Marvel Tourney at Chinatown Fair, NY NY 04/19/08

My bad i posted in the wrong place originally. ( Maaaaaaaaaad Tired…lol)

The tourney is on 04/19/08 as u can tell from the title.

Rulez - u know them

Entry - $5

Time - 6

every one is welcome and i hope more people can show up this time :tup:

im me if u have any questions Bl0diavulcan or post it here.

If anyone wants to post any money matches do so here :tup:

Yea, someone post vids so I could start getting some more of dat data to win some more of dem side bets.


why dont you run more games!!!:annoy::annoy::annoy::annoy::annoy::annoy::annoy::annoy::annoy:

run 3s cvs2 and st more niggas will show, especially since I have to get at some people who think they nice because they beat me when I am at a disadvantage

Fuck the other games, haha, come down to NY and play some Marvel man, it was fun having you and Tony down here last time.:tup: Nothing better than chillin with your marvel chums, eh?

well thats a good idea. I originally wanted to do that but i forgot why I didn’t. I guess I could talk to the dudes that run those games and c if they wanna. If they don’t I’ll try. Help me put the word out, if people show up I’ll do it. Some one is gonna have to help me run the other tourneys though.

Probably because it’s too much work for one person and if people want tournaments to exist for other games then someone who plays those games should just run a tournament for those games.

I always handle the tekken side…Just a sucky date since C3 is the same day and they doin a TTT revival.

hahaha me and tony are console warriors with our little jap sticks, but we try on cabinet we try :crybaby:

i play on a japanese stick also. I still play so much better in the arcade though.

I’ll be there…

good shit…now all i need is some more regulars to show up and we got our selves a tourney

cant wait.

yo i wanna know why no one is posting anything about money matches. What is a tournament with out money matches on the side. I got my man Desmond entering the tourney and a few up and comers and no one is talking bout money matches.

word whats good with these new age puss marvel kids in cf!!

they either sit back n watch or move to another machine.

I’m playing Phocus for money when I get a break and a bunch of kids from Gamefaqs if I can get them to play.

I don’t play Marvel though, I suck :confused:

Oh, Good shi’t guys, I hope there will be a great turnout!

WORD!!! C:mad:WARDZ!!!

i like me over mike inf if he spots me 9 games ft10.

R u going to play him the day of the tourney? Ru going to enter the tourney?