Marvel vs Capcom 2 confirmed for XBLA No Bull

Yup its coming. Take a look over here Enjoy :slight_smile:

Meh, I’ll wait untill this actually happens before I wet my self…

its confirmed.

you’re stupid.

don’t call him stupid. It still hasn’t been officially confirmed by capcom themselves.

and there is a whole thread about this right below.

My cat’s breath smells like cat food.

What a dick…


Better come to PSN as well if this is true, I never played the original but I might pick this up if it came out on PS3.

These threads should stop popping up until Capcom has actually said the game is coming out.

Again…I’m gonna wait until CAPCOM confirms this.

They probably wanna do it like right before it comes out to surprise everyone.

I really hope they do this and see xbox live as marketplace for all their fighters to end up on.

In before lock.

The only reason I can think of that they haven’t already announced it (seeing as how pretty much everyone knows it’s coming) is that they’re not sure if they’ll be able to untangle the rights issues so they don’t want to announce it and then have to cancel it if a roadblock gets put up. Either that or they’re timing the announcement to some other release/event for corporate synergy.

Dude, the thread title says it’s confirmed. It is fucking confirmed.


They are going to announce that it’s coming… Then further down the line they will go “We have a BIG announcement” announcing when the game is coming.

Or they just wanted to keep it hush hush.


Isn’t it not .net? Let’s hope that’s real :slight_smile:

Remember seeing on one of those European shops with the mvc2 pads that they were coming out on 21st of July.

The teasing is maddening…MADDENING!!!

Untill the confirmation say Capcom on it, I don’t really care. When I start seeing things on Capcom websites saying MvC2 online enabled, then I’ll start wetting my self…

Yeah, dig this too:

These rumors have been floating around forever, but they’re finally taking form. I just hope the use a solid version, like Dreamcast or something.