Marvel vs capcom 2 choppy on 360

hey, i just wanna make sure im not the only one having this issue, but mvc2 is suppose to be playable on the 360, but mine is all choppy the characters can barely move and it has tons of graphic errors and ect on the screen.

has anyone else tried it on the 360? i just wanna make sure its not my system.
the game plays perfect on the old xbox.

Your system is fine.

MS really need to fix this…I might get MvC2 on the Xbox

I didnt even know it was compatible… looks like imma start playing…

get a dc

Get a not-a-360, lol. Microsoft: Defective By Design. :stuck_out_tongue:

I can’t believe they’re still having shit go wrong with the 360, it’s been around what, almost two years now? Seriously though, if you want to play marvel get a DC.