Marvel vs Capcom 2 Leaderboards. Your thought and opinions at the moment


How do you think capcom should go about this leaderboard system because from what i can see so far is a broken system that seems to have randomly place you on the board regardless of how many wins and losses you have.

Im not the best player out there but ive realised that the only time i seem to budge on the leaderboards is when i lose a match im just interested in how this system works and if anyone has any tips on how to get to the top.

I have had 400wins, 93losses, 88 one character victories and 20perfects but yet still im 1605 on the leaderboards. I dont even know whats happening at the top of the xbox live leaderboard at the moment as it seems the only legit player up there is vidness.

I have also been keeping track of my wins and losses if someone ragequits on you at the end of the match sometimes the games records it as a loss or even when you win i know this has been mentioned in the bug thread but isnt there a way for this to be fixed :annoy:


The only real solution is to not put too much (any?) cred into leaderboards.


I picked MSP, perfected the first character of the third placed guy on PSN (yesterday or so) then he rage quit…
I went to check scores, and he was 800 something wins and ZERO losses… I wonder why… lol

just don’t give those leaderboard any credit and you should be fine.


^-- XBLA leaderboards FTW.

The corruption at the top should be fixed in the patch once those people play again.


Yeah fuck the leaderboards. I was looking at people ranked higher than me and I was seeing people with like the same win percentage in like the top 500s while I’m still in the 2000s. Like wtf? Thats why I don’t play ranked anymore.


It’s who you play against / beat - a modified version of TruSkill.


i really don’t get and don’t care about the leader boards anymore,it’s too messed up…tend to play the ppl who really now how to ply in friendly match nowadays


I agree with Fang. The leaderboards are pointless. People RQ, plus there are the glitches that make it so you don’t see the match, and there is lag (so many lag-fuckin-netos that aren’t that good but win because they teleport-crossup, etc.)


this leaderboard stinks.

PSn at least, I fought like at least 3 top 20, they rage quit me getting raped by chun, and when I see theyr names on the leader board they hardly have a loss… I mean… this kind of act stinks…


I don’t even care about the leaderboards, the only reason I play so much ranked is because it is so hard to find a player match, let alone a player match where people are ok with top tiers, “infinites” and what not.


the leaderboard is more of a “general guideline” to me. some ppl are pretty good skill wise. ie. KingDavid-84 is pretty good (i think that’s David Lee from evo 2k4). I don’t believe the person who’s #1 on the leaderboard really beat all those ppl w/ a megaman team but if anyone can vouch for him, i’d be interested to know what it looks like.


I don’t know, I don’t care for player matches cause it’s hard to find one where the players aren’t absolute newbies. It’s not fun to play cause it’s kind of like shooting fish in a barrel.

Incidentally my wins/losses haven’t been tallying on the XBLA leaderboards, but my weeklies do. How random.


u are by far one of my favorite xbox players. Anyone know who that rouge/thanos guy is? Chunk said he lost to him n hes pretty serious.


To DOA and ShinChan, I have to agree.

I just played “XxKingDxX” (current 1st place holder on the PSN Scoreboard), and he waited to counter pick me. Once I picked my team (Cable/Storm/Cyclops), he finally picked Sentinel/Blackheart/Storm.

When I saw his PSN name before the match begin, I was ready to play the match of my life, since we’re assuming King-David84 is David Lee and King-David84 is in the 3rd spot. A few seconds into it, I felt “XxKingDxX” was button-mashing more than anything and tried to get me into basic Sentinel infinites and Blackheart traps…which were not really well executed at all. I stuck with my first character the whole time, and when I beat him clean…right after the KO screen…he quits the game!!

Wow, PSN Leaderboards are definitely in need of fine tuning. I’m call you out XxKingDxX. I’m sorry man, you really don’t deserve the top spot for far too many reasons.


Update on “XxKingDxX”

Lucked out on playing “XxKingDxX” again…same playing style as before…he chose Blackheart/Sentinel/Cyclops…but same results…mostly button mashing…I think he’s using the quick supers with the two assist buttons. He rage quitted with 1/10 of his bar left on Sentinel. None of my characters died.

Why is he number one on PSN? (Rhetorical question, we all know why.)

Just thought I’d give the update for those that are curious.


there are plenty of cheaters in top 50; hell, probably top 100. I can name at least 10 people who have ragequit on me personally. Some of them more than 5x. Like that sizzlinboi (#13), i’ve came across him in ranked at least 10 times, probably got 2-3 wins off him and the rest he ragequits. Pro_mvc2 RQ on me then i invited him for FT10 and beat him 10-4. I dont have to say anything about KingD who has been put on blast by half the boards.

Its not fair that PSN people can cheat =(

Friendlies are fun, but its always the same people or complete newbs. I like a little variety.


i dont know whats worse, PSN not punishing quitters or x-box scores getting hacked and frozen


The Xbox scores aren’t hacked. The math it uses can display wonky. Once they get reposted post-patch (read: the guy plays once), they’ll show up correctly.


i want my patch :frowning:


I just played #10 on the psn leaderboard mr hulkvssuperman he picked sentinel, blackheart, capcom and I picked matrix, his gameplay was pretty decent but in the end I beat him with all my characters still at more than half life, I didnt notice his name until I was about to kill his commando and then he rage quit on me. suposubly has 0 loses.