Marvel Vs Capcom 2 Dreamcast emulator screenshot

Damn that looks b-e-a-utiful! :frowning: Going to dl right now. :smiley:

you’ll need the bios/flash file… and running by cd isn’t the best way to go for this, i’ve heard it runs slow, and it can’t run gd roms yet(original dreamcast cds)… if you want to run by iso/cdi/nrg or whatever off your hd then get a program called deamon tools, and then mount the image… select the drive in chankast and you should be able to play just fine :slight_smile:

which one do you dl?? Chankast alpha 0.1

Chankast alpha 0.1 newgfx

Chankast alpha 0.1 Capcom hack

Ok, I went to the site and dl all three files they had. Which one is the emu? all I see are cd.dll file when I opened them.

all of them if you want, thats what i did… the new gfx one seems to give me more detail on ggx, then i just use capcom one for capcom games, normal for whatever…

thats strange, should be an exe and dll in all three.

finally, mvc2 sprites can be ripped, and people can stfu about asking for them.

OKay, I re-dl the files and still only see cd_rom.dll and no exe files.

Just tried backup version of cvs2 and can’t get it to work, and blah i do have an original copy as well so don’t lock the thread cause its not illegal discussion etc.

alright here we go… cvs2!:

It’s just a matter of time now before SNK switch platform again :lol:
T-Kimura whats ur comp specs and whats ur average fps.

T-kimura- (this is feartetsuo)How big is the file for the spanish version of the game? I have the zip file of the original US version of mvc2, could i use that? I will try and contact you in like 3 hours or so. How do you set the controls for a keyboard and a joystick?
and is there a detailed faq or could you make one for how to use this thing and how to get games working? Thanks.

my comp isn’t that nice but the emu is just so good it gives about full speed for lots of my games…
amd athlon xp 2600+
256 mb of ram(imma need more ram for some games, 3s doesn’t run as good as cvs2 yet for me)


hm all i get is “can’t read dc_bios.bin”

imma list everything you need for this:
dreamcast bios/flash file
if you want to play isos off your hdd download “daemon tools” and just mount the image, then you should be able to play it in chanka
also, your games need to be self boot or it wont work
and gd-roms(original dc cds) dont run yet.

btw mvc2 runs very well, just slight gfx glitches in it… i get full speed.

Could you PM me where I get this?

you’ve sorta gotta own a dreamcast to have one on your comp(not that anyone will listen)… you can try searching some sites

if anyone gets 3s to work past the part where you select your char can you let me kno? thanks… it crashes for me after that.

rival schools 2 - project justice:

Yahhh it runs … at like 20-30 fps for me ;
p4 1.6ghz
512 ram
Radeon 9000 np

3s works for me, I got in a match.

But can anybody confirm if soul calibur works , or at least games with ntfs/pal selectors? it doesn’t boot up.

Are we able to load or save game data?

If anybody gets it working in Win2k, let me know :stuck_out_tongue:

getting chanka now. This will definately aid in ripping sprites