Marvel Vs Capcom 1 Question gold war machine

Ummm how do you pick him? And what are some infinite setups

To pick Gold War Machine, go to upper right corner and then draw a “5”. Then return to upper right corner (clockwise) and draw a “6”. Then move counter clockwise to upper right corner, tap up and he should appear.

GWM doesn’t have infinites.

Are you sure?..

although he has a glitch inf to another gold warmachine :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, the “do c.fierce at the same time” glitch. Other than that, I can’t conceive of GWM having any infinite at all; if he did, it’s certainly not possible in a real match.

I thought GWM had the same infinite as normal WM. Like…lp, mp, smart bombs (hold back), dash forward and repeat or something…(I can’t remember it’s been a while) but GWM has a slow ass dash so maybe it isn’t possible with him.

Nah, hes too slow. But I believe he can do the semi infinite that involves flying, I think he falls to fast to refly :frowning:

he cant fly at all. im pretty sure he can do the normal jump uncombo infinite tho, the one thats just lp, mp, up + fp but really hard to do

For real? Wow, I swear I once saw him fly.

GWM has no flight mode and has the laser instead of the missle as his low fierce. That eliminates both combo possiblities, not that he really needs them anyway. He’s good enough as is.