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Hello i am looking for some tips for this game i want to pick it up and play with some buddies anyone know anything good with Red Hulk or Hulk?

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I see people play competitive MvC on GGPO and 2DF but I must’ve missed something somewhere. Where are they getting they’re knowledge and skills from? Because I don’t remember many MvC tournies when this game came out xD


Hulk is decent, but Orange Hulk…not so much.
The problem with MvC1 is that it’s mini-MvC2 in many senses. You get a few characters dominating. In this case, it’s Strider Hiryu, Wolverine, War Machine, Gold War Machine, Red Venom, and Chun-Li.


There were a few, But most of those people ended up learning things about MVC online. That is where the majority of the players are anyway. No one plays it offline at all with the slight exception of the magman vs jwong money match from earlier in the year. Asside from that, No one really touches this game aside from online players.


I just cannot get used to the six-button system for a high-paced game like this…although I don’t mind casual play, but like Lobelia Mk. IV noted, a few characters dominate this game. I got online a few weeks ago and the selection was nauseatingly Wolverines/Striders. And of course, you’ve got Colossus and Psylocke as common assists.


As a person that has been playing marvel vs capcom for 6 years off and on, I can tell you Chun-Li doesn’t dominate.I’m not saying she isn’t good ,but I can tell you she won’t give you as much trouble as the top tier.

I can’t give any advice on Hulk because I don’t use him,but I remember MOTM made a nice combo video on him last year(maybe before that).Youtube has a lot
of Hulk combos(maybe u can even find MOTM combo video there):

As far as picking up Hulk as a character?Well marvel 1 isn’t like marvel 2,their isn’t any god tier, so pick him up if you would like.DC(Dark Cloud) use to dominate with Venom and Hulk back in the days ,but he doesn’t really play anymore.
If I was u tho I would pack one top tier.I’d recommend Strider.He’s a easy pick up and play character but hard to MASTER and I feel he doesn’t have any bad match ups.


From experience, Hulk is mostly jumping lk and mk then air combo if you get lucky. Mostly about those jumping normals and turtling though, as he’s pretty good at that.

Punch throw into the corner leads to a Gamma Quake. I think c.lp leads to a Gamma Quake as well. Standing hp leads to a Gamma Crush if you’re near the corner. Normally you’d want to cancel that slow/lengthy s.hp into an assist call though. And yes, regular Hulk is better.

Chun’s definitely not in the higher ups, from experience she’s stopped cold by WM’s and Venoms.


I wonder the same thing

But anyway, can someone breakdown the Strider lockdown pattern / combo for someone who’s just getting into the game.


I don’t really play with Hulk/Red Hulk so much, but I know a bit from personal experience. Here are a few suggestions.

  1. ALWAYS pick Colossus. He’s the best Assist for Hulk, and can set up for a very damaging Gamma Wave. The reason I say this is because Hulk is poor at the Anti-Air game (even with super combos), so Colossus can cover him in that instance.

  2. J. LP is Hulk’s best friend in the air. That damn headbutt has some good priority on it, so use it as your quick mid-air attack. Better yet, if it connects, go into the full Aerial Rave. Alternate with J. LK.

  3. A close J. FK on a grounded opponent sets up for Gamma Quake, but you’d have to be quick.


  5. Use Gamma Quake to prevent opponents from jumping in on you. It’s pretty quick, so you might catch people off guard.

  6. If your opponent is cornered, you can add some pressure by repeatedly using J. FK, FP, Ground Wave. Somebody did that to me once, and it was a slight pain in the ass to get out of.

That’s the best I can do. Like I said, not so much of a Hulk/Rulk player.


who are the top players on ggpo and who were the top players offline? anyone know



Game-tip(best chun-li)
Vice(best WM)

Those are the ones I can think of right now.I’m not sure if the other top players play still.

dunno about offline.

Lock down pattern:

Dash in hp/hk orbs, throw rings,tiger(1 or 2 times),throw more rings,bomb(hk if your far away)and then assist.

Master air teleporting.Anytime they push block when you put them in lock down try to air teleport behind them.This can cause a cross up.If timed right you can break their gauard and cross them up.


Some ground combos

S.Lp,S.MP,S.MK,S.HP,S.HK XX Ame-no-Murakumo (LP)(fireball motion+P).

This is a some what basic ground combo that makes use of his Ame-no-Murakumo,the
most damaging one at that. He has better options,but I like do this combo every once in a while
to change it up a bit.

S.Lp,S.MP,S.MK,S.HP,S.HK XX Gram(Dagon Punch motion + K )

Strider Hiryu best ground Combo that doesn’t involve a hyper combo or uncombo.

–Air combos–


C.Lp,C.Mp, C.HP,SJ, SJ.Mp,SJ.Mk XX Gram(Dagon Punch motion + K )

This is his easiest and one of his mose damaging air combo that doesn’t involve
a cross up.This combo is one of strider’s Uncombo. What’s a “uncombo”? A uncombo
resets the damage and can only occurs in certain combos…basically a unblockable reset.
“Gram” only becomes unblockable(not vs CPU) while doing this air combo or variation of it.

C.Lp,C.Mp, C.HP,SJ,SJ.Lp,SJ.Lk,SJ.Mp,SJ.Mk and end it with Excalibur(Lp)(fireball motion)
or hp /hk.

Use only if you think this combo will kill the opponent (if your ending the air combo with Excalibur
that is).

If want some more info on strider just ask.My mains are strider and wolvie.


What exactly is the timing on Striders air combo involving the 2Xjump? The way I do it is:

c.lp,, c.hp, SJ, (delayed) j.lp,,, (at this point, Strider should be somewhat lower than your opponent’s character), jump (if forward is held, you’ll cross them up),,,

The only problem with this is that people sometimes mash buttons (or just know what their doing) and hit me on the second jump. I’ve seen people do the combo with, j.lp, and then jump from there, but I can’t get the timing of that right.


watch this MM video of j wong vs MM


MM performs a double jump combo at 1:54

Here is the command for the combo.

C.Lk,C.MK, C.HP,SJ,early SJ.Mp,SJ.MK, pause(1 sec), SJ.Lk,SJ.MK, double Jump,
DJ.Lp,DJ.MP,DJ.MK XX Gram(Dragon Punch motion + K )

Try going on GGPO and asking for more visual help from someone(if needed).I would help you online myself,but I haven’t played in a year, so I need to train myself.


You can start out by first learning Hulks/Hyper Hulks Basic Commands, i suggest playing around with them if you are interested in mastering them. Regular hulk has a major advantage which is his armor whereas Hyper Hulk has speed but loses the armor. But their duo is deadly when they are both together, by just doing gamma crushes you can do over 50% damage by just chipping them and a guaranteed 100% death if caught unguarded.

Hulk’s basic Reset Combo is in the corner, this is one of his damaging combos but note that the opponent can roll out of it or tech hit out of the grab, also don’t bother trying it on wolverine since he is one of the hardest characters to get otg’d by anyone:

Jump -> Low Kick -> Medium Kick -> Crouching High Punch (Launch) -> Low Punch -> Low Kick -> Medium Punch -> Low Kick -> Medium Punch -> Medium Kick -> Rejump And Grab (Reset) -> (otg) High Kick -> Standing High Punch -> -Gamma Quake-

And His Basic corner combo is:
Jump -> Low Kick -> Medium Kick -> Crouching High Punch -> Low Punch -> Low Kick -> Medium Punch -> Low Kick -> Medium Punch -> Medium Kick -> (Rejump) Low Punch -> Medium Kick -> (otg) High Kick -> Crouching Low Punch -> Standing High Punch

If you have any other questions regarding this game ask me and i’ll try to answer them


oh thanks i was looking for some damaging combos! also thanks to alucard20 for the combo video :slight_smile:


Thanks, Alucard. Good shit.


Np guys.


If anyone ever wants to play on GGPO holla at me…


MvC - Wolverine (Help wanted)

Can somebody please give me a BnB rundown of Wolverine. I see some GGPO players doing this sweet corner combo with him and I think he’d be great for arcade stick playtesting =D

Can somebody also give me a rundown on his ground infinite?


BnB combo

Basic combo

C.Lp (comes out faster)or C.Lk(hits low),C.MK,C.HP XX BBX

Wolverine’s Bread and butter combo.

Takes off good damage and should be one of you main combos.


–Mid screen reset–

  1. Jump in with Hp,HK,Or drive kick XX HK,dash in with C.Lp,C.Mp,C.Hk
    (to cross up)then quickly do a weapon X or BBX

Good cross up into weapon X or BBX and really good damage,but it only
works on certain characters.

Note 1:Weapon X is safer if blocked and BBX comes out faster.Overall I use this to set up my weapon X super move.

Note 2:If your on the left hand side while crossing them up, perform weapon X(or BBX)
as you would if you were still on the left hand side.Example:I jump in(and I’m
on the left hand side)and do the following: C.Lp,C.Mp,C.Hk to do a ground cross up
on you.At the point I go under you(to cross up) I push Forward, down, down/forward

  • PP as if I was still on the left hand side(even tho I just crossed you up and now
    I’m on the right side).

Works vs the following characters:

War machine
Captain America

Advance Combos


I usally don’t use the infinite
nor do i know his 100 % uncombo in the corner.

I’ll pm enki about it.

–Corner only–

  1. Jump in with Hp,HK,Or drive kick XX HK,dash in with C.Lk,C.MK,C.HP XX BBX

Once BBX is over you have one of the following options to choose from:

A.OTG them with C.LP,C.MP,C.HK(or C.HP)to cross them up and then quickly throw them
back in the corner with forward + MP.When your opponent is about to fall in front of you
tap Mk and BBX them again.

B.OTG them with S.LK,S.MK(2X),S.HP,S.HK.If they mash while coming down do a S.HK
If they don’t try to throw them.

C.OTG them with a S.LK,S.MP,S.MK(1X),C.HP(this uncombos).The C.HP puts them back in the air a little lower then normal jump height.Since C.HP is jump cancelable you can quickly jump up/forward to them and quickly begin another series of attacks.If your too late with your jump up attempt, they will be able to block.I’m assuming you made in time.From here jump up/forward and attack with J.LP,J.LK,J.MP,J.MK,J.hp( or do a drill claw cross up then hk while u fall from the air, land and BnB combo).