Marvel Vs Capcom 2 DC help

Hey everybody. I’ve recently been re-introduced to the world of MvC2 with the magic of the internet and a CD burning drive.

Problem is, Combomasher’s website is down, which was the most up-to-date guide with all tools and help in tact. It was there a week ago, I used it. Now I wanted to customize MvC2 with some carefully picked songs and it’s down.

I read somewhere that he made a pdf of the whole site just in case such a thing happened, but it, aswell, is unavailable as far as I can find.

Can anyone help me out somehow? I’ve looked at other customization guides but they are over 5 years old and nowhere near as helpful.

Sounds like you honestly tried pretty hard to find this on your own, and our Google-powered search can be iffy right now, so it’s cool you missed this. (It was on the second page.)

The dudes in this thread will be able to help you out one way or another. :smile:

v v v Naw don’ worry, I know. I meant that you should literally ask your questions in that thread. :lol:

haha that’s the site I was talking about in that thread^

Unfortunately, since a couple days ago, all of his sites are no longer available.

I browsed around Google and nothing compared of what he had.

I’m hoping he renews his site or corrects any problems he came across. If not, I’m pretty positive about this site, it looks pretty cool and I think I can get some help here, like u mentioned.

alright, further into that thread (after 100+ pages) they have some info. Thanks deadfrog