Marvel tourney at Chinatown Fair, NY NY 05/24/08

Sup guys. The last tourney had a decent turnout, especially since Philly showed.
I noticed that the tourneys end really late ( mainly cuz i started it late). This caused a problem for some players that had to leave early. I’m going to start the the tourney st six this time. I hope more players can show up to this one.

The rulez are the same as they always are

Entry fee is $5

Any questions post them here or IM/PM me

Hope to see every one there, plus some new faces.


Which marvel game? im a scrub at this stuff but ill join up for my very 1st tounrey <3 i dont know much of the rules so could u help me :’(?

Marvel vs Capcom 2

5 dollar entry fee

2 out of 3
winners/losers final are 3 out of 5
finals are 4 out of 7

double elimination (meaning if u lose in the winners bracket u still have the losers bracket for ur final chance)

Keep the team u won with and the order u won with

loser has the option to change team/player sides

switch glitch is allowed

Start time: 6:30
any player can request blind pick (u tell the tournament director the team u will pick and let ur opponent pick first. This prevents people from sitting around 4 the other to pick, so they can counter their team)

any problem with ur team or the rules (ex. ur opponent switched their team order after they beat u the first game.) NEEDS TO BE ADDRESSED BEFORE U START PLAYING THE GAME. If u have already started playing the game or have already played the game, my hands r tied. So pay attention to everything.

With that said, I think i covered every thing. If u still have questions feel free to ask. C u there.


Heh, it’s time once again. Clock won his last tournament, I can’t do any less. I’ll see all of you there!

you will never win a cf tourney EVER!

if i go i wanna play george 1st match round whatever i wanna be in his bracket. id ask to play amir 2nd match but amir always loses 1st round.

orrr make me play amir 1st round and george 2nd round cuz i can count on george to beat whoever. then il take his ass out too.

but whatever give me either 1st round, thx gary matter fact put ur ass in my bracket too. thx and sorry in advance

Looks like I gotta body someone now, haha, mad bert.

My dude if u want those matches to happen they will. U better not lose to Jorge when u play him though. I wanted to c that match since the last time he was talking shit to u. Yo but ima b humble and take ur advice on da brackets.

Mike Blaster plays no games!!!

any one else wanna request a match…lol

blast em baby BLAST EM!

I request matches where I won’t get perfected.

People can OCV me but at least let me chip.

I don’t know how to play this game :frowning:

I’ll be there if there’s no hurricane/heavy rain.

yo someone tell Chris about the tourney and make sure this guy knows the right day…LMAO:rofl:

Ill come thru after work… smh im mad i gotta work on saturdays :shake:

see u there man :tup:

im winnin this shit

Im in there, to the players… you want some come get some.

Yo wats good yall?? i know u niggas drink!! wats good wif some liqs!!! ill def bring a bottle wif me!!!

ahh man niggas is poppin like this?! ima def try to get in dis
yo liston dis buck, idk how ma sat schedule is lookin like but I’m def goin. how late you think the last bracket is goin be cuz ill be there like earilest 8;oo

and yo nelson was good nigga? give me a call for sat. after da tourney ima proly need to crash at yo place. and crak too

yo ma dude come thru, ima definitely try to give u time to get there.

Look I wanna swing thru but shit gotta run on time, I gotta head back up to CT to many parties on that day but I got love for my CF fam