Marvel Vs Capcom 2: August 22nd AMF Western Branch Tourney


1st - Matt “Foomyjin” (MSP, Storm/Sent)
2nd - Shawn “Shawnloganownzyou” (Cable/Sent/Doom, Cyke)
3rd - Trent “Syberninja” (Cable/Storm/Cyke, Storm/Sent)

4th - Mike “Jinmasta” (Storm/Cable/Cyke)

5th - Airrick “HyperViperSniper” (Spiral/Cable/BH/Cyke, Storm/Sent)
Dan “Gammadynamite” (Juggs/Sent/Doom/BH)

7th - Brandon “Magnusabuseness” (MSP, Rowtron)
James “CrippCripp” (Doom/Storm, Strider/Doom, Juggs/Sent)

9th - Teddy “Amdabes” (MSP}
Nick (MSP)**

Okay well first off I would like to thank everyone that showed up and played…I was worried that nobody was going to come…but they all came thru…I think we all had a good time…
sorry the right stick was so “iffy” its like you had to do the moves precisely for them to come out…I am going to get the tech on it this week…I might even offer him some personal loot of my own to make sure he sticks around while we hold another one…
I am thinking the left stick was fine…no one had any complaints about that one…

the left stick was the reason for alot of upsets today…I assume…but everyone can post as they see fit :slight_smile: I am not really worried about how I actually did…I was more excited about the folks that game thru…

Got to play some folks I havent ever played and everyone gets big props from me for playing hard…

hope everyone enjoyed the pizza…I will have another one of these the 4th weekend of every month…maybe sooner on an early Sat…dont know for sure.

I do know that the sticks will be 100% next time…(wink)

thanks again folks…hope to see you all soon…
PS…APEX is down currently…when its working again I will post these up…I will check it daily to see whats going on…



I still don’t remember how to play that game…


thanks to EVERYONE that came and it was really nice to see that people came and had a great time from what i saw and assume

and all i have to say is slogan owns me…with the coin toss :wink:

i hope you all had a great time over at slogan’s afterwards sorry i couldn’t make it out…maybe next time or maybe next time i will have people over my crib or something <shrug> we will see

the left stick to me was 100% perfect i can’t think of ONE thing i missed or couldn’t do on it…the right stick…FUCK TEH RIGHT STICK! lol

it was nice to meet everyone for the first time and props to everyone and i still think the best match of the WHOLE tournament was gamma vs cripp…the best…ever :slight_smile:

props to matt for getting 1st and props to slogan for getting 2nd

eric if you need help with money to get the 360’s or something in i have no problem chipping in…and from what i hear shorebreak has a great cabby…if they can get the damage down lets throw that shit there!

james glad you could come out…think about bowling man

teddy…wtf happend! lol


He got stuck on the right side and ate a few headcrushes:lol: :lol: :lol:

Good games to everyone. James…that was the craziest match I’ve had in a while. Sent delay :wtf: combo = teh ownage

Once again I’d like to point out that it took Foomy and
Trent to put me out of this tourney:D

Good games to all again



Damn…Foomy takes another tourny in SoVa…its nice to see some things dont change…All hail the True…KING OF SOVA. Haha…Good shit Shawn…

In related VA marvel news…1st Friday was the fucking shit, as it always is…Stay tuned for the next RIC tourny at Omars house…it will be very soon.


It was nice playing Teddy, you got a nice magneto/storm, and you got some nice set-ups and I can tell that you don’t rush in stoopidly (most of the time :smiley: ) next time we’ll play on a console man.

SyberNinja- Nice playing you too man, you raped me man… in the coin toss :stuck_out_tongue: naw but for real, good shit man, look forward to playing you on console as well.

Shawn U a bitch
Matt U a bitch

Everyone else was cool as fuck :smokin:

j/k :rolleyes:


good shit foomy… you should have a console tourney somewhere…


hey…where’s the breaded hooter wings? looks at foomy


yea gg to all…

that right side was wack, but somehow matt still 4-0 me with that side rofl thats sad :{

but w/e… as always if i can make it to a tourney, i will go :\

i would go to the NC tourney on sat, but i gotta go to a wedding, i think, unless its like delayed or sumin ill cehck up on it

gg :expressionless:

The ebten GG Xrd stick



Hey, you got my Srk Tag name. Change yours, there can only be 1 smoothviper.


-so confuzed right now it’s unreal




well at least i didn’t place last for my first tourney :looks at gamma: :evil: :evil: :lol: :lol: :lol:



By the way, I never used Storm/Sent. EVER Thanks.

Sorry I had to rig the right side guys, it was the only way I could win. Too bad Slogan had to see the true power of the right side in the grand finals. haha


When we gonna lan again? #vblan on gamesnet. I think a lan’s happening around here on thursday night if anyone’s interested. I know I am :slight_smile:

By the way, what happened to Airick and Trent after the tournament. They (will at least and Airick) pledged to “definately” showing up at Slogans. We were so depressed you didn’t show… we had to resort to playing games like Golden Axe, and world championship wrestling. That game is t3h l3et though… The guy with the messed up face is too good. God I’m bored -.- Okay me go to class now.


fooms rigging teh right side was fucked up :frowning:

thats ok slogan got dominated by the gumball mech. lol

plus i talked to slogan about me hanging out with my girl and whenever eric got out of the movie he would call him…from what i understand he did…i just chilled with my girl allnight

golden axe <sigh> lol


Sorry about not being able to make it…I had movie plans before hand…Trent went home…so I wasnt about to make a trip back out to Suffolk…I got in…sat @ my computer for over an hour trying to get these scores in APEX…which didnt work…got online tryed to talk to someone about APEX…and fell asleep…

Matt what teams DID you use? I know you used a team with Storm on it…was it Cable/Storm or Storm/Doom? I cant remember…



MSP!!! S = STORM!!! =D


anyway’s, sup Fommyjin. U may not remember me on da real, because its been a long time. I use to go to putt putt by military circle on da weekend’s to watch you and the gang play MvC2. I was still trying to learn da shit back den. Now i believe iam the top player in memphis TN:p , thanks to soo much pratice and video’s. I remember one time when i was playing i picked strider/doom/capcom and you said, well you laugh and then said calipower:lol: , aka alex valle:lol: , hey that team owns, i guess:confused:


WTF is this…a damn Foomy fan club??? I’m just gonna start a thread saying that Foomy is gonna win the next Evo:lol: