Marvel Vs Capcom 2 Dreamcast emulator screenshot

Ah yes, un-encoded frames of Cable, Ruby, and those other new characters. Cool…

Decent start. IMO, no online play = not worth the download.

If it runs smoothly, I’m sure it won’t be long until some form of netplay is integrated.

im sure netplay will be intergrated but desyncs will occur alot im betting.

Can’t wait to try this out. Though I am mainly want a DC emu for fun fun laggy online play with virtual on ot

Wow I can’t wait until this emulator is perfected :cool:


Tight vid. I wonder if there’s any other games they’ve demoed.:slight_smile: Damn, with the thought of getting DC MVC2 online, this is a better argument to upgrade my computer than Doom3. lol…

Hope they get a network/online up and running soon, there’s so many fighters they could link up, it’s disgusting!

Would a P4, 1.6 Ghz, Geforce 2 MX suffice?

Running a private server on your computer using Kaillera is the same as P2P so if it does become Kaillera ready, just do that.


Haha, hardly. Take a look at Zsnes netplay, enough said

arcade nerds >>>> online nerds (or kaillera nerds)

i’d rather play mvc2 at a homeboys house or arcade.

and i can get any game free for my dreamcast on the internet anyways. so i dont see the point needed for me to get this.

however for those that don’t have good competition around them then this is good for them.

but not for me.

Nah hes right, I do that alot. The only problems you see with this is sometimes frame drop and slowdown.

Pure insanity, I was waiting for the ZSNES netplay thing to pop up.

I have plenty of experience with both Kaillera and ZSNES netplay. When dealing with SNES, you’re talking about a much simpler programming base. Emulators that only a couple hundred K, vs MAME, which is about 25 megs when you use it. The problem is not Kaillera, it is Mame.


Final Burn using Kaillera on two computers that do not experience frame skip by merely using Final Burn online playing Super Street Fighter 2 > ZSNES netplay on any two computers playing Super Street Fighter 2.

The ZSNES story is tired. I have played people on it using dial up and cable, there is STILL a noticable difference in gameplay quality so I honestly don’t know what the big hype is. It’s SNES.

But on a side note, I traveled 45 minutes to pay to play UMK3 a few days ago in an arcade against 3 people I could have played at home on Kaillera. That should raise the question as to whether I’m an arcade nerd, a kaillera nerd, or both.

Kaillera for the DC emu has the potential to be extremely bad, but at least give it a shot if it happens. You’re never going to see perfect netplay for games like MvC2 over PCs in this decade.

Enough said…do some research. Connecting to someone’s computer via IP address with no master server between them is P2P for God’s sake. The only thing better is a direct network connection between two computers, and the only thing better than that is getting your ass to an arcade and getting whipped there instead of online. Maybe there’s someone who can better explain the difference between connecting to a server on someone’s own computer, and two people connecting to a stand alone server, because when you do P2P on other games, you’re connecting to a server that is listening on the other person’s computer that is built into the game/emulator, the game just doesn’t have the extra option for reaching a server list. It’s so dumb to even have to explain it.

I’m tired of being questioned about everything I say on virtually every forum/thread/message board I post on. Done.

Oh and yeah I think 1.6 ghz AMD was the requirement for running it, 1.6 P4 might be a little slow though, make sure you have XP though, probably gonna be a while before it’s available for anything else.


the online frameskip issue on kaillera is sumthin you no longer have to worry about if you people start to use this new mame called mamemore 0.82. The netplay game speed runs much faster than 0.64 mame… basically it runs like final burn online minus the frameskip… so to those who always set marvel vs capcom to turbo 2 online, don’t do it anymore becuz it willl be too fast…

4 player games r supported too… and they run really well now…

now only if they had non-delayed responses like zsnes netplay…

Awesome news. Will we have to use the Cd rom of our Dc game to play it on Chanka? Or will there be rom files like mame?

Do some research? Feel free to check out my Zbattle thread in it’s full glory. There’s no need for me to repost what has been re-iterated time & time again in that thread. I realize I can’t speak for everyone when I say that Zsnes Netplay is superior to other forms of online play. My own personal experience as a player who only plays old skool: HF, SSF2, ST has told me that Kalliera is a joke, regardless of whether or not I create my own server, or decide to join one. A few other notable old skool plyrs will attest to that as well. But, since this is not a Zsnes vs. Kalliera thread, we’ll just move on and agree to disagree. If the online capabalities do in fact turn out to be superb, I would be greatly anticipating ST.

ok chanka is out… its 8:20 am here and the chanka site has it… i’ll try it after i come home from work later 2day

to combomasher

no roms… it uses iso

not sure about cd… t-kimura knows…

chanka is out(, here is a pic of me running ggx it looks kind of low qual cuz of compression, ill post more later:

T-k, how do you make the game playable on chanka? I have mvc2 burned noto a disc and it works on my DC, i also have the original disc juggler file of mvc2. Do you know what to do to play games? And also how do u set the controls? thanks.