Marvel Vs Capcom 1


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Can anyone share some basic Morrigan combos, corner and mid screen? <br>Other than the basic air combos and her infinite.<br><br>


So what’s up with people suddenly picking magneto assist against gold war machine with colossus?


so who was the best mvc1 player ever?


How is Origins anyone good playing there? Best player ever hmmmm lol :wink:
I have origins on ps3 might come online to see who’s good


Eddie Lee on the East Coast
David Lee on the West Coast i think?

I play on origins sometimes but the speed difference really messes up RV inf :frowning: I’m always down or matches, but we can always just play on ggpo


well I guess for who is the “best” statement for offline is different from online but there was already an online offline match and magneto won easily its not debate though that online > offline players.


DC, you are my dude. <3 for playing the game legit and not macro-ing.

BUT, basing offline vs online on magman vs a jwong who hadnt played the game hard since it was in arcades is silly. not to mention the fact that Justin was never considered the best MvC1 player.


however its impossible to compare current top ggpo players vs past top arcade players, especially since footage is kind of rare.

alot of ggpo players rely on macros too much and have no fundamentals or neutral game at all. the top 3 IMO is you TK and Cow. you guys have spacing and overall game knowledge, not just combo-ability. you three could def have competed in arcades.

But the old guys could def compete on GGPO if they wanted to.

justin and arturo could hop on ggpo and easily be top players, though thats really unlikely theyd ever do that (unless they have before?). so while online now has the best comp for the game there’s just no point in comparing online to the arcade scene of the past IMO


Na I have nothing against the older players a few have told me they respected the fact I don’t use macros but still everyone is outdated of course cause they don’t play it.
But that video you posted is exactly why there outdated psylocke wolvie/strider team is way outdated lol I remember how popular that team was when I 1st started that team is way average now and no one uses psylocke as a helper anymore lol. Nice to see some old heads though :slight_smile:


how would you beat that team?


well 1st off if you have psylocke you can easily just do jump ins on them strider isn’t that good orbs don’t do any chip damage wolvie can own him with 1 super…and wolvie he might be the best character in the game or gold war machine me personally I think its gwm but hulk > wolvie :slight_smile: and even gwm > wolvie


mvc origins seems kinda dead on xbl if anyone plays add me xbl:WizzJones im usually on


Damn, not only is this guy ugly, he’s deluded as well. Hehehehehehe


so why is more people using mag assist with Double war? I also need to play you on psn just to see how good you are


no one uses mag assist let alone with dwm maybe vs dwm u might use mag but overall coll is the best helper period…I don’t play it psn only on ggpo meet me there sometime you’ll see how good I am and I don’t use macros or infinites I’m still ranked #1 all time in the game


They dont GGPO for mac so I can only play on PSN, that 15 hit combo you did with Hulk made me laugh my ass off in one of those youtube vids


Ah am Da bes!



teach me venoms :frowning:


Bumping this godlike thread


I need someone on PS3 to teach me Chun-Li. ;_;