Marvel Update Twitter Campaign

I know a lot of folks here want more updates. Sven at Capcom USA has recently said that our voices have been heard at Capcom, but that he thinks that Marvel needs convincing. He suggested three Twitter accounts that need to receive some love:

@AgentM (Ryan Peganos)
@cbake76 (Chris Baker)
@MarvelBlip (Marvel Games, which seems to have connections to Chris Baker and others)

AgentM has responded to the numerous tweets he received:

I hate Twitter, but I’ve made an account just for occasions like these. It’s quick, and it will help our chances of getting more content updates in the future. If this is something you care about, pitch in - it only takes a moment of your time.

An update would be nice, but the possibility of a completely new game seems even better.

Hopefully we at least get an update.

Someone get this on the front page!

I’ll petition, but if everything gets nerfed and all the bad characters still suck…that is gonna suck.

Still a very small chance of this happening and if it does happen everyone is going to get fucked in areas they don’t need to like usual. Looking forward to all of the new complaints.

Morrigan, Doom and Vergil are beating our asses too badly. Please add plot armor so they can lose.

Just when I finally started to like Ultimate (Y’all know how I am witht his and vanilla) they talk about fuckin it up again? I don’t know man. More idiotic nerfs to the fun stuff is gonna be lame.

I dunno how to link to individul tweets, but Chris Baker just said this:
“To all tweeting me, [S]@[/S]MarvelBlip & [S]@[/S]AgentM about more MvC: You’re awesome. Nothing in the works right now, but your voice is certainly heard.”

Personally, I’m glad they haven’t gone patch-happy over Marvel, and have let it roll out. But there are things I wish could be better balanced (e.g. ground throws, slight things about characters), and given the time the game has had to show its roots, perhaps a patch in the future wouldn’t be too out of place.

Let’s be fair to Ultimate, it was mostly an excellent update in regards to character balance. Wolverine, Phoenix and Wesker weren’t nerfed into oblivion, but cut back so that they better fit the whole game structure. Haggar and Arthur received slight changes that gave them completely new options. The only character that really bothers me is Vergil, and that’s more so from a design viewpoint than a balance one.

Niitsuma saying no more patches for mvc3 was the best thing for this game. look at all the cool shit thats being discovered. an unfly glitch and shit? GDLK.

dont ruin it with your whining, nerds

but you hate this game tho

I do hate playing it, that is true.

OTOH I do enjoy seeing the neat shit people are discovering

Whining? I just want more characters and that Vita hitbox viewer.

Chris Baker responded with some tweets:

i wouldnt mind seeing some familiar faces…i dont think the game needs any buffs or nerfs or changes though

The only change I 100% want is TAC reformation. I’ve always hated the mechanic, and I always will. Double hate is earned by the X-Factor TAC abuse and dash-cancel TAC abuse. It’s utterly moronic that Phoenix can be countered so easily now.


This and a tweak to the netcode and a replay viewer.

Lol what is there to consider? Rotfl.

Like these guys are killing us. It doesnt take an evo qualifier to know that at least a few tweaks to ultimate would be just what the doctor calls for. But whatever. I’ll send my tweet but I just dont see whats so difficult, its either an “okay” or “i dont think so.”

TBH the only changes should be minor tweaks to better mid-bottom tier and a few tweaks to lessen top tier. And maybe some dirty inescapable character kill setups. And since I’ve already gotten myself into a tizzy:

-bring back 3 air actions

-speed up (faster dash, faster animations)
-faster startup and recovery on projectile
-faster startup on pendulum
-cancel pendulum before initial swing (just like in VS)
-damage increase

-less HSD & more hitstun on peekaboo trap (to actually make combo opportunity)
-make round trip useful (maybe faster startup)
-hopscotch OTG (please god)
-faster fly activation

-speed increase

-typhoon & assist ver comes out faster
-air actions while in ‘float’

-cancelle-able command dash OR airdash

-make orbs a lvl1 instead of lvl 3

-flame carpet doesnt disappear on hit
-pilar assist comes out faster

-change NOTHING (nerfing anything about Morrigan will make her shit)

-gustav invincibility returns

-press the witness invincibility returns

-JEAN 750-780K
-Dark Phoenix 5 meters & dies in one hit

I’m all for giving EVERYONE a little BS/something to work with so people enjoy playing the characters they like. Thats alot easier than trying to “balance”. I dont know the entire cast but I would totally give those things to the mentioned above.

I would also only really want to see some minor tweaks, mostly buffs to the worst characters like Hsien-Ko, Tron, She-Hulk and the like.

TAC infinites should probably go, too.

Nobody can do TAC infinites lol.

Anyway, from reading the guys timeline I’m just sent into derp mode. They think people want a completely new game, which isnt going to happen. Neither are new characters. Baby steps. A tweak can be delivered in month and really pick this game up.

I would pay for a tweak.

I don’t mind a balance change that’s what ever but the only problem I see with it is Capcom going overboard with the balance an giving out big nerfs to vergil/morridoom pretty much the characters that’s on top all I want is to give buffs to the bad characters to make them godlike I know nerfs :frowning:

Well we might as well just take what we can get. Even though you are right.

It seems like Capcom decides to listen and make changes sometimes, and not do nearly anything that people want, which is weird.

I also dont like the idea of letting “top players” give their input over the community anymore either, since the technicians are the ones who really break the game down through forums and the various media. And I cant think of how many times X said someones was ass then got blown up on stream live. So yeah, lets not do that either.

to be honest, if they REALLY wanted to do this, then the collective character forums should make individual threads of things that should be addressed with specific characters. Again, this is taking in consideration that Capcom and Marvel listen, to the largest street fighter forum on the internet.