Marvel versus Capcom 2 - Ruby Heart: In depth

MVC2: Ruby Heart

Alright, 3rd character FAQ. I’m planning to do Felicia next, but keep in mind I take requests. Now with Ruby Heart. With this I’m trying something new; I’m going to copy and paste from wordpad ;). This should make it better(and allow me to save and edit later.)

(-Special Moves-)
Schwarzelle(QCF+P)-A blue ball dash type move. Jp goes straight, Fp goes diagonally upforward. In the air, it really makes no difference. Its direction can be changed twice by pushing a direction+P. This move is good for crossups; although some people like doing Doom AAA+Fp Schwarzelle, I like doing Doom AAA and then normal jumping and doing jumping Schwarzelle cancelled down. It’s faster that way.

Sublimation(QCF+K)-Ruby summons a geyser. Sk is closer than Rk. It has startup, but it’s a really good move; the geyser reaches to a bit past the top of the normal jump screen. It also deflects Projectiles, not beams. That means Spiral’s knives, Sent’s drones, and Doom’s rocks get nullified. Good move.

Cannon Shot(HCB+Jp)-Ruby throws her anchor chain forward, and if it hits, she pulls the opponent toward her and shoots you point blank with her cannon. Use this only in combos, it’s really too slow to use otherwise.

Anchor Capture(HCB+Fp)-Ruby throws an anchor chain upforward after twirling. Not that great of a move; use it in combos(if you can combo it). And if it hits, it captures the opponent.

Fantome(QCB+K)-Ruby puts her treasure chest on the floor, then it shakes, then a ghost pops out. Has startup, but the ghost itself offers good screen control. Also note you can move almost as soon as you drop the chest. Good move.

(-Super Moves-)
Flan(QCF+PP)-Exactly like a Schwarzelle, except it’s reguidable 4 times. Also, it’s an instant startup move, so it’s good at punishing (close mistakes), like from 1/2 a screen away. It’s also an instant startup move, so it can be cancelled to DHC immediately.

Partinelle(QCF+KK)-Ruby summons a ship, and if it hits, the ship unleashes cannon fire. Her best combo move, it does good damage. It’s also her best DHC starting move, since you can DHC when the ship is about to leave the screen. It takes practice though.

Hyper Fantomes(QCF+PP)-Ruby puts her treasure chest on the floor just like a regular Fantome, but when the chest opens, out comes a maraude of ghosts. Not good, but it does good chip. If it gets superjumped, you’re screwed most of the time. And unlike the Fantome, she’s stuck in the same place during the duration of the super.

Tour De Magi(Rk,Jp,D,Sk,Fp)-More of a joke move than anything, Ruby calls a barrel from the top of the screen, if it hits, press Jp or Sk and laugh at how much damage it does, and if it gets blocked or misses, have fun watching the combo the opponent pulls on you. This is more of a move to humiliate scrubs with.

(-Good Partner-)
Doom AAA-Ruby need Doom like Strider needs Doom. She uses it for screen control. Use it in conjunction with Sublimation and Fantome for screen control. Basic pattern is D+Jp, D+Sk,D+Fp(air combo if it hits), D+Rk+Doom AAA, Sublimation, and then do what you see fits; Jumping Fp, Fantome, etc. What Doom does is chip if they roll; if they get hit with the Sublimation, then combo.

(-Good Teams-)
Ruby(AAA)/IM(Proj)/Doom(AAA)-Ruby/IM is good, first off FlanxxPC is an instant DHC. And I’ve heard you can infinite from air combo something like D+Sk,D+Jp,Rk/\Jp,Sk,U+Fp, Dash UF Sk,U+Fp, Fly UF,Sk+Ruby, Sk, Fp(Unfly), then land and infinite. Iunno the exact combo though; fool around.

Ruby(AAA)/Storm(Proj)/Doom(AAA)-Viscant played this team; it’s good too.

Ruby(AAA)/Sent(Ground)/Doom(AAA)-Anti-Spiral team, however, you’ll probably start Sent first. Ruby’s AAA stops swords, and Sent has super armor, so it’s a good counter team.

Basically, Ruby/char/Doom is your basic gameplan.

(-Good Matchups-)
Magneto-Magneto can’t triangle jump because of Sublimation, Doom AAA, Jumping Fp, and Fantome.

Spiral-Namely, her assist will help stop WOS.

IM-Sublimation stops smart bombs. Also, screen control stops tri-jumping.

(-Bad Matchups-)
Storm-Runaway is bad. Ruby can’t catch up.

Cable-Sublimation won’t help here. Still, I’d say it’s a close match like 6/4.

Sentinel-Sentinel can outfly most of her stuff. And Ruby really doesn’t have any fast moves to take him out.

(-Notable Normals-)
Jumping Fp-Good for knocking down other people that jump; Best air to air.

Jumping Rk-Good for superjumping and building meter; don’t be predictable.

D+Rk-Her sweep whip; has good range and can be followed by a sublimation.

D+Jp-fast, has good range, and starts up combos.

D+Fp-her main launcher; okay range.

Df+Rk-her other launcher; I stick to D+Fp though.

And finally some B&B
(Start with a jumping Fp if you want)
D+Rk, Sk Sublimation, jumping Jp, Flan, then(Uf+P, U+P, Df+P, D+P)

D+Jp, D+Sk,D+Fp/[insert follow up here]
Jp,Sk,Jp,Sk, F+FP(Air throw)
Jp,Sk,Jp,Sk, Flan(Uf+P,U+P,Df+P,D+P)

A thing that is good about the Hyper Fantomes is that it can be DHC as the chest comes out, allowing a safe way to get in another character in a lot of situations. Example:
c.rk +doom AA xx sublimation xx Hyper Fantomes DHC XX

If the ghosts hit you can do a follow up combo afterward.

Thanx man did not know that. Still Flan is a better DHC out though. But let me ask you that; do the ghosts stay on screen if you DHC out? That would open up some funky combos.

Special Moves:
Schwartzelle - I like this move. Reminds me of Jon Talbain in Darkstalkers. One use for this is playing runaway. You can evade Magneto by using this when he tries to rush you down. It’s also quite a surprise when you suddenly switch direction and start heading towards them.

Sublimation - This move can actually neutralize beams. The timing is difficult though, mostly through chance. If you’re lucky, you can neutralize an entire beam. Most of the time though, at least some some hits of a beam will go through to you. One thing to take note is that certain projectile will still go through if it’s strong enough, like Megaman Charged Buster Shot.

Cannon Shot/Anchor Capture - For all practical purposes these are useless. I rarely use them.

Fantome - this sucks out your opponents Hyper bar in case you don’t know what it does.

Hyper Combos:
Hyper Schwartzelle - Comboable from an HP or HK, this can actually do more damage than the Partinelle, but you need to connect at least four times with redirections. The fifth time you should use to redirect yourself towards the ground, otherwise it might be possible that your opponent could recover faster than you.

Partinelle - This is her most useful super, easily comboable from a HP or HK. If you are proficient at controlling the Hyper Schwartzelle, use that. Otherwise use this, as you have little chance of messing up a combo.

Hyper Fantome -

The ghost stay on screen after DHCing. I think they have to come out of the chest first.

Normals -
You can use HK to launch if a MP connects. The HK is stronger than the c.HP, so you might want to use that. Her HP has range though and is her snapback. It can be easily comboed into.

Against Top Tiers:
I’ve never played against any really good top tier characters, so this is just theory.

Magneto - See Schwartzelle.

Cable - Keep it mid-distance so you can position the Sublimation properly and keep him from using those deadly beams.

Sentinel - Probably the only thing that appears to be of any use against him is the Schwartzelle/Hyper Schwartzelle. Sublimation just seems to launch him into unfly mode, so no use trapping with Sublimation and Molecular Shield.

Storm - Switch. TimeFlip sums up this fight well.

The ghosts stay on the screen as long as the chest is open I beleive. As far as her best supers for DHC’s. Hyper Fantome is more of a situational one. Something needs to put the oposition in hit stun for the start up to be covered (Sublimation, Assist, or both).

Hyper Schwartzelle is easily her best super to DHC because it is fast and has instant recovery if you angle it back to the ground in the case that you may mess up. Hyper Schwartzelle DHC Proton Cannon is too good.

Partinelle is OK. lk, mk xx Partinelle is easy and effective against some characters and it does set up and easy DHC to a full screen Beam super. The main probelm I have with the Partinelle is that cable can punish it even if it connects, and if it doesn’t connect she is left wide open.

As far as crazy combos using the Hyper Fantome as DHC, the only one I know is using Ruby/Cyke/Doom in the corner:

crk xx sublimation xx Hper Fantome DHC Mega Optic Blast, Super Optic Blast (aimed diagnoally upwards) DHC Photon Array, otg clk, cfp super jump aircombo and the infinite to build bar.

I think Viscant came up with that a while ago and it was in some video, but I could be wrong.

things to know when you play ruby

1)ruby’s best assists - DOOM’s AAA…umm…thats it, or all i know about
2)flan is ken’s instant super, it can do everything ken’s super can, were talking about reversal though
3)trap with ruby/doom

that is all i know, if you use sublimation well, you can almost wipe out your opponent’s assist usage seeing as how everytime they come out they get stuffed…

im no ruby expert but i can hold my own against adv. scrubz

Too true. Catch an assist in the sublimation and the assist will be out there for quite a while. Sublimation and Doom AAA then sublimation again is just too funny against a poorly timed psylocke AAA.

There is always the Ruby Heart Trap as well. Which is performed by doing c. lp, whip, fountain of water. This trap is not escapable when in corner if done correctly. Even if the opponent gets hit by fountain of water or whip if they get hit by the whip the fountain will connect into it and if they roll they roll rite towards you so you can start it again. If they get hit by the fountain the they come straight back down. In mid screen it can prolly be done for 2-4 reps b 4 opponent gets out but by then prolly your opponent will be in the corner so then you can do trap there. I think most of Ruby Hearts moves are useless but her d to foward punch and her down to foward two punch supers have good priorities. But other than that she should be all trap and chip ( if she has Doom -anti air- or Sent -ground- )

      Also I don't think Ruby Heart needs Doctor Doom. She works good with him but she also works great with Cyke imo.

The only way Ruby can beat Cable is if she manages to get him in the corner or if Cable puts him self in the corner ( he can do this by jumping back wards shooting the gun, etc… and he mite put him self in the corner ) if this happens GET TO THE CORNER IMEADITLEY this will be your only chance to get the trap going against Cable.

   Imo Ruby can put up a fite against Magnus. She has all the tools to keep Mag away. It would also help if you play Cyke too if vs. Mag. Ruby has to control the match pace when vs. Mag if she doesn't she will die in a heart beat. If Mag tries to tri jump in send out Cyke once he gets a good distance away throw the whip and throw the fountains of water and if he gets too close send out cyke. If he starts throwing EM disruptors then do n.j and try to out smart him or be quicker by blcoking the EM and throwing the whip then fountain trying to chip him.

   The Ruby Heart trap in corner is not escapable or extemley hard to escape. If they get hit by the whip do a c. lp so it juggles so they can't roll then they'll be in standing position in the corner. If they get hit by the fountain of water than do a s.lp making them go to neutral position.Say if Mag is in and counters Cable do the fountain of water and it'll hit Cable and mostly every assist in the game and then when landing do s.lp and start trap. The only ppl that can get out is if they counter into invisible aa EX:Cammy, Ken.

A good Ruby Heart Team is Ruby-capture-Cable-capture- Cyke-anti air. This team works well with keep away and charges meter for Cable.

“Team Heart” is also good. Ruby Heart-anti air-, Black Heart -anti air, Doom -anti air-. (Also if u want u can have Doom 2nd and Bh last )

Another good Ruby Team is Ruby-capture-,Mag-projectile-,Doom -anti air-. This team should have no real problem with Cable. Ruby/Doom should chip him a bit and if Ruby dies then Mag/Doom should beat Cable.

Guard Break is sj. lp ( I think )

     Also a good dhc combo is in corner Launch lp,lk,mp,mk, down to fowards two punch super aim down, then d/f 2x punch super then dhc into hail storm or Sent's force.

    A sorta pointless but funny to watch is Ruby on capture assist and with Mag do launch, hk, dash d/f ,, d. lk, land jump, send Ruby then do lp, lk, mp then capture connects then tempest, shock wave,infinite, etc..... 

   I'll post sum more info in a bit.


Being one of the only female players on here, I was told I had to come and check this thread out (the most obvious reason being my name on here).

I had a Ruby Heart Thread but when the whole collapse happened it got wiped out. Thank you to Timeflip, who has the cutest avatar ever.:cool:

On to my tips…

Basically all has been said about Ruby. Her best partner is Doom and the chip they do is amazing. Running Ruby/Doom correctly isn’t really hard but you still have to practice it.

Viscant came on my thread and posted the correct way to do the trap and hopefully he will post again or something. He’s got the best Ruby in the country, but then again that’s out of like 10 people maybe who play her.

What I usually do…

When I play Ruby/Doom I usually throw in Cable as my “second” character. The two of them build meter for him to come in and do his thing and then once you’ve got him in you can call Doom for Cable/Doom. Cable/Doom builds extra meter for Cable on point. The only problem I’m having is getting Cable in safely (I refuse to switch them in and out since that’s an easy way to die). Any suggestions on this?

Anyway, I love playing Ruby and I started playing her when the game came out. I’ve stuck with her despite a lot of asses who like to diss the character and haven’t even tried her. She’s really interesting and a definitely fun character.


Nobody seems to have posted the correct DHC info for the Mille Fantome super (QCB+KK), so I’ll jump in at this point.

When Ruby does the super, you can DHC out when the chest first appears – but before it opens – and the chest will stay on screen during the second/third supers and spew out the ghosts as normal.

An example of using this for combos:

j. HK, land d. LP, LP, HP XX Mille Fantome DHC Shinkuu Hadoken, TK Shinkuu Hadoken.

Other possibilites exist, so experiment and have fun. :smiley:

any body know what team you have to be to get the free games with ruby…? i’ve been lookin for the team… but there is only so many times im goin to lose money doin this shit… cuz if it doesnt work right… it will freeze the game… but that shit does look hot when it you freeze it… you looks like shes powering up or something… tight… anyway… does anybody know what team you have to be and how to do it right…?

Pleasure to meet you :wink: I was thinking of you when I did this. Anyway, a good way to get Cable is VCxxAHVB. Umm. . .PartinellexxHVB(this connects) is good vs. all except a Cable that will survive. I’m guessing you could do something cool with Hyper FantomesxxTimeFlip but I don’t know. Well later.


If C. HK xx waterfall ever hits, J. Fierce XX Orange Ballx5. or DHC.

Capture is her best assist, allows for easy guardbreaks and is good for combos. Everyone can do a basic air combo into ruby anchor into super or another air combo.

Use the ghosts to DHC out, they stay on the screen after she leaves, leaving for very safe DHCs.

To DHC in, the orange ball is very safe.

Don’t even bother with the ship super, it blows.

If by some random chance you hit with the barrel super and you DHC they spin up, allowing you to do mean things to them.
example: land a barrel super, DHC into HSF (they spin out), call Ruby Enhance, Stand Roundhouse (OTG) XX jab rocketpunch XX HSF does disgusting damage.

:o:o, Timeflip!!

The Partenaire is good when you know you’re going to hit it. I emphasize know because other wise she will eat super constantly. Never, NEVER whiff it against Cable, even someone who has no idea what they are doing with him. That’s instant death in most cases.

I have tried the capture assist but I wasn’t big on it. The guardbreaks you can do are good and it can set up major combos with alot of other characters, but sadly, I just get into using that assist often. I’m too spoiled on her AA.

For a basic combo I usually combo: C. jab, C. jab, C. Roundhouse, Fierce Sublimination, J. jab, J. Jab, J. weak, Hyper Schwarzielle. It does around 20+ hits if you redirect correctly and a sizeable amount of damage considering she doesn’t do much damage with her supers unless you by chance combo into or catch someone off guard with the Mille Fantomes. I picked up that combo from a guy named Eric in Atlanta who is really good with her too.:slight_smile:

Her best bet for DHCing is, as Corn-nuts posted, is the Hyper Schwarzielle. It is her best bet and has instant startup otherwise (when you don’t DHC). It’s her best offense against many characters if they whiff.

Most people, if you will notice, don’t pay attention to her Subliminations. I’m guessing they don’t expect them to come up out of the ground but I have seen people just walk right into them and do it multiple times in a match, especially when I’m running Ruby/Doom. Interesting…


I’ve played around with her some more:
about her AAA:
Basic way to connect it is Launcher(call Ruby)/\Jp,Sk,Fp, super

The above is a bit character reliant. I’ve tried Morrigan and Storm, haven’t tried Mags though.

And her Mille Fantome(got the name right this time ;))
Ideally you’ll want to land a D+Rk, SublimationxxMille Fantome. Very safe. And DHC’s after it are very good. I’ve tried Hailstorm, and storm recovers before the Fantomes are gone. So then I start Trijumping or I call Doom and do it again. I’ve also tried Morrigan’s Soul Eraser and she recovers before the ghosts leave. So my theory is that IM’s PC recovers before it’s done, and Cable can TimeFlip and recover too.

Ruby Heart

Interesting DHC combos for the teams that people mentioned in this thread:

Team: Ruby Heart, Storm, Dr. Doom
c.jab, c.strong, call Dr. Doom, c.fierce, sj, sj.jab, sj.short, sj.forward, sj.roundhouse, land, Tour de Magie XX Hailstorm.
Hits: 30
Damage: 80

This combo is cool because she juggles a flying screen attack into Doom’s assist, which gives her the opportunity to follow up with a super of her choice; if she wants more damage, she can just Hyper Schwartzaile when she gets in range, but considering the team, Tour de Magie does more justice to Storm’s Hailstorm.

Still looking for that ever-elusive air reset combo; Dr. Doom, Sentinel, or as a last resort, Sabertooth might be the answer, but who knows.

Team: Ruby Heart, Iron Man, Dr. Doom
c.short, call Iron Man, c.fierce sj, sj.fierce land, c.short, c.fierce, sj, sj.jab, sj.short, sj.strong, sj. forward, Hyper Schwartzaile (direct downward) XX Proton Cannon
Hits: 39
Damage: 116

I’m wondering if she can dash quickly enough so that when she lands, she can use s.roundhouse and save her OTG for something else; have to try it later. I believe she can Hyper Schwarztaile immediately after landing, and since she’s doing that from the ground, if she redirects it properly, she can catch her victim with a s.roundhouse or c.fierce upon landing and air combo into a throwif she didn’t have the extra meter to do the DHC. Damaging either way.

Team: Ruby Heart, Dr. Doom, Cyclops
c.short, call Cyclops, s.roundhouse, Anchor Capture XX Mille Fantomes XX Photon Array
Hits: 32
Damage: 86

If she wants to, Ruby Heart can alter this combo a bit since she’s got Doom backing her; after the Anchor Capture, she can go dash, s.roundhouse XX Mille Fantomes XX Photon Array. It’s risky, because the timing of the DHC has to be somewhat precise in order to get everything to combo. Even if it doesn’t, though, not only does Dr. Doom has plenty of time to recover, but the combo inflicts massive chip damage.

I’m curious as to whether Doom can sj, airdash XX Photon Array all in the same combo; sometimes he can land Electric Cage immediately after, but not only do the ghosts often lift the person caught in the combo too high in the air for it to connect, but also when it does happen to connect, the ghosts induce heavy damage scaling on a Hyper Combo that wasn’t terribly powerful to begin with.

My other thought:

Since a character can recover from a Mille Fantomes XX DHC before the ghosts leave the screen, obviously, the DHC meter is reset again, which would enable a person to use a possible four DHC-strength Hyper Combos instead of three assuming they had enough meter.

I think she has a lot of potential…

More tomorrow.

Ruby Heart…

For anyone who’s interested, Ruby Heart does have a way to reset the damage on her air combos…

All she needs is one clean hit against an opponent and an unused assist. Though I’m not 100 percent sure, I think she can do it from a guardbreak, but I’ll try later.

Anyway, here it is:

c.short or j.fierce/roundhouse, call Dr.Doom, c.fierce, sj, sj.short, sj.strong, sj.forward, throw XX Hyper Schwartzaile.

Hits: 14
Damage: 85

Dr. Doom’s rocks juggle the opponent upwards, allowing for the throw cancelled into the Hyper Schwartzaile to connect at full strength; the Hyper Schwartzaile connects with the hit counter at two, so no damage scaling has occurred yet. She can even still DHC if she chooses, either into Dr. Doom’s Photon Array at point blank range, or into another character’s Hyper Combo if you don’t have Dr. Doom at the two spot. No matter which is chosen, the victim should be near death if they had a full life bar, or dead otherwise.

When doing the jump-in version, the combo changes a bit; it becomes sj.jab, sj.short, throw XX Hyper Schwartzaile.

Assuming it works from a guardbreak, it would go something like this:

(opponent in air ) j.short XX Hyper Schwartzaile, land, call Dr.Doom, c.fierce, sj, sj.jab, sj.short, throw XX Hyper Schwartzaile.

Naturally, assuming she can also do this to an opponent that is blocking in the air, then she can also do this to an opponent that’s not blocking in the air.

The only other thing I’m not sure about is whether Dr. Doom uses up her OTG when the rocks hit; if not, she can attempt an OTG into an air combo ending with another throw assuming she didn’t have the second meter to do the DHC.

All in all, how much damage is she getting after she does the reset? Somewhere in the neighborhood of 35 to 40 points plus whatever she DHCs into, which certainly isn’t bad.


Trying to revive the thread, so here’s more Ruby Heart assist DHCs:

Team: Ruby Heart, Dr.Doom, Iron Man

c.short, call Iron Man, s.roundhouse, jab Schwartzaile (cancelled downward), Mille Fantomes XX Photon Array XX Proton Cannon

Hits: 50-65
Damage: 100+

Though it takes practice, particularly when Iron Man’s Repulsor Blast crosses up Ruby Heart with her opponent, not only does Dr. Doom get a totally protected Photon Array at point blank range, but if the third meter is there, his Photon Array sets Iron Man up for a Proton Cannon at point blank range if it connects; if Ruby’s playing a corner when she lands the c.short or her jump in, Iron Man’s Proton Cannon is good for the full 45 hits.

Ruby doesn’t even necessarily have to connect a c.short; since she can call an assist in the air and still combo Schwartzaile afterward, she can pull this off on the fly from practically anywhere if done correctly.

In short, Iron Man-Beta can help give Ruby Heart added depth to her low aerial game by compensating for the fact that a normal Schwartzaile can be retaliated upon if it connects without some sort of complimentary action taken on Ruby Heart’s part (like a Schwartzaile cancelled into a Hyper Schwartzaile); comboing it into an assist that knocks the opponent on the ground helps to alleviates this, and gives her additional options once her feet touch the ground again other than worrying about recovering to block an oncoming attack.

Once again, even if a player can’t get Mille Fantomes XX Photon Array to combo, the chip damage the combo does it does makes it worthwhile.

Ruby Heart has a variation on this combo that gives her more leeway with range:

c.roundhouse, short or roundhouse Sublimation (situational), call Iron Man, Mille Fantomes XX Photon Array XX Proton Cannon

Hits: 50-65
Damage: 90+

It’s an OTG combo, which makes it less reliable to effectively set up in some ways (someone can simply choose to roll if they wished to), but her c.roundhouse takes people by surprise far more easily than does her c.short or a jump in; if done correctly, Iron Man’s repulsor Blast should connect twice, but thanks to the Sublimation, he catches his victim at a much greater height than he normally would, which not only gives Ruby Heart more time to dash to a side and start Mille Fantomes XX Photon Array, but additionally, since Iron Man’s assist knocks an opponent to the ground, the combo meter will not reset until an opponent touches the ground, allowing for a greater window to cancel Mille Fantomes into the Photon Array, especially compared to the timing on a s.roundhouse XX Mille Fantomes XX Photon Array, which is relatively precise.

Anyone else have anything to add to the thread?

Ten, this is really good stuff you’re posting. I’m trying to get it all down so I can use it some matches at some point against my friends. :slight_smile:

I’m going to post up my pics which I finally found. I was in a tournament last year, and I came dressed as a version of Ruby Heart. I owned all of the stuff except the boot covers and the looking glass that she uses in her taunt. All I can say is my outfit was very hot since it was in June.:lol:

Here they are:


Some new things…

Played a bit tonight, found a variation on the Ruby Heart-Iron Man OTG combo that I posted earlier today.

If anyone tried it, they’d find that sometimes, it can be difficult to get the Repulsor Blast to connect from Ruby Heart’s Sublimation due to the timing of the whole setup, though he still does manage to do it the majority of the time. The majority of the time may not necessarily be good enough, though.

Ruby Heart can amend the combo a bit to both add extra damage and significantly reduce the amount of precision needed on the player’s part to pull the combo off successfully.

The combo now goes:

c.roundhouse, short or roundhouse Sublimation (situational), call Iron Man, j.fierce, Mille Fantomes XX Photon Array XX Proton Cannon

The same rules apply as before, it does about seven or eight additional points of damage, and now Ruby’s opponent should be at a low enough height that the Repulsor Blast is nearly guaranteed to connect twice.