Marvel vs capcom 2 low tier challenge


here are the basics of this challenge.
the spirit of the challenge is that this game is one of the most unbalanced fighting games ever made. and that the gap between the abilities of the top tier characters and the bottom tier characters is so great that without a signifigant difference in skill between 2 opponents a team comprised of low tier characters cannot defeat a team comprised of high tier characters because they lack the neccesary tools to defeat them, ex: son son, ryu, and anakaris, vs cable, capcom and sentinel.

If the skill of competitor a is painfully obviously higher than competitor b then the the spirit of the challenge is lost.
case in point. ive sen zaza’s videos and he is obviously very good. as well as vdo and the video of justin wong using roll megaman and servebot
with that said
does anybody else agree, disagree, or want to partake in the challenge.

my psn is sonofturbo, i am basically a noob at this game
my friends psn is fusion916, hes a few steps above me.

this challenge is serious and if it results in youtube videos of either party, neither party will be offended.




wow, tough croud.


Crowd* and following the rules is something you are like, supposed to do.


oops, sorry, illoked for the appropriate thread. mods feel free to delete this one.


i only see the sfiv forum, where is the mvc2 forum?


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Don’t mind him. It’s a gamefaqs scrub who actually thinks he’d get more respect here.


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Fuck this.

No-one gives a shit if you play low-tier to “prove something” or challenge anything. You play low-tier because you want to.

Otherwise, stick to god/top tier. No-one cares. BTW, most people play those characters because they want to win, it has nothing to with elitism or respect. Play the game for awhile and you’ll understand why people play the game the way they do.


The OP is pretty awful.


seems like someone is still living in the year 2000, fuck evo lets bring back B4


Ryu is about Mid-tier though, alongside Ken.

Average(Good) stamina, good damage, projectiles, nice AA assist, decent combo ability, decent speed, and of course the Nice Beam super.

Does not count in your example.


Anak/Ryu-aa/Sonson-aa…run itttttttttttttttttttt

edit: it’s all a matter of who is good enough to try and rise above your holes or counter your team (and, yes, as stated millions of times, there are certain low-tier combinations/strats that counter some top set-ups)

that’s mahvel BAYBEEE


Stop playing unbalanced games and you wouldnt have to make such a shit thread.


sooooo…that’d basically means he’d have to stop playing fighting games period eh?


He means grossly unbalanced games like Marvel, but point taken.



Good one.


Marvel is funny because its 1 UNBALANCED game that, when you separate the two calibers of characters becomes 2 separate COMPLETELY BALANCED games.

At the top, anything beats anything, and the same is true of the bottom tier.