Marvel Vs Capcom 1

Snce there’s an alpha 1 thread here, I thought I’d make this thread.
Anyone still play this?

Strider/Wolverine/Red Venom/Gold WarMachine/WarMachine > everyone else.

Thread over. Oh, and good luck to those that wanna argue Spidey being top tier. You guys know who you are.

what he said. close thread.


Retarded answers since MvC1 has strategies, tactics, counter characters and what not (Sabin won Evo using Hulk to take out Wolverines, for instance).

But use the search feature and you can find other MvC1 threads with real info in them

Strider/WarMachine or Gold WM/WM. Take your pick. Either one is gonna win in the end due to massive chip damage. Yeah, there’s strategy to the game, but the main focus for those two teams is to chip with Duo Team Attack as much as possible. It’s not to say that you can’t win with any other character, but they have to work twice as hard.

he was talkin about who plays the game, not any strategies, fucktard! dog! he’s such a a$$hole!

Chun-li/Strider: I play on my PSP (CPS2 emulator) pretty often, but not half as much as my higher-ranked retro fighters such as MSHvSF and XMvSF…

There’s already a MvC1 thread floating around, with plenty of info.

Sabin is pretty much the top man in the US at this game, and did a lot of in depth explaining in other threads.

So what? You want people to start listing names on the thread? Feel free to do it on your own. Real people rather discuss some content, like Dog-Face and Deathscythe just did.

I better stop replying to you and other 9 year olds though. You guys are too angry