Marvel vs Capcom 2 for Xbox 360's Live Arcade?

…could we get so lucky? Any chance at all? :confused:


One reason is there is a limit of 50megs on any XLA game. Not to mention capcom can not reproduce any game with marvel characters now. They dont have the lic any more.

Remember EA has it now.

Oh well… back to eBay to find a decent conditioned copy… :rolleyes:

Gay really.

They give it to EA…and they make nemesis. Dear god, what a waste. As much as we’d all love to see the game rerealsed and online compatible, it will never happen.

I’m sure lag would kill it anyways.

Anyways, does the whole 50 mb thing mean that all the rumors I heard about every Dreamcast game being on Xbox live arcade are false. I hope so because I dont have the money for a 360 right now since I said I wouldnt get one.

Just get that ps3 like you told me :wink:

Truth hurts sometimes :sad:

Alot of companies seem to have it:

-Activision makes the X-Men and Spiderman games.
-THQ I think did the Punisher game.
-Universal did Hulk.

And Microsoft is doing an MMORPG with marvel characters too.

Well, let me break it down to you:

There isn’t just one big ol’ marvel lic that covers all things marvel.

Activision has had the X-men comic license for years now. Just recently , they got the lic to make Ultimate Spider-man games. And of course, they have the license to make games based on any modern day Marvel movie.

THQ snagged Punisher. (comic lic)

EA got the license to the new advengers. (Marvel Nemesis)

And Sierra grabbed The Hulk (comic lic)

I don’t know the exact details, but Capcom had a lic to include and make fighting games (and only fighting games) with Marvel characters in them.

Nobody has an exclusive marvel lic. And in case you hadn’t noticed, Marvel has a bad rep for letting ANYONE have a go at making something based on thier characters. A good example being this:

Ok WTF, Spider man with a giant robot? :looney: :confused: :arazz:

Atleast Capcom did a good job at making the games. The only other modern Marvel game I like is Spider Man 2 and even then I’ve hardly played it.

The Saturn though, what a machine for 2D! The Marvel games on the Saturn are by far the best Marvel games made imo, as far as quality and design goes. X-Men vs Street Fighter is the only game to truely blow me away. The first time I played it I was playing it in black and white and I was still taken by it.

Personaly I think Capcom are idiots for not trying to keep the licence up to date. They had a good thing going on with Marvel, they could have took it as far as liked. But sadly things don’t always turn out as you want them to. I guess we’re just going to have to wait and see what Sammy or SNK can come up with…Or what Capcom can rehash on that matter.

LOL, Hitotsu Genie = Top Tier. Genie Missiles are broken.

I am not sure if I want to see MvC2 on XBL anyway. The last thing I need is the 12 y/o Halo idiots to start playing that.


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No common household noobs would dare play the game if it was on X-Box Live.

You wanna bet, look at 3S or CvS2.

Yeah but they’re relatively easy to play. Sure they might have a go, but I couldn’t imagine them playing for long when they get tri-jump, psy assist, ROM and AHVBx3 all day. I just don’t think MvC2 has the popularity or even the right execution level for casual gamers to want to go online with. I think the only people you’d see would be people who already know the game. And we all know you need to have reasonably good execution to even play properly with someone anyway.

Ummm IIRC capcom originally planned on implementing online play for MVC2 when it came out for xbox. But they scrapped it because they weren’t able to do it efficiently or something like that

Yeah, lag would kill the game. They’re would probably be too much information going between the two players, I couldn’t imagine it being very lag free. Although it would be fun I have to admit. I wouldn’t mind getting destroyed by some decent players in the game. MvC on Kaillera just isn’t the same.