Marvel vs. Capcom 2 Matchmaking Thread

Since Marvel vs. Capcom 2 has been confirmed as of last night, I’d figure it would be a good idea to have a PSN Matchmaking thread, considering the demo hits on Thursday. Here’s the format:

PSN ID: ****
Location: ****
Times of Play: (Whatever works)
Characters Used: ****

Any suggestions are welcome as I’m new to the site.

PSN ID: FujiwaraDashing
Location: Frederick, MD
Times of Play: Usually nights
Characters Used: Jin Saotome, Strider Hiryu, Hayato, Guile, Wolverine (Adamantium), Cyclops, Storm, Cable

The demo isn’t even going to have online. Wait a little bit until the game is actually released. And only a handfull of characters are going to be available.

Actually its stated that there is only Online play with the demo…and its also region locked.

Actually, there is no online play with the demo nor is there single player mode. You’re going to have to find a buddy to play with for local matches.

And you are correct…don’t know what I was on earlier :smokin:…good thing my gf was here when I dl the demo, but she doesn’t know how to play fighting games at all. Then she thinks the game actually is picking on her when Wolverine wins and says “Rookie” lol