Marvel Versus Fighting Pad SOLD OUT!?


I checked the PDP site, where i hear people are preordering the thing…

and it says the item is currently unavailable… is it seriosly sold out?

Versus Fighting Pad - Marvel Edition for the Xbox 360

I mean, with all the hate this things been getting i find it hard to beleave that its sold out.

If it really is, does anyone know how long it tends to take to re-stock items?

I want this thing, ive actually been hearing good things.


It can’t be. Have you tried Gamestop or their website yet? Amazon didn’t have it listed yet but that doesn’t mean that they won’t. And if it really is sold out then impressions should be right around the corner.


I just check the website, it states “We’re Sorry, This Item Is Currently Unavailable”; which is not necessarily means they are sold out.
Perhaps the controller has not approach its release date yet.


I’ve read that people who ordered from PDP direct are already getting or have gotten their pads. It could be sold out on PDP’s end but that doesn’t mean Gamestops and other stores won’t have it.


There are already people who have them.

Anyone else tried out the ‘Marvel Pad’ yet?

I doubt this will be their only run, unless it’s a huge flop.


Did a walk-in purchase at Gamestop. They only had one left. Each store seems to have only gotten two or three because the six stores I have locally are sold out or are all reserved pre-orders. Good luck if you can get your hands on one this week. Once people start posting positive review more should be produced.

The controller is defiantly different from anything in the market today, the face buttons especially. I mainly play stick for fighting games so I will see how it goes on SSFIV.


Xbox 360 Marvel Controller for Xbox 360 | GameStop
better act now


damn americans! i can’t buy it from there.

thanx anyways…