Marvel vs Capcom 2 Magneto's and Iron Man's Infinite Combo?

yeah probably seems noboish i don’t know this, but MVC2 comes out on the PS3 on august 13, so i wanna be ready. can anyone tell the specific motion and commands for these two guys infinite combo?

It’s not like we have an entire subforum dedicated to MvC2 or anything…

It’s too bad SRK doesn’t have an MvC2 section, or this info would have already been available for like 9 years.

Edit: Fuck, Val, you beat me by seconds :C

Yeah, and it’s not like we have an online search engine to find certain information.
Maybe I’ll invent one…call it

Help me out here…

I other words stopping making pointless threads and search instead of making yourself look like an idiot.

close thread plz k thx

new to SRK forums did not seen it.

See, I don’t get why people hate on SRK. Look at how eager we are to help out our fellow members!

We da best yo…

There’s this thing called scrolling down a page. Most interweb users don’t know about this.

not to mention how scrubby the request is in the first place.

I hope you like ass rape because you are going to get reamed if you dl MvC2 tomorrow

"noboish’’? WTF is that?

No that would be preposterous

d,u,l,l,a,r,d (air dash) xx

It’s not even that, he could just easily search for “Ironman mvc2 infinte tutorial” on youtube.


I would advise reading all stickies in the forums like this one

and watch this video [media=youtube]B9q2jNjOPdk[/media]

  • and it didn’t come to your mind that you could just search the forums?
    You could also use:
    SRK wiki

I guarantee you will find some character strats. It will take a while to get them down, though.

Ironman infinite is the easiest shit ever. I haven’t played dat crack in almost 3 years and I can still do it

Launch enemy ^(Jump towards) lp,mp,weak kick, hp(Angle it up), land, jump towards the enemy…(Repeat all of the hits).

Find Magneto ROM on your own.

fuckin 09ers…

no excuse at all I hope you never learn the combos now :arazz: