Marvel vs Capcom 1 EXHIBITION Match: Arturo Vs Magneto Maniac!

Yes, it’s true. The two greatest Marvel vs Capcom 1 players of our generation will be in the same room. How could there *not *be a showdown?!

Arturo aka Sabin spearheaded the EC claiming MvC1 as their game with his deadly squadron of Eddie Lee, Josh Wigfall and Justin Wong. The EC broke this game. They smashed it into a million pieces. Look up “broken” in the dictionary and there’s Art and his gang holding a MvC1 board.


But wait, there is a challenger! The young upstart Magneto Maniac, bred from kaillera and ggpo. When GGPO emerged, it was Magman claiming that online play had surpassed that of arcade. That what the EC gang did was just prehistoric compared to what him and the newcomers were doing.

Now, really, could an online youngster be that good?


So Magman beat Justin, but could he beat Art?

In Vegas we’ll find out!

Arturo “Sabin” Sanchez vs Magneto Maniac ft7!!

EVO has over 1 thousand entries for SFIV so schedules are tentative, but I’m hoping to do this Saturday night. I’ll have MvC1 on freeplay for casuals about an hour before the event, and then Art and Magman will battle it out.

This will be on my supergun setup that can be seen here:


Winner gets bragging rights and the Gold War Machine Trophy!

This is what EVO’s all about. The best vs the best.

See you in Vegas!!

Hype! :party:

MagMan Kaillera brother represent, represent. :rock::party:

Wallet Slam 2.0???

that was a video of arturo losing

good luck to both

lets get this mags!!!

Watch for slamwallets

$20 on magman

Take it home Magman. I’ll record this if nobody has something set up.


evo 09

where hype happens

We need another wallet slam, pronto

I got money on magman

farturo is going downnnn

Better late than never!!! This should be on the Evo DVD. Nice going, dog-face!!!

Cmon Magman, show him the skill level we have on GGPO =)
What can daily 5 hours a day can do.

Dog-face is cool for arranging all these matches.

put me down for 50 on magman

OMG another exhibition lol my god Vic is KILLIN this shit lol

Magman is gonna handle this

I hate MvC1 with a passion. But this is still hype as shit.