Marvel vs. Capcom 2 HD for XBL PSN!


Get Hype! It looks like this’ll be out just in time for the upcoming holiday. I’ve managed to snag a beta that has been leaked from one of a reliable source. :pray:

I will have more news on Wednesday.

  • It looks like a NAOMI/Dreamcast port ()
  • All of the features that were found in the PS2/XBOX release are available (command list, ‘easy’ mode, a image gallery, etc.)
  • There is one other character you can unlock after playing 20 hours of online mode.
  • There is no Color Edit mode.
  • There is no money match feature.
  • There is FINALLY **online gameplay **with the MvC2 HD edition. I don’t know what netcode they used, but online gameplay is flawless. I am able to get lag free matches with my 56k modem.
  • The game supports the 16:9 aspect ratio at a max resolution of 720p.
  • there
  • Cable is as cheap as usual (4xAHVB is still in tact).
  • The Juggernaut glitch is completely removed.
  • The Ironman still has his infinite.
  • It looks like they tweaked up Servebot a lot. He’s much stronger now, as he dishes out more damage than Sentinel now. Some people have speculating that Servebot is now God of the God tier.
  • This will also serve as a test to see whether or not the anticipated Sega vs. Capcom 2D fighter is a good idea (You’d be a fool to not miss the IGN exclusive preview coming this April).

Here are some images of MvC2 HD :rock::

01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, 09, 10, 11, 12 , 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20

And here is the unlocked secret character.


Those don’t look HD.



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I like how its a DC/Naomi port but they changed a bunch of shit and added a new character:rolleyes: not even believable you cornball

Oh and 56k modem…


Emulator high res + photoshop ftw?
Norimaro has a few neon-green pixels left next to his hand.

Now, I don’t have a 360 but why is the game listed as “Disc in tray” and with a CD icon?
Noone would be stupid enough to release this on disc instead of digital download…

Playing fighting games on 56k :smiley:


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lol I’ve played SFA2/ggpo on 56k, ask anyone unfortunate enough to play me.

It’s actually not that bad if you get someone with a good connection and local.


where is the xbox 360’s built-in anti-alias filter at work? no game looks that pixelated when outputted by a real 360…


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