Marvel vs Capcom 2 All Hyper Combos


I never got to see them all so I decided to record them all. No time wasted going to character screen selections or looking at the main menu… straight to the super moves non stop. =p


Missing Rogue’s rush punch super by pressing both assist buttons


That’s only assist type supers. Same goes for Spiral and I think 1 other. I excluded them because you need a specific assist and it’s only a team super. besides, they are just duplicates of hyper combos… Spiral’s is her “clone super” but done in a Team Super… what’s so different about those? Nothing. they are the same… just setting a specific assist will get you that for a team super instead of the default…


This game been out for like 10+ fuckin years and you never got to see them all?


Ummm… all 3 assists end up with the rush punch super. Set your meter to just 1 bar and you’ll get rush punch super.

As a Rogue main, I’m disappointed.