Marvel Vs Capcom 1


There were MVC tournaments back in the day- it was one of the big games at the time of Alpha 3 and Tekken tag. The reason you may have misse dout on the tournament scene was because the game had a short life span (just under 2 years iirc before MVC2 killed it) and this was before B5 started annual nationals.

the game featured heavily in the MWC and ECC championships in '98 and '99 and it was played competitively in Europe, latin America and Asia, including japan.


Anyone up for some games today @ 530 EST?

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^ what’s your name on GGPO?

i might have played u…


Wolverine’s wavedash infinite:
I would recommend you learning how to wavedash before you get into doing his infinite
Reasons: If you learn how to wavedash learning Wolverine’s wavedash infinite will be way easier
You should set up your stick so that it’s setup as if it were in the arcade cabinet, Heres how it’s setup: The top 3 buttons starting from the left are Low Punch, Medium Punch, High Punch and the buttons below should be Low Kick, Medium Kick, High Kick

Back to wavedashing, in order to wavedash properly on stick you have to press the top buttons Low Punch + Medium Punch + High Punch together at the same time this will make your character dash, but in order to wavedash you need to cancel that dash and to do that you need to push your stick down, so this is what you should be doing: Press LP+MP+HP together -> Push stick down Press LP+MK+HP together -> Push stick down… and so on and that is how you wavedash, practice this a LOT if you want to get good at doing it or else you’ll end up messing up and losing matches because of such errors

After you MASTER wavedashing here’s the sequence for the wolverine wavedash infinite :
Low Kick -> Medium Punch -> Wavedash -> Low Kick -> Medium Punch -> Wavedash… and so on
There are many variations for this infinite but this is the basic wavedash infinite concept

After you learn to wavedash infinite you can drag an opponent across the screen with the wavedash infinite and do his reset in the corner or do some other combos in the corner or anywhere on the screen if you like

Wolverine Resets:
100% against everyone except for : Hulk, Zangief, Hyper Armor War Machine, Chun-Li, Megaman, roll
In corner: Crouching Low Kick -> Crouching Medium Punch -> Standing Medium Kick (Tap twice) -> Crouching High Punch(reset) -> Standing High Kick(Launch) -> Low Punch -> Low Kick -> Medium Kick -> Press Down, High Kick(Tap Twice) -> Stading Low Kick(otg) you should do this as soon as the character hits the floor -> Standing Medium Kick(tap twice) -> Crouching High Punch -> Standing Medium Kick(tap once) -> Crouching High Punch -> Standing Medium Kick (tap twice) -> Crouching High Punch - Standing Medium Kick (tap once) -> Crouching High Punch… and so on *or you can cancel reset into his Fatal Claw

Reset against Chun-li, Megaman :
This can be done anywhere on the screen
Jump in With High Punch -> High Kick -> Standing Low Kick -> Standing Medium Punch -> (Push Stick Down to cancel the standing Medium Punch) -> Crouching Medium Punch
(as you are pushing the stick down you should be pressing this button) -> Standing High Kick (Launch) -> Low Punch -> Low Kick -> Medium Kick -> Press Down High Kick(tap twice)

Reset against Hulk, Venom, Captain Commando, Strider:
*This can be done anywhere on the screen
Jump in With High Punch -> High Kick -> Crouching Low Kick -> Crouching Medium Punch -> Standing Medium Kick(tap twice) -> The press down forward + High Punch to slide down(this resets) -> Do Berserker Barrage X -> *otg with Crouching Low Punch -> Standing Low Kick -> Medium Kick(tap twice) -> press down forward + High Punch to slide down(reset)


Who me? Im JimRhodes!


oh ok, I guess i didn’t play ya.

Thanks Enki


i <3 Jim Rhodesssssssssss!!

you still play with your buff ass GWM/Gief team? thats seriously one of the most interesting teams i’ve ever seen in mvc to this day. keep it up.

oh and sup Enki? it’s T-K, we had some good matches on ggpo son. too bad i don’t play this game much anymore.


What’s up T-Kimura, hope we can play again some other time maybe a first to 10 or something :), just hit me up when you want to


Good Shyet TK!!!

Yah mon, I still try to get a few wins with those slow asses. :looney:

Thanks for the good words meng, means a lot coming from some one with your skills.


Thanks for all the info =D
"bbx" = Weapon X?

Thanks to you as well =]
This is what I was looking for :tup:


Check my post in the first page two more resets were added for wolverine :slight_smile:


BBX = Berserker Barrage X


Were I to play this game I’d have to use one of the following teams:

Double War Machine/Colossus
Chun-Li/Strider Hiryu/Psylocke
Megaman/War Machine/Colossus


My teams are the following:

Strider/wolverine (my main team)
Strider/spider man


This is going to bug me FOREVER is I don’t ever learn how to do Red Venom’s infinite. D:
Seriously, how do you cancel his HP into HK, it never cancels for some reason.


To do hyper venom’s jumping infinite you need to launch the opponent and wait for like half a second then it’ll cancel.Do not super jump or else it won’t cancel, the canceling happens during normal jumps. It’s easier if you start the infinite with medium kick cancel into high punch then cancel into high kick, then after that just keep doing the high punch into high kick canceling.


So I have to wait until after super jump, and then it will cancel, gotcha.
Now I can sleep at night, thanks.


I always thought they could of made sent’s assist with better priorty. One good whack stops him cold :xeye:


hey enki i saw you doing an otg corner inf with cc on megaman after a captain sword, can u explain it please, and also if it works on other chars


sure it’s quite simple all you do is catch the opponent after captain sword with standing low punch -> standing low kick -> crouching medium kick and repeat that so it becomes an infinite although i believe it only works on small and light characters, practice this until you get it so you are able to pull it off during a match.