""""""""""""""MARVEL toptier-lowtier mixes""""""""""""""""""


whats your top marvel team?naw not talking about msp,mss,and such, im taking about top tier with a low tier mix,

examples: charlie,sen,guile

im been seeing alot of mag,sen,cammy latly though

so anyone trying to make up there own teaam and raise it to a top team level?


gambit/sent/cyc,rouge/storm/tron and clockwork.sometimes i switch tron for cap comando.


when i go out of town or state and and i happen to go to a arcade with a bunch of scrubs marvel players, i run seninel,doom,collouss, :clap:


I usually consider any team with a low tier in it a low tier team.

Team Steroids
Omega Red/Cable/Doom
Team Zaza


I might be high now, but well said Higher-Jin


i beat down everyone at the las vegas gameworks with guile/sent/cyke.

yeah yeah they were all super scrubs there but still.


Storm, Ruby, Strider
Storm, Sent, Strider - Team of the future :tup:

MSP is top tier people :confused: :rolleyes:


All my teams are like that when I’m playing people who aren’t friends (aka people who I don’t want to ask to mess around with low tiers)…

Although, I had this strange beasting streak for a day with Gambit/Chun/Gief, hahah, assist cover + ghetto air dashed blockstrings with Chun is fun.

My teams are usually xx/xx/Storm or a different order, but Storm is the only top tier character I use, usually.




Omega Red/Sent/CapCom
Ruby Heart/Sent/CapCom


yeah ur definitly high. haha :clap:








Dan, Cable, Sent
Thats My Just For Fun Team

Oh And Capcom Sent IronMan (Capcom on point) Works Pretty good too


When I still actually played the damn game, if I thought I’d win, I’d run Ryu/Jin/Hayato. All about the Plasma Field! :tup: My “main” team, though, was one that isn’t really top-tier anymore (was it ever?): Strider/Doom/Blackheart.

Is Spiral still top? She was my downfall; I could never get around the damn knives… :sad:


jugg sent tron
colosus cable spiral


thanos cyke im > all




…Lol, you as well? For me, it was Hayato, Jin, and Blackheart. I was a fool, I thought if I’d nailed someone with the plasma field then I was sure I would win…

EDIT: …Forgot to post my main team, yeah I think it’s Hayato, Jin, and Sent…


Drones with anyone else, sent/capcom/ anyone


HAHA@ new AV

Glitch Juggs/SilSam/Tron for teh win.

Why is Mike Z not in this thread yet?