Marvel vs Capcom 2 - Evo Pools Roll Call

Ok, so there are 4 pools again which means 16 man brackets times 4 pools = 64 entries (max) most likely. Since the check in thread seems to be SSF4 overload, lets make a separate one for mvc2

Pool 1
Justin Wong
Smooth Assassin

Pool 2
Basic Complex
baby wolverine

Pool 3
Asian Demon
Smooth Viper
tony K
Blackheart King

Pool 4
Dios X
Demon Hyo
sanford kelly
Randy Lew

Marvel vs Capcom 2 Pool 4

Pool 4

Pool 1

pool 2

Pools might be bigger, could be 32(hopefully) or 64(doubtful) man pools.

TvC and Melty Blood have ~150 people and I can’t imagine Marvel losing to those. 64-man brackets for pools sounds most likely…

pool 2 here, free win for somebody! lol

yay pool 3

Last year was 16 per pool, 4 pools, no qualifiers, straight to top 8 if you make top 2 in your pool

Pool 1 and 4 look brutal.

LOL, only 64 people played marvel last year? come on. Last years pools were 64 man, with a lot of byes. I was running pools. This year will probably be the same.

good shit. I was too lazy to do this (plus I’m leaving for vegas early tomorrow)

I hope you are sure, my pool had like 15 people, i played like 3 matches and got 3rd or 4th in my pool

roundhouse: Pool 1

I was told that there were like 160 people for marvel last year. I tried looking up the information but couldn’t find out. Blockable laser’s info seems to match up though.

alright, that seems right. it just seems so much faster. 64 man pools with tons of byes, maybe thats why it felt so quick

Roll call: I’m in Pool 4

Also, will there be any casuals afterwards in a room?

im hoping to find some place to play aside from the tourney

Evo 2009 Live Broadcast

MMDS: I’m pretty sure you didn’t get 3rd or 4th in the bracket. I beat you and then had to play a few more matches until I lost to Soo in loser’s finals. I got 3rd in the bracket.

Edit: I think combo got 4th. I think you tied for 5th