Marvel Vs Capcom 2 Dreamcast emulator screenshot



good start

where did you get that pic from? is it real? and how smooth does it play.

its an emulator called chanka

more news pf this new emulator (pics and videos) can be found on the following sites

Looks pretty good actually …

Nice it’s coming out tomorrow I stand ready!

Thanks for the screenshot and info. :smiley:

does this mean we can play MVC2 online?

thats nutz!!!

Tomorrow? Damn, now I have to download a bunch of games again… I hope the Resident Evil games will work.

oh snap! is this legit?

3s online? damn.

the question bothering me is, what kind of high grade computer and graphics card are you going to need to run dreamcast on your computer?

Don’t forget to buy your new 3 ghz+ computer to run the games lol I already got mine.


dope the sites in spanish )=)

Player 1’s super meter is a pixel more than player 2’s, only a dork like me would check that lol. The round had just started and Rogue probably did a quick combo, a few jabs here or there could even those out. That picture is 100% legit anyway. The pixelization of the characters over the high res background that they weren’t intended to be designed for, the super smooth energy bars, high quality portraits, etc, back when Icarus was showing MvC2 pics there were glitches all over the place on character piece alignment. It’s definitely real and I can’t wait to try it out. Apparently it’s running at 42 fps there on an AMD 2600, which I think is roughly equivalent to a P4 3 ghz, I’m on a 3.2, maybe I’ll get a little better fps, but the emulator is only running at 10% total DC library compatibility, so I assume speed will increase over time as they tweak their dynarec, or whatever this team is using to bring us such an amazingly fast advancement in DC emulation of a short time. Icarus for years has been trying and in 5 weeks, bam Commercial Game compatibility.



I deleted my post :slight_smile: I’m glad you didn’t quote it.

yea it also runs sf3 third strike…

no online play supported… maybe in future?

cpu requirements are a p4 or amd 1.6 ghz…and required video card is geforce 3 or a good ati radeon card…

i heard it only runs on windows xp…

oh well its comin out on sat… so we’ll all see…

i cant find it anywhere :confused:

i’ve been in talks with the dev, it’s legit, supposed to come out saturday.