Marvel Ultimate Alliance Stills/Wallpapers

I came across a bunch of these, they’re pretty big files but if anyone here has interest, I can upload the rest of them.

Samples …

Okay, so … that Galactus one is completely awesome. Thanks dude.

Got any more?

Yeah, I’ll post them as soon as I can. Glad you liked them.

Awesome…i just set the first one as my background. thanks!

Thanks, here’s some more …

I’ll put up some more later.

Nice those are good av material,btw where’d u find em?

For Asgard!!! I love this game. But this thread needs more Captain America.

Sweet pics dude. Deadpool would be a welcome addition to this thread.

First one you posted is my new wallpaper. Very nice. I’ll try to make it fit my dual monitor set up when it comes in.

Glad you liked them. I was running a search and they came up while I was looking for something else. If you want, PM for link, there’s quite a few.

I bet that would look pretty slick, glad you enjoyed them.

Here’s a few more random ones …

I’ll post up the rest later today.

Go for it pm that link plz. Ill make u an avatar if u do =).

Can you get the picture of Cap in the Army helmet and war scene behind him. I think it’s from his comic mission.

Link sent. :tup:

I’ll see what I can find.

That Ultimate Captain MArvel one is serious business. I rock it as my background now. I would pos rep you I could :tup: Thumbs up soldier