Marvel vs Capcom 2 Guide?

I love fighting games, I’m really new to them, and the only one I’m any good at is SSF4. I’m extremely interested in MvC3 and BB:CS (BB is another story though). I’d like to get even okay at MvC2 before I start with MvC3, I can air combo a little and that but I don’t think I know quite what I’m doing. I’ll just use a launcher then use lp lk mk lk hk or something, then do it again when I can.

Are there any good VERY beginner level MvC2 guides out there? The only ones I can find are like “Advanced Sentinel Tactics”. I just want to know what I should be doing and how mechanics and things work.

If anyone feels like teaching me, you can go ahead and add me on PSN.

Well from what I’ve seen and heard MvC3 and MvC2 are absolutely nothing alike, so if you want to learn MvC2 because you enjoy playing it, and its a long, hard road to learning this damn game… then first few things I have to say are…

1.Pick top tiers characters only until you become a solid player
2.Execution is EVERYTHING and is extremely difficult until you practice until its second nature(which I’m learning the hard way)
3.Advise you to learn Team Scrub to get a good hold on the basics…
4.Let Video game videos: Marvel vs Capcom 2 be your very best friend along with the mvc2 forum…
5.Become solid with one good team before trying to learn another(again learning this the hard way)…

Again I totally suck and am still learning but I can tell you a little bit… just ask about mechanics/notation you have questions on and I can answer most of them(I understand the game but execution isn’t up to par yet lol)…

In further news… damnit why can’t I get to sleep:mad::mad:

Okay, sounds good. What is team scrub? And do you know of any REALLY basic guides? Like, when to use assists, and stuff like that?

Team Scrub= Cable-B, Sentinel-Y, CapCom-B

Marvel vs Capcom 2 - Shoryuken Wiki -This is as basic as it gets as far as I know…

As far as assists go, there are only two types…

They are the get the fuck off of me assists(Capcom’s AA/antiair assist is hands down one of the best and so is Cyclops for this purpose) and the pressure assists(Doctor Dooms-B assist and Sentinel’s-Y assist)… the hands down best assists are listed at the bottom of the wiki…

Assists can be comboed into, the method I use is tapping the attack and the assist button at the same time… try practicing it with Doctor Doom(with Tron’s projectile assist)…

goes like assist and lks at the same time),, tron assist, dash forward(don’t go into dash until Tron comes out and uses her attack or else it wont come out… dash by pressing both punch buttons at once)

Go into the forums find some stuff you don’t understand and ask…

Common notations= AHVB-Air Hyper Viper Beam
HSF=Hyper Sentinel Force
ad df.=triangle jump/air dash downforward
sj.=super jump
Photons=the pink shit Dr Doom shoots from his hands…

Awesome, you’ve been so helpful, and I read all of the Noob sticky in the MvC2 forum. Another question though: How do I do an assist-super? Idk if that’s what it’s known as but I’ve seen someone have storm on point doing a super, then follow up with sentinel’s super, how is this done?

i know absolutely bugger all about marvel, but i think what you’re referring to is called a DHC (delayed hyper combo) and is done by performing your assist characters super just after your point characters has started.

Yeah I think that’s what I’ve heard it called. So I would just do the input for the super I want? Or do I have to hit which assist or something like that? What is the input?

Do the second character’s assist motion during the first super

pretend that cable is doing hyper viper beam, if ryu is your second and you perform his super, cable will switch out and ryu will switch in and perform shinkuu hadouken

Oh cool, so it has to be the second? If Ryu was in the third slot, it wouldnt work?

I have exactley the same question as when I DHC it always goes 2nd assist then 3rd. Is there a way to get it the other way around or is it something you have to be aware of and build your team in the correct order because of this?

IGN actually has a very good beginner guide for MvC2

It’s written by pros, i can’t remember who though…

Hey SaikyoDan thanks for asking this question i have been hesitant to purchase this game cause i have no knowledge and its intimidating…but with the wiki and the ign guide im gonna give it a shot.

Okay after reading all of the MvC2 Beginner’s Sticky, all of the IGN Guide, and reading numerous other things, I have a lot of techniques I am practicing like Cable’s AHVB. But once I have all of these down, I’m still having trouble figuring out basically how I “play” the game. I know techniques, I know how zoning works, and I know most of the mechanics. But if I were to play a match, I would have a lot of difficulty knowing what I should do. Like, I just zone until he gets close then go for an air combo? These are the questions that are hindering my progress.

That’s where youtube comes in.

For some reason, I took that response almost philisophically. At first, I was like, what the hell does he mean, I can’t find any tutorials on youtube, just combo videos and stuff. Then I sat back for a while, and just thought about it, then I went on youtube, found a match video, and it clicked. You just, play. I was having so much trouble understanding that I just had to play, use the techniques, and use everything I know about fighting games. Thank you. I still suck though, and I would like someone on PSN who could help me.

yo SaikyoDan.

Im a very average MVC2 player but I can teach you how I learned the game.

There is this team called Team Guard, or Team Sheild (storm/Sent/Cable) where you can learn all aspects of the game (Run away, rushdown, keepaway)

Runaway is simple, you run, but you build meter at the same time. Useful for get a character out safely and to run the time down. Storm, Cyclops and believe it or not Dan (HINT HINT lol) is the best at this. Storm can literally superjump once and build a full meter. Cyclops has one of the highest priority attacks in the game with and Dan’s taunts build meter the quickest in the game.

rushdown is simple, you simply rushdown, but in mvc2 it is harder than it is in SSF4. You play Dan correct? you are trying to rushdown sagat, but he is throwing a shitload of fireballs and Anti-airing you when you jump. In MVC2 it is this, plus you gotta worry about an anti-air assist (AAA) getting you back and having to start all over. With rushdown, you have many tools, like Triangle jumping, projectiles, wavedashing, etc. but with those tools is still really difficult to do so. But when you do suceed in rushingdown, the results are so good. The best at rushing is Magneto, but Storm and IM are notorious as well. Magneto has all the tools to be sucessful, like the quickest dash in the game, tri-jumps, resets galore, infinites, etc. IM is a slower, yet easier version of Magneto. Storm is quick and versatile, with a tri-jump, and 50% combo and quick normals, making her a very good character to rushdown with.

Keepaway is the low-tiers kryptonite lol. it is when you abuse projectiles to pin down opponents, chip them, and ultimately, keeping them back. Not very simple, because this also requires you to read your opponents mind lol. Cable, Spiral, Sentinel, and Strider are the best at this. Cable has the best hyper in the game IMO. air Hyper viper beam it has instant recovery and it pins opponents down. Don’t abuse this hyper, because you will need the meter. He also has solid projectiles with st. hp, j. hp, lp. viper beams, lk grenades, and cr. hp. Use these. Spiral is the chip queen. Her knives have damn good priority and they chip like hell. Paired with Sentinel, you have the one of the most devastating trap in the game. Sent is a zoning monster. cr. hp has good priority, it is easily canceled with all of his special/hypers, and he has flight mode, which can be used as a get off me manuver. Strider isn’t necessarily the best keepaway character (he rushes more), but he has a hyper called ouroborus which has potential to trap all of the characters in the game, with almost no way out.

Also know that: pixies->projectile, projectile->Giants, Giants->pixies. Although this game is infamous for being “unbalance”, I believe that this is a way to keep top tiers at bay. for example, lets say I picked Cable/Spiral/Sent (Team Duc), and you had no skill whatsoever with top tiers, but you were a beast with Dan/Spiderman/Doom and you picked them. You pretty much countered me. since cable and Spiral are projectile characters, you came up to me with 2 pixies (spiderman/Dan) and countered me in that way. and then you got Doom (projectile) to counter Sentinel (Giant). if you were slightly better than i was, you might beat me. But in reality, Dan sucks because he moves like a turtle, so I would probably win. But if you did win, it was because you countered my characters.

Now I don’t want that bs to happen anymore, so I pick Storm/Sent/Cable, so you couldn’t counter me. Storm, a pixie, Sent, a giant, and Cable, projectile makes it so that you couldn’t counter my characters. So then I destroy you lol.

Basically, know what character can do what, and you’ll be fine against others.


Tier list (in order) iThis is important to know since marvel is unbalanced.

WM (WarMachine)
Mega Man
Omega Red
Ruby Heart (Disagree lol)
Silver Samurai
Captain America
Wolverine Bone Claw


Thats it.

Hoped I helped :slight_smile:

Thanks for the great response, all of that makes good sense. And I appreciate you telling me that. Right now I’m using Team Scrub. What order should they be in? It’s Cable, Sentinel, and CapCom, but what order?

The order you listed (Cable, Sentinel and CapCom) is the right order. You always want to start out Cable anyways since he’s always a strong character against any team at the beginning. His keep away can literally keep anyone away if you play him right. All he needs is a good AAA (anti-air assist) and he’ll keep anyone at bay. The only weak thing about Cable is if someone gets close and that’s what CapCom is for.

CapCom is kind of a filler character in my own opinion meaning he’s only really only there for his godlike AAA. When people snap-out to him or get rid of him, its pretty much pretty bad for your Cable/Sentinel. If someone snaps out into your CapCom, play him really patiently and try to DHC him out safely. Don’t randomly do Arctic Corridor (qcb+punch) unless you know its going to hit. I see way too many people do Arctic Corridor into Captain Sword (qcf+two punches, its his super) when it doesn’t even connect especially when your opponent is just going to block it and then punish you since you become vulnerable after it finishes. The only time its safe for you to do that without knowing it isn’t going to hit is if you have Sentinel right under him so you can DHC to his Hyper Sentinel Force (qcf+two punches, its his super) since its fairly safe to DHC into unless your opponent knows what he’s doing and has a character that can DHC back to hit Sentinel. If Cable is under you, you have to make sure your Arctic Corridor to Super connects and while your opponent is being hit by CapCom’s super you DHC to Cable Hyper Viper when your opponent is at least at a 45 degree angle so the Hyper Viper catches them.

Sentinel player skills are either really bad or really good. This is determined by you knowing how to use his normals with his fly/unfly tricks. You have to master his fly to unfly to really put the beating with him. If you get someone in the corner with him and have CapCom to back you up, you can potentially just lock your opponent in the corner if you know what you’re doing. Sadly I don’t play Sentinel and never really play him so I can’t help you with specific stuff, but I’ve seen him enough and played against him enough to know whats up. His normals chip making him a beast so learn how to lock your opponent in the corner with his fly and unfly tricks.

Play Cable depending on how your opponent is. If there’s a MSP team of the sort (Magneto, Storm and Psylocke) and they love rushing, then of course you’ll play way more defensive. You can’t risk as many things as you would if you were to play another totally different team. Magneto and some of the other people with fast dashes will punish anything they see that has an opening so you really have to watch out. Use CapCom’s assist well and don’t just spam it out. This will lead into double snap backs and your assist is going to be riding the launcher infinity until he dies. Use Cable’s Scimitar (dp+punch) wisely. A time to use it is if your opponent rushes in but avoids CapCom’s assist and is still airborne and close to you. That will push him back slightly but you have to use this right as for some characters are fast enough to rush in still to catch your landing. Just play accordingly.

Here’s maybe some little combo things to keep in mind when your playing Cable. As you already know his HP if you hit it he shoots bullets which can go up to 4 hits. Usually when people totally start out, they shoot 4 HP bullets and then Viper into Hyper Viper. When you get a little more advanced drop that and go into HP bullets (2-4 times) into Scimitar into Hyper Viper. The Scimitar will have him in the air so the Hyper Viper will be done in the air. This is preferred since you can do another 1 or 2 Air Hyper Vipers.

As you know Cables bread and butter combo and a must have for ALL Cables to be strong is his c.LK > c.LK > HK > AHVB (Air Hyper Viper Beam). If you know that its going to hit, throw in an assist for some more extra damage after the HK. Doing so will give you way more damage with that extra hit. Depending on what assists you assign to Sentinel may differ for this though. If you’re using Sentinel’s Alpha Assist which consists with his Rocket Punch that aims downwards then this would be a perfect time to use it. Thank god for the HK’s hit stun for being so long cause you can have time to hit an assist button and then do the AHVB. So practice that for that extra damage. It might be a little bit hard at first but if you practice it, it’ll all be muscle memory from then on. CapCom’s AAA works for this as well too. Keep practicing.

That’s just all I can say for now. Keep practicing like everyone says and you should be good. The gap from casual play to just even intermediate is a huge gap. Veteran level from intermediate is even HUGER. The level of play and the players knowledge is what determines that. You have the choice of choosing between or can even play in all categories but it will just take time and practice. Have fun with it man, I’ve been playing MVC from right when it came out for arcades and its still awesome.

My god, I’m just going to do this because there’s no way in hell I’m quoting that:

Wow, you wrote like 7 paragraphs, thank you. I appreciate it so much, I’ve taken everything you’ve said and thought about it, and really practiced a lot. I’m slowly getting combos down (very slowly mind you), but one thing still stands in the way. I’m having trouble figuring out how to just “practice”. I can practice combos and all that (which I should probably get down first, but this is me thinking ahead), in training mode, but I’m having a hell of a time trying to practice just playing the game, like, knowing my zoning and stuff like that, how can I practice that in training mode? If try to play online, there’s either tons of lag, or the guy pretty much perfects me. I don’t have any scene or people I know IRL that could help, because I’m in Victoria BC, on a freaking island, and no one here plays Fighting Games, let alone is an expert on Marvel. The only arcade we have is like DDR, and that’s it (no hard feelings against DDR). How do I practice my actual zoning and just my gameplay in general?

Errm, that is a little tough one to answer. Online is probably your best bet here just because you don’t have an arcade there with the game or no one to help you practice it. If my PS3 wasn’t messed up right now I probably would go help you out with a mic and stuff.

The zoning part with Cable is not at all hard. Cable shouldn’t be on the ground much as he is vulnerable to someone rushing him in and doing a huge combo on him. Jumping back with his HP (bullets) is going to be your best friend for his zoning. If your opponent is half or further away from you, jump back and do HP+A1(This should be Sentinel Gamma assist where he sends 3 drones to attack your opponent) and then shoot a HP Viper Beam. This will keep your opponent on the ground long enough for the Sentinel’s drones to hit their guard to chip them and if they’re not blocking, it’ll hit. Like I said, your mainly going to be jumping back and shooting HP bullets + Sentinel assist for your main keep away.

When your opponent starts getting used to it and figures out how to get in a couple of times, that’s when you smash CapCom’s AAA on them to force them to get the hell away. Another little tip for some more Cable keep away. After you jump with Cable and do HP+A1 > LP Hyper Viper (the weaker version making it so he doesn’t Viper as long as the HP version) when you land, shoot 4 HP bullets and then do a Viper Beam for more chip and keep away. Depending on what character your fighting against will determine which Viper Beam you use when your on the ground. What I mean is if you’re fighting a Cable and he blocks your Viper Beam (doesn’t matter which punch you use here) he can still AHVB you while your putting your gun away after the Viper Beam. You wouldn’t think there’s that much lag in his Viper Beam and yes, there really isn’t that much lag compared to other peoples moves, but AHVB is just TOO fast.

Okay, it might get a little annoying typing the “Jump back with Cable and HP+A1 into etc…” so I’m just gonna name that little tip as in “Keep Away Starter or KAS to make it less typing.” You can do a lot of different things after the first KAS. Like I said you can land after it and HP bullets 4 times to Viper Beam or you can KAS again (but without the assist just because your assist is still going to be on the field since they do have to taunt after their assist so there’s no point in hitting assist again) but right after the HP bullet finishes throw one of his Stun Grenades (qcb+kick). Both of his kicks make the grenade travel a different distance so this really depends on how far your opponent is. One thing that a lot of people forget that is you can hold the kick button as you do the move so when you do qcb+LK lets say, hold the LK down as you throw your grenade and this will prolong the time that your grenade blows up. This will cause it to go even further to reach your opponent.

After the KAS to his Stun Grenade, your assist should have left and you should be able to do some more KAS with Sentinel’s assist again and do what ever mix up you want with the keep away combos. Also after the KAS with Grenade you should have some time to go rush in for your opponent. Rush in by dashing in once (whichever dashing works for you best here, I personally use double Punches to dash) then jump in normally (no super jump) with a HK followed by another dash in after it when you land and immediately go into c.LK > c.LK > HK. If they’re blocking, then just Viper Beam after it but if their character can punish you after the Viper Beam, then just throw a Stun Grenade but make sure you hold the kick button until it reaches them. If you do hit them with the c.LK > c.LK > HK, then AHVB it.

There’s a lot of different possibilities but if I had to talk about Cable that’s the most I can say with the zoning. You may want to try playing against the computer at max difficulty which I don’t recommend but if you’re having those problems like you say online then just go for that for now. Cable’s zoning depends heavily on what characters you’re playing and how your opponent is moving so just use what I told you and apply it to how your opponent is playing.

Hopefully that helps you somewhat. This is how I played first with Cable and just working on those little things I mentioned will surely strengthen your zoning. Depending on what level and how fast your opponent is playing, if you keep practicing, your zoning will slowly evolve and get faster. Everything will start to be muscle memory from then on.