i said idk anything


I’ll never use the God tier chars. Its no fun, I’d like to be good a marvel but I can’t take a game seriously when its got infinites and the competative scene can consist of the same standard teams for so long without really any real shift. Marvel is fun, its no SF but its fun. I enjoy learning new tricks with Guile and other low tiers and I will never make a team that doesn’t include Guile(unless it includes Gambit/Spiderman).

Edit: Have there ever been any character bans in Marvel?


cool story bro :coffee:


I didn’t say the tier list (singular) is BS. I said that [making] tier lists in this game is bogus. Tiering up characters beyond God and Top in Marvel is pointless-- there’s no argument that top 5 plus top tier are the best, but BEYOND that its a level playing field so there’s no point in trying because 75% of the characters haven’t been explored yet.