Marvel vs. Capcom 2 - Chandler, AZ - 9/30/07

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Play N Trade
Chandler Fashion Center
Outdoor Village, between Atomic Comics and BJs Brewery
3155 W. Chandler Blvd, Suite 3
Chandler, AZ 85226

Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 (DC) Dreamcast with VGA cables!

Tournament starts at noon. Please arrive no later than 11:45 am to get your name into the brackets.

Pot 50/25

$10 to pre-register
$15 - day of tournament

Double elimination
First to 3 rounds, 2 of 3 games

You can bring sticks to this fight

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i’ll be many people do you think will actually show?

I’ll be one…

When I went to register they told me that Sentinel was banned because he was to strong. That was the only rule I heard I wasn’t paying attention after that.

Are you kidding me? Sentinel is banned?

That is about the silliest thing I have heard in a long while.


bad choices, bad choices

I do not even play (or like that SoB) with Sentinel but you cannot ban him from the tourney. If this is true fix it because it is just nuts. If it is untrue say so just so the players know…

Of course, it is your (PlayNTrade) place and you can do whatever you want just know that decisions like that will cost you in real players attending or even thinking that you are a serious tourney holder. Just some feedback - do with it what you will.


To ban anything in a SF related game other than ST Akuma is a joke.

I was thinking if they ban Sentinel they might as well ban Cable, Magneto, Storm and just make it a low tier tourny.

It gets like that any time people starting pulling characters off the playable roster… where do you draw the line? Iron Man has an infinite - he has go to! Cyclops does 16% block damage with his super?! OUT! You can have Magneto but you cannot use a Psylocke assist…


im wont be going anymore.about 6 top players are also not attending now

acryillic-i’ll beat your cable mag sent team.i’ll even bet 100$

Let me get my money up but i’ll play you first to 10. Give me a week.

cool.where do you play at?

Gameworks usually but wherever is cool

Check your PMs…


everytime i go nobody wants to you guys still play on thursdays?

I usually go Saturday when I get off work there is some competition, i’ll be there after 11pm on saturday.

Watch only 5 people will show up. lol n_n;

Some 12 year old kid will win with team shoto…